President Trump says US will have ‘substantially’ fewer deaths from COVID-19 than initial estimates claimed

On Friday, U.S. President Trump said that the projected number of deaths related to COVID-19 will be “substantially under” earlier models that estimated 100,000 – 220,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

COVID-19 deaths. Image: Closeup of COVID-19 coronavirus“The minimum number was 100,000 lives and I think we’ll be substantially under that number,” Trump said during a White House press conference. “Hard to believe that if you had 60,000, you can never be happy, but that’s a lot fewer than we were originally told and thinking.”

In Trump also said he’s not going to reopen the U.S. economy “until we know this country is going to be healthy.”

Noah Higgins-Dunn for CNBC

Early estimates indicated the U.S. could have 100,000 to 220,000 deaths from the coronavirus and up to 2.2 million if the U.S. didn’t take any action to control the pandemic.

“We’ll see what it ends up being, but it looks like we’re headed to a number substantially below the 100,000 that would be the low mark, and I hope that bears out,” Trump said.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, the estimates of COVID-19 deaths continue to be revised downward! Please use Apple’s free COVID-19 app and/or COVID-19 website for information on how to mitigate the spread of the disease and more.


  1. The CDC estimates that, from October 1, 2019, through April 4, 2020, there have been:

    • 39 million – 56 million flu illnesses
    • 18 million – 26 million flu medical visits
    • 410,000 – 740,000 flu hospitalizations
    • 24,000 – 62,000 flu deaths

    So, this irrational panic has caused a potential economic depression, that’ll kill more in the end than this “social distancing” has saved, for what will amount to fewer deaths than a typical flu season.

    This was all done based on “models” from “experts.”

    You know, like the global warming “models” from “experts,” over which the weak-minded get their panties all twisted, demanding trillions be spent on “models” from “experts” that, of course, portend dooooom.

    Wake up.

    1. Fox news? Trumpet has gotten rid of the so-called “experts” as a 5 time bankrupt he’s knows better until he can shift the blame to someone else….

            1. Do you own a television? Have you seen what is happening in Europe and around the world, including New York City? Does that look like seasonal flu?

          1. Ok, then let’s stick to the USA. On April 10, when this was originally posted, the President was bragging that we had successfully met the challenge and would have fewer than 60,000 dead. On May 4, he was admitting that we would lose 100,000. With the accelerating abandonment of social distancing in areas where the curve is still rising, that is likely an underestimate.

            1. A) Nobody knows how many will die.
              B) Nobody know how many have died. We don’t even have an accurate count for yesterday.
              C) Would you rather Trump go back to the original 1.2 to 2 million estimate – then would you shut up?

            2. Even double 100,000 is still 1,800,000 fewer than original estimates. How many deaths would you like Trump to estimate? Is there a number that would please you?

              Check your dictionary for the most basic definition of a pandemic. Let me help you, honey – A widespread endemic disease with a stable number of infected people is not a pandemic. Got that?

              Be an adult.

    2. There is also a “model” from “experts” that dropped objects will fall at a particular rate based on gravitational acceleration and air resistance. Do you dispute that, too? Any model is based on assumptions, such as how many people are going to comply with social distancing and other mitigation strategies. The high initial estimates assumed low compliance. That terrified people into higher compliance, which was then factored into the models. That brought the estimates down. That does not mean that there was anything wrong with the initial models, only that conditions changed and the models followed.

      1. If the models have insufficient facts and not enough data to support a hypothesis, you don’t put it out among the population. And only the American Media of 2020 could whip up such histeria based on political affiliation. Do you wonder how the mainstream media would have handled Coronavirus if it occurred under Obama. Well, we can go back to see how CNN handled the Swine Flu pandemic with regard to their nonchalant reporting versus their hard fake news take of today’s Trump nerws coverage.

        1. When a forest fire is coming, you don’t wait to see if the projected ETA is accurate. When the sirens sound, you assume the worst and head for a tornado shelter. When the models are predicting mass casualties from an epidemic, you take mitigation steps before it reaches its peak.

          When the fire or tornado end up not killing anybody because they had evacuated or took shelter, nobody takes issue with the original prediction. When the epidemic kills “only” a few tens of thousands because of the mitigation measures, everybody claims to be an epidemiologist.

