Finding my lost Apple Watch may have just made me an Apple fan boy forever

Alan Jones is a bodysurfer who lost his Apple Watch which spent three weeks in the ocean off the coast of Australia. Now it’s back and it’s still as good as new.

Lost Apple Watch
Apple Watch Series 4
Alan Jones for Medium:

I was doing my thing and trying to mind my own business in a big Autumn swell on the morning of Monday 13 April 2020, at The Peak at Newport when a board rider decided to attempt to drop in and take the wave I had already started on…

Somewhere in that tangle of men, water and equipment, his leg rope, still wrapped around my wrist, tore the velcro watch strap and the Apple Watch Series 4 off my wrist… I’d lost my Apple Watch in 3–4 metres of sea water, about 30 metres out from shore, in a surf break which is rocky in places and often has a deep sand trench running parallel to the beach…

But last night, 5th of May 2020, 22 days after it had gone missing, I got an automated email from Apple. They’d been contacted by NSW Police to let me know that an Apple device “associated with me” had been handed in… This morning, I picked up my Apple Watch from the station… Once it had enough power, the Apple Watch began displaying the notification that it had been lost, with my contact details if a kind soul decided to return it to me. So somewhere between me losing it and it being handed in at the station, it had received a notification from Apple and put itself in lost mode, so that it couldn’t be used without inputting the correct PIN number, and displaying my contact details.

MacDailyNews Take: The full article explains just how amazing Apple and the Apple Watch Series 4 are to have made a happy ending to this story. With Apple, you get what you pay for. It’s not for the logo, as those who’ve never had the good fortune of owning a quality Apple product wrongly guess. It’s because of the thought put into the details, the build quality, and the ease of use of the products and the Apple ecosystem.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Vent” for the heads up.]

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