Xiaomi claims China smartphone sales already close to full recovery

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp is seeing signs of a sales recovery in China, it said on Tuesday, as the country claims it is returning to normal after being the epicenter of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak which has quickly grown into a global pandemic that has severed the flow of goods and people, stalled economies, and is in the process of delivering a global recession. Economic contagion is now spreading at least as fast as the disease itself.

China smartphone sales recovery? COVID-19 coronavirus
The coronavirus, which first appeared in Wuhan, China with the earliest reported infection occurring on November 17, 2019, has killed tens of thousands worldwide, threatens millions, and caused a severe global recession

“The (Chinese) market has entered a full recovery stage, and… has already recovered to 80 to 90% of the normal level,” [Xiaomi] Chief Financial Officer Shou Zi Chew said on an earnings call. He said sales in China fell in the first quarter due to the economic impact of the virus, but did not say by how much.

Chew said he expected demand for smartphones to be resilient globally even though the virus was spreading to other countries. The company will take a hit in global sales during March and April, he said, but expects to see signs of recovery in May. “If we take reference from China’s experience, I think smartphone demand is resilient,” said Chew. “I think it will rebound quickly.”

The coronavirus, which first appeared in Wuhan, China, has killed more than 37,000 globally and forced countries to lock down borders and curb movement. Businesses have been hurt by supply disruptions and factory shutdowns.

Apple warned last month it was unlikely to meet its March quarter sales guidance as the ramp-up of Chinese factories that produce iPhones was slower than expected after weeks of closures.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll believe China smartphone sales are in recovery when we hear it from a reputable company located in a reputable country.


  1. Uhh… absolutely! Phone sales back on track. No new Wuhan virus cases. Move along. Nothing to see here (except the riots in Wuhan and the daily truckloads of thousands of urns being delivered to Hubai’s seven mortuaries that just reopened days ago. Got to get the… cough cough… 3,309 victims back to their families in before Tomb Sweeping Day next week). I hope Xiaome’s math is better than the CCP’s math. Oh, I almost forgot… Xiaome and the CCP are essentially the same.

    1. The iPads, Macs etc Apple launched days ago were made by Zombie Chinese workers?
      Tim Cook said on Mar 13 that Apple stores are reopened in China (while closed elsewhere) is also lying?

      All those other reports from foreign companies that their factories are opening up in China are also lying?

      Racist ‘Wuhan Virus’ xenophobes are going to kills us all, if not physically than economically. As the xenophobic attitude made the USA ignore other Asian countries (as according to them they are filled by stupid, slant eyed dirty people). Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore (yeah also filled with Chinese) and South Korea have it contained.

      Taiwan 5 deaths , Hong Kong 4, Singapore 3
      South Korea 162.

      They are lying too? They are democratic, have foreign reporters etc.

      Schools open in Singapore , restaurants open in Taiwan.

      Yet racist idiots in USA excuse USA’s unpreparedness as ‘China lying’.

      How do you explain why these countries, HK, Singapore, Korea managed it but USA administration can’t. They all had the SAME info. Korea had the first case the same day in January as USA had it’s first case.

      Weeks ago in February I posted data from China and these countries warning about virus.

      I showed data with linked videos about their techniques . Need for tests, contact tracing, social distancing, need for vast amounts of medical gear like ventilators etc.

      People here in MDN laughed. Made ‘horse noises’ on my posts, wrote ‘Wuhan Virus’ in all caps and exclamation marks. “In only affects dirty people who eat dirty things, they are medieval, we don’t have anything to worry about in the West” they said. They said don’t listen to WHO as it’s run by a “Black Ethiopian”. They echoed some popular news channels (those that kept calling it Wuhan Virus)

      Racist xenophobic attitudes help create the conditions that made the USA admin to REFUSE to LEARN from China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

      Australia near these countries learnt and have flattened the curve with 19 deaths.


      That was when USA had a handful of deaths, it’s over 3000 now.