          The media, unlike the President took the threat seriously, which led millions of Americans to take measures to save their own lives. That sounds like something they should be proud of.

          1. Unlike a forest fire or tornado, a 22 trillion dollar economy is not just shut down and done so based on woefully inaccurate models predicting dire doom and gloom that a media with no adult in the room runs with ad nauseam.

            Where is the vaccine for AIDS? Remember the hysteria that brought about? And still no vaccine.

            “An optimistic forecast of HIV vaccine availability is that one might be available by 2030.” You want to practice “Social Distancing” for that length of time as well?


            Unlike a forest fire or tornado, major federal government policies that have absolutely zero to do with COVID-19 are not attempted to be rammed through so a crisis doesn’t go to waste. Especially from idiotic ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ politicians.

            Unlike a forest fire or tornado, the government doesn’t do something for the sake of doing something that is meaningless and a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

            Like all those FEMA trailers and homes that went to waste after Katrina.


            Like a forest fire or tornado, its effect upon the nation is extremely limited in scope and size. Not to diminish the devastation it afflicts upon the local population suffering.

            And what media that “took the threat seriously” are you talking about?

            The media that lambasted Trump’s China travel ban? The media that asks idiotic questions like why are you calling it the “China Flu” and and I love the one where some idiot reporter was questioning Trump about Jarred Kutchner’s use of the word “our”, yet reporters, who are the equivalent to a fluffer in the porn industry, didn’t raise an eyebrow to Obama using the word “MY” house when heckled at the White House, even though it is referred to as, “The People’s House”!

            Again, not a peep out of the lame street media maggots that takes their job oh so seriously. B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!!!

            1. Yeah… covid-19 vs. HIV. Completely relevant comparison. Good job!

              “An optimistic forecast of HIV vaccine availability is that one might be available by 2030.” You want to practice “Social Distancing” for that length of time as well?”

              Except that HIV isn’t usually transmitted by breathing. Covid-19 sometimes kills within a week or so. HIV sometimes kills within a decade or two or three. So… just a little different, don’t you think?

              Oh… and if you happen to get HIV, the likelihood of your grandma catching it from you are pretty low… I hope.

            2. Fluffier, are you too young to remember the decades and $B focused on AIDS research and the development of medications?

              Are you ignorant of the potential for a virus to rapidly mutate into a more virulent and/or more highly transmissible form?

              Are you too foolish to understand that a virus that can spread asymptomatically with a not-inconsiderable risk of severe complications and fatality is a significant danger to society?

              Please, keep your ignorance to yourself. We will soon vote out the ignorance in the White House and embrace reason, logic, and facts once again over fear, lies, and the GOP victim mentality.

          1. Smug condescending liberal superior elitism. Got it! President Trump will be elected, thank you very much. The “chumps” that voted for Hillary are your ilk, smaller in number (thank God) and totally out of the mainstream. You would never know it overdosing daily on CNN, New York Times and Hollywood Celibritards.

    3. Corona hospitalizations and deaths on top of regular flu hospitalizations and deaths, so it will be a lot of people! Also corona death rate is still between 3-10 times higher than flu. So if we take 24.000 lower flu death estimate, it will become at least 75.000 for corona, and still more likely far above 100.000. And besides, that is flu death and hospitalizations with having a vaccin! Also the corona virus spreads much faster than flu. The flu death total takes many months, while the corona virus will get the same result in maybe half the time. That’s why hospitals get overrun. And this also causes people who have other illnesses not having their treatment in time, causing even more related deaths. Also, this corona virus results in more hospitalizations that need ICU compared to flu, with damage to the lungs to be much worse compared to flu. So if nothing is done, the country will be overrun and it will be much worse than regular flu. Sure, deaths as the result of diving economy will rise. So we have a choice. We could say let the weak and elderly die, and let lots of people get lung disease, or we can do something to slow the spread but wreck the economy. Difficult moral choice.

      1. There is no way a President Clinton or Biden would have gone against the academic models’ conclusion to leave open travel from China.

        Trump’s strong leadership in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic exposes the risk this country would face if Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden were our commander in chief.

