Nearly 80 cell towers burned in UK over 5G conspiracy theories

Almost 80 cell towers have reportedly been burned down in the United Kingdom due to coronavirus conspiracy theories that blame the COVID-19 outbreak on 5G cellular technology. The arson attacks began in early April, with 77 towers now damaged.

5G towers burnedCorinne Reichert for CNET:

As of April 21, 40 employees of one UK carrier have also been attacked physically or verbally, according to BT CEO Philip Jansen. “We’ve even had one Openreach engineer stabbed and put in hospital,” Jansen said.

UK carriers have also asked people to stop burning mobile towers, and the UK’s national medical director called the 5G conspiracy theory “complete and utter rubbish.”

The problem might not just be limited to the UK. Local police have reported 7 cell tower fires in the Montreal region of Canada over the last week. However, none of the damaged towers actually house 5G technology, reported CTV News.

MacDailyNews Take: Radio waves cannot cause a virus. 5G doesn’t cause COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 does. Please do not commit arson as we’re going to need those towers for our 5G iPhones later this year, not to mention that it’s a crime that could prove deadly!

It has been claimed that exposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by 5G devices can both cause COVID-19 and increase its severity. These claims are not supported by any evidence (not even extremely weak evidence), and the large body of scientific knowledge regarding the EMFs relevant to 5G demonstrates that those claims are not feasible.

EMF exposure from 5G devices does not cause COVID-19, nor does it have any effect on the disease process or health outcomes of those who are infected by the new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19. — International Council of Non-Ionising Radioation Protection, April 2020


  1. There is more to this story than surface level script the media is reciting. I just don’t see the average UK citizen being this level of a caveman.

    1. The average UK subject isn’t. The nutters are no less common than in the USA, however. We had a bunch of militia members here in Central Texas a few years ago who were trying to stop a National Guard exercise because they thought the Deep State was rounding up patriots and locking them up in dungeons excavated under defunct Walmart stores. The 5G = Covid fable is no more far-fetched than that.

      1. American right-wing nutters went full-goose bozo with their conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton running a pedophilia ring under a pizza shop. American lunatics believe not only the 5G causes cancer, but also the Bill Gates engineered cancer conspiracy theory in order to corner the vaccine market. (Which, if that were true, wouldn’t there have to be a vaccine for him to sell, and wouldn’t he have wanted that to be run by a for-profit corporation instead of a nonprofit foundation?)

        American right-wing lunatics believe the holocaust didn’t happen; 9-11 was staged; we didn’t go to the moon; the earth is flat; and “there are good people on both sides” of the Nazi versus anti-Nazi divide. That anti-Fascism activists are the real fascists. That … I can’t even keep up.

        1. Uhhh…..I’ve been a Conservative for over 40 years and I have met exactly ONE who believed any of that crap you mentioned (the moon landing, and only after he had suffered a stroke).

          That list is just you projecting everything on your ‘enemies’ to make yourself feel superior.

          I will say one thing, after seeing Antifa listed as actual anti-Fascist, I had to chuckle and wonder if you were just BSing everyone. If not, then I see why you believe the rest of your silly list.

      2. I can go you one much bigger than your typical response.

        Half of a nation zombied for three years by the media about Russians running our government, China not being an enemy in trade, a Supreme Court travesty not seen since you Leftist freaked out and Bork’d the nation, the government over-reacting to Trump’s travel restrictions for the Wuhan Virus (including its name, because well, that’s all y’all can do…) and THEN over-reacting to everything else this administration is trying to do, including save our economy.

        Your pathetic example of a tiny fringe group’s extremism pales in comparison to how the Left has been led around by the nose like a cow about to meet the captive bolt.

  2. This is what happens when anti-government, anti-science conspiracy theories are allowed to take hold. Setting cell towers on fire is no more stupid than armed protesters invading a state building screaming about freedom and how the Deep State being responsible for the virus

    1. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
      When the government fears the people, there is freedom.

      Did you learn ANYTHING about what the 2nd A is really about or did you just get the libturd version?

        1. CitizenX, we all know that you are a fuccking idiot. Stop proving it in every post.

          Just because you are too fuccking stupid to understand the 2nd A, doesn’t mean everyone else is.

            1. I see your new forte is the straw man.
              Jump in and say something no one is talking about.

              You just LOVE to hear yourself type….

  3. Toskeegee, US soldiers exposed to nuke testing, GMOs, throw away plastics, wealth disparity where Bezios appropriates ~$9,000,000., per hour from the commons, and Bill Gates wants to vaccine, track everyone, and profiteer from it. So the tower burning is simply an accumulated reaction from agony, mostrust, and double dealing over big government’s/big corporation’s unwanted impositions.

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