Rare Apple Watch prototypes surface

A collector has gotten his hands on rare prototypes of the original Apple Watch, dated a year before the release of the actual device.

Apple Watch Prototypes. (Photo: Giulio Zompetti)
Apple Watch Prototypes. (Photo: Giulio Zompetti)

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai for Vice’s Motherboard:

Giulio Zompetti, a 27-year-old from Northern Italy, told Motherboard that he purchased half a dozen early prototypes of Apple Watch recently, and is planning to fix them and sell them for thousands of dollars. Zompetti declined to say where exactly he purchased the devices from, but said they come from e-waste facilities. The prototypes he obtained are all broken, but key components are still intact, making it possible to repair them, he said.

Zompetti has a history of obtaining rare prototype Apple devices, and he believes these are authentic Apple devices. The markings, QR codes, and logos on them are reminiscent of prototype iPhones Motherboard has seen and used in the past.

MacDailyNews Take: Check out the full article for a gallery of the Apple Watches acquired by Zompetti.


  1. In case you were not aware, China has spend well over a decade buying in and taking over large swaths of Italy, the government and leaderless country it sadly has become.

    If you want to know why the virus took off in Italy so badly, so quickly, it is because travel to China to Italy and back is heavy for business, and Italy’s feckless government was wary to slow anything down with China – and they reap what they have sewn – sadly so…

    As for the Apple Watch prototypes. I have little doubt the Italian has connections with some folks in China that work in – or around – FoxConn in some way or another. Makes sense someone in Italy could get ahold of them.

    1. Interestingly, it’s the textile industry where many Chinese immigrants in Italy work, so it is alot of “sew”ing.

      While that is obviously how the virus got to the Lombardy region, it may have been the Atalanta v Valencia soccer game on Feb 19th, that was the catalyst for the pan-Europe explosion. It was just days later that the virus positives exploded in Italy, then a few days later in France, Spain, UK, Germany and the US.

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