        Most medical experts, as well as ordinary Americans, have viewed Trump’s prophylactic travel ban from China as a life-saving decision that slowed the spread of the Wuhan virus in the United States. But few realize that Trump’s call was a tough one that went against the bureaucratic academic models crafted to help inform his decision.

        Trump’s subsequent decisions to ban travel from Iran, Italy, and the passport-free Schengen Area, which consists of 26 countries including many EU members, likewise limited Americans’ exposure to foreign-introduced cases of the Wuhan coronavirus, further preserving the health and lives of our citizens. As Trump explained at the time, he was banning travel from Europe because “the European Union failed to take the same precautions and restrict travel from China and other hotspots. As a result, a large number of new clusters in the United States were seeded by travelers from Europe.”

        “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, to uh, and fearmongering.” – Joe Biden

        There is no way Clinton, Biden, Sanders, or any other potential Democratic president would have gone against the academic models’ conclusion to leave open travel from China. And there is no way a Democratic commander in chief would unilaterally cut off travel from the EU to put Americans first.

        President Trump did both. And he saved countless lives in doing so.

        1. The President did not recommend the China ban against “expert” advice. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, who was coordinator of the task force at the time and announced the travel restrictions, said Trump made the decision in late January after accepting the “uniform recommendation of the career public health officials here at HHS.” Their recommendations were based on the available models.

          By the time the ban was announced, 30 other countries had already imposed restrictions and most international airlines had suspended flights to China, so his decision was hardly prophetic in quality.

          WHO did not uniquely object to this particular ban, but has a long-standing position that screening travelers is more effective than blanket bans imposed after a disease is already in international circulation.

          In fact, this was not a blanket ban, as it did not apply to US citizens or permanent residents, or to their families. Anybody who wasn’t running a fever over 100 F. was allowed to continue home by commercial transport where they were supposed to self-quarantine without supervision.

          At best, the “ban” bought the US a few weeks, which it did not use for preparations because the Chief Executive was showing no urgency.

        2. “The virus [Coronavirus]… in theory when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away. Hope that’s true!” – D. Trump, 2/10/2020

          “One of my people came up to me and said ‘Mr. President they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well.’ They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax that was on a perfect conversation… This is their new hoax.” — D. Trump, 2/28/2020

          “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!” – D. Trump, 3/9/2020

          “I don’t take responsibility at all [for delayed Coronavirus testing]. We’re doing a great job.” – D. Trump, 3/14/2020

        3. What if AND revisionist history. That’s all you have to ATTEMPT to make Donald appear competent. Smarter people have read the timeline of presidential tweets. Donald actually fired staffers because he didn’t want to hear their early warnings.

          Is there any issue that you trolls won’t turn inside out to protect your pathetic candidate????

            1. Now you’re DF? Dumb F*ck. Nothing but hate to intentionally misspell on a former tech blog ? Think about what you have become. Truly pathetic.

              Don’t forget to go to church tomorrow, bitter old boomer.

    4. So, the CDC estimates that there have been anywhere between 24,000 and 60,000 flu deaths in the last six months – with the use of available vaccines as mitigation. They also estimate there have been about 18,000 covid-19 deaths in the last 6 weeks using current mitigation procedures.

      So, at this rate, using the current numbers, covid-19 should cause about 60,000 deaths in the same amount of time (a six month period) without an available vaccine. 60,000 is quite close to the CDC’s high end of their seasonal flu estimations.

      Does the CDC offer any covid-19 death estimates without any mitigation (eliminating stay at home, return to life as usual)?


      1. I haven’t heard the latest, but the projections last week quoted by the President went as high as 2.2 million American deaths if no mitigation measures had been taken. To repeat, the 60,000 projection requires all the current mitigation measures. They should also quite substantially lower the flu death toll for the end of the season.

        Worth remembering is that a death is only currently counted as Covid-related if the deceased tested positive for the virus. Those who die at home or on the street are not tested, so they are not currently included. The Nightly News tonight quoted the FDNY numbers for “dead on scene” calls, which generally run about 22 per day but have been close to 200/day this month. There are too many bodies in New York City to autopsy anyone unless foul play is suspected, so those daily 180 “excess deaths” are not in the New York totals. Similarly for nursing home deaths across the country. Most of those patients are not being tested. The cause of death is listed as “cardiac arrest,” because their heart was stopped when the medics arrived.

