Apple TV+ is the streaming service subscribers are most likely to cancel

A new survey of 1,000 people who have used two or more streaming service platforms within the past year pegs Apple TV+ as the streaming service that respondents are most likely to cancel.


We surveyed 1,000 people who used at least two of today’s most popular streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO Now, ESPN+, Apple TV, The Roku Channel, and Sling TV) to create the ultimate meta-ranking based on highly experienced user feedback.

Cost was by far the No. 1 catalyst of customer satisfaction, followed by the show library and the movie selection. And though cost was the most important to everyone, it was disproportionately important to our Gen X respondents. Cost may matter most to this group, however, because the burden of payment is typically falling on this group the most: Gen Xers represent the highest percentage of account holders.

Millennials, who represented the second-largest group of streamers, were the most likely of all the generations to value a platform’s show library, video quality, user interface, and selection of family-friendly content. And baby boomers, the smallest user demographic of streaming services, most wanted a solid movie selection, live TV channels, and new or recently released titles.

• When it came to cost, Amazon Prime Video was the winner across all respondents.

• Hulu was the winning platform for its show selection.

• Disney+ won for the movie selection category.

• Netflix, however, ultimately claimed the most accolades of any platform, taking first place for everything from video quality to new title selection, user interface, and original content.

When all streaming angles of importance were combined into one average meta-score, Netflix and Disney+ rose up as the clear crowd favorites. Netflix was No. 1, achieving an average 3.41 satisfaction rating on a scale of 1 to 4, but Disney+ was incredibly close behind with a 3.39 rating across all factors.

The vast majority planned to stay subscribed to their beloved Netflix accounts: 83% were absolutely certain that they would stay subscribed over the next year. YouTube TV, which offers a two-week free trial followed by a relatively high monthly price, had the highest percentage of participants (25%) planning to cancel immediately after the trial was up. Apple TV, however, had a higher percentage of users wanting to flat-out cancel altogether. Apple TV costs just $4.99 per month, can be shared among six users, and can even come with a free year subscription after purchasing some Apple products…

Apple TV+ is the streaming service subscribers are most likely to cancel
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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, these results are to be expected as Apple TV+ is brand new and is building a library of high-quality Apple Original content from the ground up. So, it understandably started out a bit on the sparse side. Obviously, Apple is extremely committed to the task of building Apple TV+ original content. It’s a great sign that even in these early days, 44% already plan to renew Apple TV+!


  1. I don’t dislike AppleTV+, but I do think they’d do well to:
    • Have some well-known content. Happy Days. Come on! 😛
    • Have a YouTube/Vimeo type section, where only high-production type stuff is given a chance on the channel. Essentially, it lets “normal” people make it to the supposed-high quality channel. This, more than well-known content, would give it a unique edge over the others.

  2. This isn’t a fair comparison.
    For one, everyone is getting Apple TV+ for free at the moment.
    Very few people have probably signed up as a paying subscription. So of course you are going to get a lot of people unsubscribing when the free year ends.
    Second, Amazon prime video comes free with Amazon Prime. It’s not likely you are paying for that service specifically. If you like Prime then you will continue to get Video.
    Netflix had been around for years. Unless they decide to increase the price significantly, most people will continue to subscribe.
    Disney+ is primarily for families with young kids who being house bound having the service is a big bonus.
    I have little experience with the others but my guess is that those who use the service generally like the format.

    Currently I have prime, AppleTV plus and Netflix. I won’t get other services unless I finally cut the Comcast cable cord.

  3. I find that Apple TV+ has really great series and movies: Truth Be Told, Little America (a true gem!), Home Before Dark, The Banker, The Morning Show… 75 % of their selection I find superb. Netflix has a huge catalog but I would say that not more than 25 % are really good. I will gladly stay with Apple TV+ after my free year runs out. I will most likely also keep Netflix. But I don’t see myself getting Disney+. Otherwise I can see myself subscribing for a few months to this service and then a few months to the other. The day has only 24 hours and I don’t see myself subscribing to more than two services at a time.

    1. The question then is does that 25% of content at Netflix still overwhelmingly exceed the 75% of the AppleTV+ content you find superb. AppleTV for me is a subscribe for 1-month twice a year binge choice for the time being.

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