      Trump and Fauci now even talking about 100k deaths. (If they didn’t apply ‘China’ methods which they are implementing now, which people laughed at two months ago, it would 2 million they said)

      And even if you survive, and even if they find a miracle cure, the economy is whacked and you have a 2 Trillion Taxpayer hole (yep , taxpayers going to pay it back)

      But astoshingly the xenophobes are still at it.

      1. for the people who think Tim Cook is an ass for building in China, and he’s lying that factories are open (people who are ignoring the new China made Macs, iPads, headphones staring them in the face) then look at the PC side:

        CNBC today:

        “Coronavirus COVID-19 has kept us indoors and, as a result, there’s been a surge in sales of computer accessories like keyboards, mice, monitors and laptops,

        The surge in PC peripheral sales are a bright spot for companies such as Dell, Samsung, HP, Lenovo and TPV, while the rise in laptop sales suggests the downturn might not be as bad as feared for the PC industry, including giants such as Microsoft and Intel, which have surged more than 18% and 25% respectively from lows in mid-March”

        Guess where they are building the stuff? Churning them out. China, Korea, Taiwan….
        CNBC lying, all these companies lying (just like they say Xiaomi is lying)

        Zombie workers again ? All crawling out from their ‘urns’?

      2. Deaths in USA today, ONE DAY : 770

        more deaths than Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Singapore , Taiwan , who are near the original epicentre , COMBINED several times over.

        deaths because xenophobia cause people not to listen and learn when there was time

        And today all the down votes, still at it.

        you xenophobes help cause those deaths.

        yeah, go shout Wuhan Virus some more , because you idiots made a whole bunch of ‘Wuhans’ in USA. (Yeah that’s what other countries are referring to USA now).

      3. Part of the reason the ENITRE world is unprepared is a) no society can really be fully prepared for a once in a 100 years pandemic and b) China and The WHO lied and withheld details about the PC SJW virus from the “geographic location which shall not be named.”

        “People here in MDN laughed. Made ‘horse noises’ on my posts, wrote ‘Wuhan Virus’ in all caps and exclamation marks.” You have a few CAPS going on there, too. (see below)

        “THIS XENOPHOBIC ATTITUDE IS GOING TO KILL YOU”. Uhh… actually fluid in the lungs or sepsis will kill you. You’d have to have a pretty case of ‘BAD attitude’ for it to KILL you.

        Slow down on your comparisons to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. I’m not an epidemiologist, but I’m sure there are a number of variables involved in the spread and damage of a pandemic. Maybe size; Singapore 278 sq miles vs. US 3.8 million sq miles. Maybe population (and pop density); Singapore 5.6 million vs. 328 million in the US. Maybe geography; Taiwan is an island. The USA is not. Maybe a medical community and population with FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE with a deadly epidemic (SARS). USA… not so much. I’m sure there are other differences between countries / regions which come into play during a pandemic. You may be comparing apples to oranges.

        “Trump and Fauci now even talking about 100k deaths.” Possibly many more, I’d imagine. You have read about the 800,000+ canceled landlines in China in Jan/Feb, haven’t you? The estimated 175,000 urns to be distributed to loved ones (in Hubei province alone!!)? The 21,000,000+ cell phone accounts cancelled in China in Jan/Feb? **Note that in China you are not allowed to cancel your cellphone account. Once you get one, it becomes the equivalent of your Social Security Number. Gee, Trump and Fauci are “even talking about 100k deaths.” Of course they are, this is a pandemic.

        “If they didn’t apply ‘China’ methods which they are implementing now, which people laughed at two months ago, it would 2 million they said”. A) Which ‘China’ methods are you referring to? B) I don’t remember laughing at the horrors in China two months ago. I was at the pharmacy on Chinese New Year’s Eve to buy masks. C) the USA isn’t anywhere near applying ‘China’ methods. D) Isn’t it possible there were more than 2 millions deaths in China (oh… by the way, am I a xenophobe if I call China, China?)?

        “They said don’t listen to WHO as it’s run by a “Black Ethiopian”.” You are correct, that is inappropriate. Maybe “Chinese-Ethiopian” is more accurate. Ethiopian-Chinese? Whichever is less xenophobic.