        We really won’t know how many people died until enough time has passed for the data on excess deaths to be collected and analyzed. That’s why the Puerto Rico hurricane was massively undercounted for months. It will probably take about as long for widespread antibody sampling to tell us how many Americans were infected without seeking treatment. Until both of those numbers are available, any statement on Covid-19 mortality rates is guesswork.

      2. You got some facts wrong. This virus hasn’t been active for 6 months in the USA, more like 2 months. This won’t be over in 6 months but until hundreds of million will receive a vaccine and the timeframe for that is 12 to 18 months or until 80% of the alive population has been infected (if you don’t do any mitigation). Contamination to a virus is not linear but exponential, each contaminated individual spreading the virus to 8 others on average. The deathcount for April will be higher than the one for February and March combined. There is no way around that. The 2 m deaths is the best case estimate if no mitigation is done and you don’t want to know the worst case. Mitigation measures should break the first wave of contamination in May provided people are compliant.

      1. Look more closely at the chart you chose to post. All of the median predictions fall within the uncertainty range of every other prediction. Are you suggesting that planners should ignore the full range of possibilities? The expression is “Plan for the worst and hope for the best,” not the other way around.

        1. But Don tells simpletons what they want to hear! They don’t want the truth. It’s simply impossible to admit that The Donald could possibly make mistakes. Hence all the nasty personal attacks from dd and friends. What a shame they can’t work together with their fellow citizens to improve government instead of nonstop fact free Dear Leader cultism.

          1. What are the facts, Traditionalist? As it is now, many of the facts are unknown. Doctors don’t fully understand covid-19. How can the statisticians make any accurate models? They can’t. They can only guess. The President can only guess. Every world leader on this planet can only guess. YOU can only guess. Currently, there are no “absolutes.”

            Covid-19 doesn’t care about your politics… doesn’t care about your doctors.. doesn’t care about your job… doesn’t care about you. It will do what it does… spread and infect. The very definition of pandemic is “spreading out of control.” Nobody can give you any correct numbers. There are no accurate numbers.

            There is no cult. Only partisanship and an out of control virus. They don’t mix well, do they?

      2. For all of you like FactChecker who (1) claim that lockdowns and social distancing were generally unnecessary and (2) were particularly critical of the lockdown in the five Bay Area counties and the statewide stay-at-home order:

        California, with 39.94 million people, had logged 22,173 cases as of April 11 with 630 deaths.

        New York, with 19.44 million people, has had 170,512 cases as of April 10 with 7844 deaths.

        Note that California had diagnosed cases before New York did, but imposed social distancing much earlier. When growth is exponential, a couple of weeks makes a LOT of difference. California has more available testing, so the difference is not just sampling error.

        I will keep posting these numbers until somebody apologizes for claiming that California was overreacting

    5. Yup, it’s the idiot algorithms. Our elected officials have simply been responding to the data. We really need to disavow ourselves of the notion that computers can think.

    6. “The CDC estimates that, from October 1, 2019, through April 4, 2020, there have been…
      ..24,000 – 62,000 flu deaths
      … So, this irrational panic has caused a potential economic depression, that’ll kill more in the end than this “social distancing” has saved”

      It’s only BECAUSE our ‘panic’ was well founded that the flu will kill about the same as covid19 after precaution reduced deaths to a much more reasonable number.

    7. Wake up indeed.

      Science, especially medical science, relies on updating assumptions and models as new data becomes available. This is something the current administration does only as a last resort. The game plan of this administration has always been to push its narrative, irrespective of pesky facts. When proven wrong, attack and flip to the next crisis. The harder they churn, the more confused the voter becomes.

      As of March 14, the POTUS was actively pushing against his health experts, believing without evidence that there was no need to take actions to slow the spread of the virus. On March 16 he finally relented and issued guidelines for people to keep a safe(r) distance from one another. Now the POTUS is actively undermining Dr. Fauci with tweets. This shows perfectly the difference between a man of science and a con man. The con man demands loyalty. The man of science speaks the truth as best he can with the data he has available at any given time.

