Prosser: Apple Glasses unveiling in mid-2021, available to order in 2022

According to serial-Apple leaker Jon Prosser, Apple plans to introduce its widely-expected “Apple Glasses” augmented reality eyewear in March-June of 2021.

"Apple Glasses" designed by Martin Hajek for iDrop News
“Apple Glasses” concept designed by Martin Hajek for iDrop News

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

This would be consistent with the original Apple Watch, which was previewed in September 2014 and launched in April 2015. Apple also introduced the HomePod in June 2017 and launched the speaker in February 2018.

A lengthy gap between Apple announcing and shipping the glasses could provide developers with time to create apps and experiences for the augmented reality platform, provided that an SDK is released in advance. An early announcement can also help to prevent leaks, although Prosser claims that he will be showing off a prototype of the glasses soon.

MacDailyNews Take: The timeline seems to jive with yesterday’s note from TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who said Apple Glasses would be coming in 2022 “at the earliest.”

Kuo believes that Apple will use a pricey laminated lens to display digital content overlaid on top of the real world. “The lamination cost of Apple Glasses will be high because the lens requires multi-layer laminations to create innovative MR/AR user experience,” Kuo wrote.

Prosser has a strong track record, so we’re interested to see what he’ll be showing soon!


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