        Wouldn’t it be amazing if Trump pulled the US out of The WHO and kicked it out of New York once this pandemic passes? Maybe they could relocate to China. Preferably Wuhan. Taiwan seems to be doing a good job without The WHO.

        1. Your zenophoblic post made me laugh, even though I shouldn’t laugh, or should I?

          All this talk about Chi_a is difficult because I don’t want to inflame the Timemachine again.

          1. Thanks for reading my lengthy post and your positive comment. I guess we shouldn’t laugh, although we are all going to need a little laughter to make it through the coming months. Take care!

        2. “I’m sure there are a number of variables involved in the spread and damage of a pandemic. …. Maybe population”

          if you take the data and link it population size the USA numbers are still bad.

          USA per million : 11
          China: 2
          Singapore: 0.5
          Taiwan: 0.2
          Korea: 3

          Do the math: 0.2 vs 12 is significant (even for bird brains).

          Hong Kong , Singapore, Taiwan have businesses in China , Foxconn is a Taiwanese company, with travellers going back and forth. There are one million Taiwanese working in China. These countries are close to China and mostly densely packed. You believe those are advantages? Yet rates way lower than USA.

          As for the other stuff. So much you’ve quoted is even LESS substantiated than the official figures put out by China etc.

          Take The ‘Phone’ data rumour has already been disproved by various intelligence and telecoms companies.
          Outside telecom experts have already said the China numbers can be linked to deactivation because : lack of business activity, migrant workers (migrant workers are given one phone work line besides their home number, millions of migrant workers lost their jobs) , deactivation due to cancelling of several lines people are entitled to etc.

          The data also showed : (ALL CAPS as you idiots don’t seem especially dense):
          In the SAME period the telecoms companies ADDED 1.6 BILLION subscribers (lines).
          You got to mix that with the smaller DROP in lines….

          (hey somehow the hate china people forget to put in the lines added stuff… )

          China Unicom in Hong Kong (not Hubei) lost 7.8 million ‘lines’ in the same period. Hong Kong has a population of 7.5 million people. Did all the Hong Kong people also Die ?

          Hong kong is also lying? They are all dead zombies. Hey BBC has an office there that broadcasts regularly…
          Shit, the Brits are lying too.


          And people say ‘fake news’ in China. You guys are ones promoting fake news.

          What about all the American admins ‘it’ll all fade away’ stuff a month ago?

          1. and again with the supposed tens or hundreds of thousands dead in China, So how did Apple make all those new MacBooks, iPads etc in China and Tim Cook reopen all the China Apple stores in mid march ?

            All those migrant workers coming out from around Hubei (with supposedly tens of thousands of their relatives dead) then immediately working happily for Tim Cook?

            Gwad the level craziness you guys will indulge in to feed xenophobic racism.

            1. “Supposed tens or hundreds of thousands of dead in China…” I never said that, however I did imply the possibility of a million+ dead in China. Or maybe it is just 3,310. Let me go check The WHO website to see what Dr. So and So is parroting from the CCP script.

              “How did Apple make all those new…” Don’t be an idiot! Maybe because China has MORE than a billion MORE people than the teeny tiny itsy bitsy USA. China could have had several million deaths and still have and extra 500,000 people left over to run the factories. Maybe because the PC SJW virus deaths were most severe in “the place that shall not be named” which is very close to Wuhan which is very close to (in) Hubei Province which is not very close to most of Apple’s supply and manufacturing factories (which are closer to Hong Kong. Maybe.

            2. China is only good at making viruses and bat soup. The China Virus is your #1 export of all time. Now the US can cancel all the debts to pay for your dirty mistakes. No more business with the filthy, diseased, communist concentration camp sh*thole country.

            3. I don’t know how many of you have heard that the Nogales Port of Entry between Arizona and Mexico has been blocked intermittently for the past five days by protesters who are angry at the government for allowing traffic through the border. The public is demanding adequate checks to prevent the entry of caravans carrying diseased foreigners into their country. They point out that the rates of infection, hospitalization, and death from the coronavirus on the other side are much higher. These are being aggravated by the enormously larger percentage of the population who lack medical insurance.

              That has the people frightened and angry enough to demand “no more business with the filthy, diseased” Norteamericanos.” Make Mexico safe again!