      Weeks of presidential denial and dithering could have been used to acquire safety equipment, ventilators, and kick start multiple vaccine development programs. POTUS decided to be a cheapskate. Instead it has been states and private companies that are leading. Apple, GM, and Ford shouldn’t have to make medical equipment. This panic was brought on by federal inaction.

      The recurring proof of administrative ineptitude is widely available, not that those who worship the Chosen One would bother to listen to facts.

      1. January 7 CDC activates emergency operations center for covid-19

        January 31 Trump’s much maligned China travel ban. Press and Dems scream racist!

        One M O N T H later…

        February 29 Fauci was telling people that there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US public at large.

        Yep, I smell a political operative rat.

        Fire him

        1. Politifact has discussed your claim and found it “Mostly False.” If you don’t believe them, look up their references yourself.

          On February 29, Fauci told the Today show that the rules Americans would come to know as social distancing were not yet warranted because there was no conclusive evidence of community spread (that emerged later that same day). Just about every other sentence of his remarks was filled with caveats indicating that the situation could change.

          He did not suggest that there was “nothing to worry about” or that the virus “posed no threat to the public.” Those are blatant misquotes. It is clear in watching the interview that he himself was worried but was unwilling to contradict the administration position that the President had already taken all steps needed to prevent a crisis.

        1. It’s pathetic you crawling out of you hole now that it is campaign season. Go back to giving blowjobs to your fellow cult members and leave the board clear of your garbage.

          1. Judging by your weak deflection attempt, it sounds like you’ll be ignoring the Democrat exhortation to “believe all women,” just like a good little hypocrite Democrat.

            1. Woolly Man Mouth,

              My GLOCK would have something to say about that. Plus, it’s more fun to reduce you beta Libs into sputtering, threat-making fools with something that’s so foreign to you: Logic.

            2. It wasn’t a weak deflection attempt. I actually described your sorry ass. You crawled out of the sewer this campaign season to spread your hate and lies.

          1. Toxic spewage comes equally from both sides, yet nobody on the right wing chastises dd. A properly moderated forum would have cleaned up this waste dump years ago.

    1. Yeah… 500,000 cases by nightfall with no end. That’s what happens in a pandemic. Maybe the US should test less. Then there will be fewer cases. Grow up, Dan. This is a global pandemic. If it were just a sneeze into a tissue then we would all go to work as usually on Monday. Well, it ain’t, so grow up. Pandemics suck. Pandemics, by definition, are “out of control and widespread.” That is why it is called a pandemic. You think if someone else were in the WH the US would be exempt? Maybe you don’t fully understand ‘pandemic.’

  2. Thank you, President Trump for saving hundreds of thousands, perhaps MILLIONS, of lives!

    President Trump’s early decision to block travel from China early in response to the coronavirus helped the U.S. avoid massive deaths from COVID-19. – Dr. Anthony Fauci, March 15, 2020

    You know who wouldn’t stop the virus? Joe Biden, that’s who. We know Biden wouldn’t have done the travel ban in late January, because he told us every chance he got.  — Robert Romano, April 8, 2020

      1. No way in hell Hillary, Sleepy Joe, or any other SJW Democrat dunce would have banned travel, saving untold numbers of lives. President Trump did it.

        The only idiotic thing here is you.

          1. Yeah… and then look at what a crappy job Obama did with HIN1. Oh… after H1N1 passed, did Obama or Joe replace PPE to the national stockpiles? “We have to put in place and infrastructure…” Haha! Yawn!

            1. The stocks were partially renewed after H1N1, but not so much after Superstotm Sandy in 2012, Ebola in 2014, and Zika in 2016. Many older items were not replaced as they expired. That was indeed a fault of the Obama administration, and of the Republican-led Congresses in those years. However, Obama and Biden were not responsible for the failure to restock after 2016, either before or after the Stockpile was moved from the CDC to another part of HHS “for greater efficiency” in 2018.

            2. President Obama did a good job with HN1. And Ebola. And recognized the threat from pandemics so set up an Office to plan and deal with it. Something trump disbanded.

