Peloton app for Apple Watch now available

Peloton has launched two new apps: one for Apple Watch and one for Amazon Fire TV.

With the Peloton app for Amazon Fire TV, users will be able to access the Peloton App directly on their TV. Browse classes, try the full range of Peloton’s workouts, and follow along with your favorite instructors on the big screen.

With the Peloton app for Apple Watch, your Watch will automatically start tracking your metrics once you start a workout on your iPhone. You’ll need to have your iPhone with you as you work out, but you won’t need to access it since you can pause a class or adjust the volume directly from your Watch.

Peloton app for Apple Watch
Peloton app for Apple Watch

Runners will especially benefit from the app with all-new pace and distance metrics that will be displayed both on your Watch and iPhone during indoor runs. What’s more, all of your workouts will benefit since your Watch will now act as a heart rate monitor, displaying your heart rate on both your Watch and iPhone. This way, you can see how hard you’re working as you move within zones. And since all of these metrics will be saved, after class you’ll be able to see detailed graphs to capture your efforts.

The Peloton Watch App also makes it easy to glance at your metrics during class – or just see how much time is left in your workout. Plus, you can turn up the music by adjusting the Digital Crown.

More info about the Peloton app via Apple’s App Store here.

MacDailyNews Note: To get the Peloton app for Apple Watch: Make sure you have the latest Peloton App for iOS on your iPhone and you should be prompted to set up your Watch. Or go to More > Apple Watch, tap Set Up and follow the on-screen instructions.

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