            4. @@ tIMEmACHINE

              “Don’t be an idiot! Maybe because China has MORE than a billion MORE people than the teeny tiny itsy bitsy USA. China could have had several million deaths and still have and extra 500,000 people left over to run the factories.”


              Get a grip. If they millions of deaths (at death mortality of 1-2% USA medical estimates) , it means China would have hundreds of millions infected.
              They would never have got it under control.

              Much less open factories or Apple open it’s stores there in China.

              Less than 100k infections at the time in USA and Apple closed all its USA stores and huge chunks of USA under lock down.

          2. China: 2. 2 what? 2,000? 200,000? 2,000,000. I’m not questioning your math. I’m questioning Xi’s math. China: 2! Yeah, right! I’d laugh at their ridiculous numbers if they weren’t so horrific.

            1. And what is your 2:1,000,000 calculation based on? The CCP themselves probably don’t even know the true numbers and if they did, they certainly would not accurately report them. How could you conclude a 2:million ratio? And don’t quote the ridiculous WHO’s data. Your post would be more believable and trustworthy if you just left China out of it. At the very least, next time include a disclaimer that China’s numbers/ calculation is pure speculation.

            2. @ China’s 2:1,000,000

              Worldmetre stats : china Deaths : 3312. or 2 per million

              John Hopkins USA : China Deaths : 3316

              these are the among the most accurate we have.

              Could the numbers be wrong?
              More than likely. Probably higher. I agree. But not in hundreds of thousands.

              Even Italy says it’s data is not certain. Because for example they never did autopsies on the dead who didn’t have the test before they died. Doctors had no time. That includes those that died at home.

              All numbers except for the very few like Taiwan, Singapore etc are guesses.

              here FOXNEWS interview with Ian Lipkin top USA epidemiologist who went to China who went when outbreak began. Columbia University. See video About the time line etc.


            3. “ Get a grip. If they millions of deaths (at death mortality of 1-2% USA medical estimates) , it means China would have hundreds of millions infected.
              They would never have got it under control.”

              Who ever said that China has the virus under control. Did you ever stop to consider that it is not under control. China doesn’t have any new cases because a) they are no longer testing, b) the are lying, or c) both! Hospitals are still turning people away. Refusing treatment saves the hosptial from having to diagnose another case. Xi is the hero. He demands no new cases. Thus, the virus is under control in China. Not!!

            4. @Out of control in China

              “Who ever said that China has the virus under control. Did you ever stop to consider that it is not under control. China doesn’t have any new cases because a) they are no longer testing, b) the are lying, or c) both! Hospitals are still turning people away”

              Not under control. Earlier someone said millions dead and I said that means ten ten millions infected.

              Apple opens ALL it’s China stores in ‘out of control’ virus situation , with tens of millions infected and closes all it’s USA ones. That makes sense to you?

              Macs, iPads being made in out of control China.
              Dell computers, Microsoft Windows machines etc all being built theres i mentioned above. In out of control country.

              Really get a grip.

              The pretzel like contortions you guys can bend your minds to.
              Zero substantiated facts (I destroyed that ‘Phone’ line argument, not going to bother with other idiocy. )

      4. Dr. Birx has made it clear that China’s face-saving numbers fouled up the expectations and projections for every other country’s early response.

        EVERYONE thought it wasn’t that bad because China’s numbers made it look that way. China LIED. And China continues to LIE. That’s what China does: China LIES.

        1. What? China lied? Trigger! Trigger! You must be xenophobic. Just like trump when he blocked flights from China. Xenophobic, racist, bad orange man! All bad, bad, bad!

        2. We’re supposed to believe everything from White House?

          like :
          Jan 22 “We have it totally under control. We have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

          or 24 February “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA… Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

          26 Feb “The 15 [cases] within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero””

          But to the Video:
          She says that when she looked at the low China numbers she thought the disease was not very infectious. So when it spread rapidly in Europe The chinese must have lied.

          She’s not putting any credence to mitigation or processes to contain the virus and how vigorous countries applied the techniques : social distancing, quarantine , contact tracing etc. italy was slow . China locked down Wuhan, with another ring around Hubei (the province) and other rings around other hotspots and massive contact tracing.