          2. FKtard Scumbama and CitizenX are FKwits… Where is Obama’s pandemic protection plan? Stuuupid fool didn’t create one. All he did was give us slimy Joe. And gave CitizenX the chance to think he is smart, when really, he is as slimy as Slimy Joe

            1. There was an Obama pandemic protection plan. They even held a simulation during the transition to familiarize the incoming officials with the plan. The plan was then tossed in the trash by the new administration without a replacement.

      2. it is an idiot. It usually just masturbates all over he board with the stupidest cult arguments to latch onto the dear leaders sphincter muscle. It’s campaign season so the troll gets to vomif daily to get his quota of rubles. Or stupidity.

    1. Most US cases can be traced through Europe, or began spreading in America from Asia before the travel ban. The (partial) China ban on January 29 may have delayed the onset here by some weeks, but did not stop it… as the US Government continued to claim until around March 10. The bigger impact of the ban was to create a completely false sense of security that masked the urgency of using January 29 to March 10 for preparation. Any benefit from the ban was erased by that.

    2. Thank you, President Trump!

      The China ban closed the barn door after the predator was already inside. Your boasting that it had eliminated all danger to Americans led to a sense of complacency so pervasive that the few weeks that it bought us for preparations were wasted. Has anyone seen this from seasonal flu?

      1. Ooh, scaaary!

        New York City has used Hart Island to bury New Yorkers with no known next of kin or whose family are unable to arrange a funeral since the 19th century.

        On average, about 25 bodies are buried there per week. Your photo is of 24 souls being buried in exactly the same fashion (same distance between coffins, same trench method) as has been done week after week for decades. Even including every week of Obama’s failure of a presidency.

        The only thing different are the masks. Typically, only the white coveralls are work by the Rikers Island jail inmates tasked with the work.

        And now you know the rest of the story.

        1. Not quite ALL the rest of the story. Usually, about 25 people are buried on the island each week, the Mayor’s press secretary Fredi Goldstein said on April 10. However, since coronavirus began claiming victims in the US, she said there are 25 people buried there each day.

          That’s at least an extra 100-150 unclaimed bodies per week, which presumably reflects a 5X-7X increase in overall mortality in the city.

          1. Was that the rate during the flu epidemic like you first asked, Mr. Prosecutor?
            No, of course not.

            “You’re mission here, Beijing Betty, should you decide to take it (and you have…) is to throw mud at one argument after another on ANYTHING positive out of America and praise the homeland China for rectifying its situation (reality be damned…)”.

            You’re a pathetic team player, TxEr.
            It would be bad enough if you were on the Democrat side, but you’re not even on an American team.

          2. Interesting, TowerTone. Please cite the evidence that you are right and the Mayor’s Office is wrong about the rate of interments on Hart Island before the COVID-19 outbreak (which is to say, during the peak flu season).

            You might want to read Pale Horse, Pale Rider by Katherine Anne Porter. It is a vivid portrayal of the consequences for ordinary Americans of the government coverup of the severity of the 1918 pandemic. It was all justified by “patriotism,” just as you are justifying lies to support your hero.

            I really hate posting one comment after another, but I will keep doing it as long as you and your comrades keep posting one factually incorrect statement after another.

            1. More deflection, got it.

              “I really hate posting one comment after another, but I will keep doing it as long as you and your comrades keep posting one factually incorrect statement after another.”

              Yeah right, you lie! We can really see you “hate it”, not! You are making excuses and unbeknownst to you, you just described yourself perfectly and enjoy it. 100% of your posts criticize the president and his party either directly, inference or half truths spoon fed to you by CNN and The New York Times. That is your mission here, you are incapable of telling the full story and only spin doctor in favor of Democrats. The DNC is very proud of you.

    3. You forgot how Fat Don was going to ignite the economy for a GDP growth of 6, 7, 8 percent or higher. Don’t you remember that empty promise? Neither does Fat Don.

    4. Does it hurt to be that dumb? To drink so much koolaid? You give intelligent Americans a bad rep when you crawl out of you mom’s cellar and open your mouth. You have a Glock….no surprise there because 90 lb weaklings need that to make them feel like a man.

    1. Perhaps you missed where he saved hundreds of thousands of lives, at least, by decisively closing travel to China, then the EU, then the UK while Democrat sheep bleated “rayciss, rayciss, rayciss!”

      Here’s a hint for improving your mental health, mel, turn off the MSDNC and CNN. They’re rotted away whatever there was of your brain.

    1. Trump’s Delusional Sycophants ?

      Yes we are all suffering that here.

      If you cannot find a single fault with your Orange self-proclaimed Stable Genius, you didn’t listen to anything that was said by Republicans in the 2015 GOP primary. Turns out he’s underperforming the worst predictions. It’s not even debatable. The man is a poorly educated selfish egoistic liar who thinks his job is to maximize his fawning fringe media press coverage. Too busy to golf, he claimed. Would be proud to release his beautiful tax returns to prove he has no financial conflicts, he said. Would create manufacturing jobs, he promised. Would balance the budget, he lied.

      The American people got entertaining tough tweets. Billionaires got their tax cuts and it all went to stock buybacks, inflating an already overstimulated economy that never achieved half the promised growth rate. Which brings us to the biggest lie of all. America will never be a socialist nation, he screamed. But he signed the bipartisan bailouts for the federal government to buy equity in the market. Which is all part of cronyism that he is known for —— attempting to pick winners and losers through tariffs, taxes, and now socialism. Massive government interventions into free markets that blow away any politician before in the US.

      But he talks tough, so is it appropriate to believe liar in chief and the MDN paid trolls attempting every day to lionize the weakest leader the US has ever seen. Their one and only talking point is that Biden is an old corrupt senile white guy. That didn’t stop ‘em from electing Reagan or Cheeto the Obese Tweeter. Covfefe.

    1. Ducking? You’re more of a pathetic drunken bastard than we all thought. Your mother must be embarrassed. Did she suck off New York wannabe Mussolini mobsters too?

  3. I’m glad I live in Australia; a country where politicians come together for the common good together with a relatively well-funded public hospital system backed by a private hospital based insurance system.

    Just for the record our prime minister who is a very religious “happy-clapper”, had no hesitation in closing the churches because the government, state leaders and the opposition saw them as potential vectors for the virus. Meanwhile one of my American sisters-in laws (the one who thought that gargling with salt water would get rid of the virus) is having COVID-19 dinner parties of eight people. WTF!

    So what’s the gold standard for approaching this virus…Taiwan. Then have a look at New Zealand and how P.M. Adern addresses her people. Then compare all of that to President Trump. Now you can flame me all you want but at least I feel safer in Australia than I would if I lived in the in the USA.

    One final point, I’ve been contributing to this site (under various monikers) since the early 2000s and frankly the level of discourse really has reached a new low. Rascism, bigotry and just disgusting comments in general are now par for the course. In the old days we all talked about all things Apple but now it’s a place for gutter based comments. Most of you (both on the left and the right) should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. I agree that Taiwan is the gold standard. Oz is not doing too badly either. Here in NZ, the number of recoveries has exceeded new cases for several days in a row. We have 4 deaths to date, but that number is sure to rise steeply with several facilities dealing with dementia patients and intellectual disabilities now showing multiple infections.

      Ardern’s government has been criticised for being a week or more late on most of the major steps taken. And there’s been some glossing over PPE shortages by her officials. But overall, I think she’s handled an appalling situation well. She listens to the experts and acts accordingly. No demonstrable falsehoods, denials, or bombastic drivel. Instead, she regularly delivers what her former political opponent, John Key, has described as a “masterclass in clear communication”, so there’s 95% public buy-in and reasonable compliance for the steps taken.

      We’re not out of the woods by any means. It could all go belly-up with the easing of the lockdown. And the longer-term economic cost will be huge. Our tourism industry has been wiped out for years to come, and many other businesses will go to the wall.

      So the immediate future won’t be pretty, but thanks to geographic isolation, low density living, competent leadership, and consistent messaging, we at least have a chance of control and (however slim) of eradication.

      1. If – and it’s a big if – things go according to plan, I honestly believe there’ll initially be a lot of travel between Oz and NZ because in our neck of the woods these will be the only countries that will be on top of the virus.

        One general observation to all of those people comparing COVID-19 to influenza. Our Chief Medical Officer estimated that if it wasn’t for the countrywide lockdown (a very extreme form of social distancing) then Australia would have experienced up 150,000 deaths. And that’s out of a population of around 25 million. Annual influenza deaths are around 1,500 to 3,000 and I think many countries have comparable figures per population.

        Keep sane Micro Me and Eddie my Jack Russell is getting heaps of walks to help keep me on an even keel.

    1. She’s a useless twat who will be viciously voted out in the next election because New Zealanders do NOT want her. She didn’t even win the last election and joined forces with a national traitor who had just enough votes to join with her to get in. Jacinda Ardud is just that, and she WILL be voted out.

  4. Bottom Line: Democrats are pissed that not enough people are dying which hurts their chances in the upcoming presidential election where they seem to desire a dementia patient and a token woman (pre-determining the sex of your VP running mate is tokenism) over the one man who identified years ago that China was a problem, that outsourcing everything to China was a problem, that borders are necessary, and that we needed to bolster American manufacturing in order to be self-reliant once again.

    1. Why do I come here and read moronic posts like this? NO ONE wants people to die stupid. Just even thinking that way speaks volumes about how twisted your mind works. You really must hate your life…..

    1. How Dumb do you have to be that your name only has two letters, and the same letter at that.
      Lemme see, waz my name agin…oh yea, D…um….b……no, no…ummm…d!!!

      Heard a new term today regarding the Dumbass in chief…..Fakespeak….. PERFECT.

    2. Basic math and simple logic have never been DEM/Lib/Prog’s strong points.

      As a proportion of the total population in the U.S., virus deaths remain at about one-sixth of those in Italy or Spain.

      The problem in the US. is New York City which accounts for 42% of U.S. COVID-19 deaths. NYC, is led by a feckless Democrat mayor under a Democrat Governor whose main area of expertise is in bullshitting – he takes after his father.

      Furthermore, China’s number, like everything that the ChiComs spew are LIES. God only knows how many they’ve cremated, disappeared, and covered up, figuratively and literally.

      In mid-March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s worst-case-scenario estimated that between 200,000 and 1.7 million people could die by the end of the year from COVID-19.

      Thanks to President Trump’s tireless work, the predictions continue to be revised downward, currently 61,545 COVID-19 deaths are projected by August 4, 2020 (IHME). That figure will likely be revised downward further over time.

      President Trump has saved millions of lives by closing borders to China, the EU, the UK, Canada, and Mexico.

      FYI: CDC estimates that 61,000 people died from annual flu in fall 2017– spring 2018. For this year, fall 2019 – spring 2020, the CDC projects that annual flu deaths will range between 24,000 and 63,000.

      1. Closing the borders only delayed spread by a few weeks at most. It was already here. What saved lives was social distancing, which was pushed by state and local governments and resisted by the President for almost two full months. That saved millions of lives.

        1. “Closing the borders only delayed spread by a few weeks at most.”

          Only a Dumbocrat can spew such nonsense. Delayed my ass! He stopped thousands if not millions of people entering the U.S. at risk to carry the disease and infect more Americans. We all know you are incapable of giving President Trump one iota of credit for anything positive. Just like your pals in the DNC and the media.

  5. Idiot Orange also said:

    “When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total and that’s the way it’s got to be. It’s total, and the governors know that.”

    Either megalomaniac Don is wrong or States Rights don’t exist. Who the F does he think he is? He’s so stupid he believes his own lies. Give him a copy of the Constitution. He should be done reading it by November. 240 words at a time….

  6. Every day that the citizens of the USA tolerate Donald J. Mass Murderer Trump as POTUS is a continuation of a unwilling national suicide pact.
    This monster is completely unfit, and totally incapable of dealing with this catastrophe that he is largely responsible for due to his abdication of any sense of duty or honor.
    This empathy less pig has been totally unmoved by the deaths of over 65,000 American citizens.
    He will not care one single bit if the death toll hits 200,000, or 500,000.
    The numbers don’t matter to this pile of dog shit.
    The GOP, the party of mass death and suffering, has made a decision to stand idly by, and watch many people die.
    They are betting that they will be able to blame shift and get their evil pig POTUS re-elected.
    We will never forgive this anti-American disaster named Donny Death Count Trump.
    We will never forget.
    This pig will pay.

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