          She’s comparing to Italy. So what about Taiwan?

          What does she think about Taiwan when there’s up to today like 300 cases and 5 deaths. I.e even lower rates than China?
          Taiwan must have lied as well ?
          If she used the similar way of thinking she used for China, the Taiwan data would have meant to her the disease wasn’t very infectious. Which is off course is simply wrong.
          Taiwan’s numbers are low as they took action.

          She’s making a fallacious assumption to excuse USA unpreparedness.


          (@ First 2014, Then 2016 I noticed you were polite last few days when you posted, Never used Wuhan virus etc but COVID 19. So I applaud you for that.

          Arguing aside : I live HERE in North America, not in china and have NO WISH TO LIVE UNDER XI (see detractors I’m all caps again) .

          I posted originally weeks ago not to beat up on Trump etc.

          I’ve been to Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, but not China although I know people who worked there.

          I simply wanted to WARN people to look at China, Korea , Taiwan data on preparedness, social distancing, ventilators , contact tracing they were using. This was in February. All I got was racist comments. I honestly believe the xenophobia not only went to China but blocked people from looking at Data at Korea, Taiwan etc.

          All this pain and suffering we’re getting is unnecessary. That is my frustration.

          I’m not laughing at USA , I’m crying.

          ( I told my elderly 80 plus year old friend not to go out, my wife and I will get groceries for him . this is an awful time).

          I apologize for getting angry and saying USA is the next Wuhan. Nobody should be the next Wuhan,

          1. Taiwan is not lying. The Taiwanese have been working their asses off since late January. Fortunately, the Taiwanese population and medical community have first hand experience with SARS. Most countries were spared SARS (and MERS). Unfortunately (or fortunately?), MOST world leaders and their medical professionals have not experienced an epidemic or pandemic. For them, it is only a textbook topic, meeting at a seminar or medical drill. Fortunately, Taiwan has first hand knowledge and experience in dealing with China; within a day of learning about a handful of suspicious flu cases in central China, Taiwan activated its emergency response center. They convened at 8:00am. By 9:00am they were making their first report to the Taiwanese legislature. Flight bans from Hubai were put in place a few days later. Taiwan is an island which offers it some geographical defense. The US has to deal with open boarders (which includes multiple international airports on both coasts and elsewhere). Taiwan also has a smaller population than some of its neighbors or the US. One of Taiwan’s main advantages is nimbleness. This is also true of many of its Asian neighbors. Unfortunately, the massive US and the even more massive federal government is anything but nimble. Much of what Trump talks about each day is how hard everyone is working to cut through the crap and get stuff moving. To its disadvantage, every step or stage of the fight in the US must be done on a HUGE scale (both in population and geographic size and spread). I just don’t see how the US could have been any better prepared than they were/ weren’t.

    2. Close the boarder? You are all the same! Just like Trump! Racist! Xenophobic! Open the boarders on humanitarian grounds. Free healthcare for the WORLD!

    3. The John Hopkins website is, in come cases, inaccurate. They simply collect data from a number of sources and post it for the world to see. Their China numbers probably come from The WHO. Their China numbers are mostly likely way off base. So much so, that their (China’s) data is almost useless to other countries trying to learn anything about the virus. The deaths in China were mostly likely in the hundreds of thousands. Crematorium workers reported that about 85% of bodies brought in were brought in directly by family members… not a mortuary or hosptial. Those deaths will never be counted. Those victims never saw a doctor. There was not test for them. What do you suppose was written on their death certificates. The world will never know. It is disgusting to even think about it. Disgusting!

      1. “the deaths in China were mostly likely in the hundreds of thousands”

        like I told the other guy, hundreds of thousands dead, with 1-2% mortality (as Dr. Fauci etc estimates COVID 19) means many millions infected . They would never have got it under control so quickly that Apple can open ALL it’s Apple stores on March 13. Apple would never open it’s stores there if it were true since it closed all it’s USA stores, and most stores around the world

        If Apple opens its China stores and you say it’s so bad, then if it closes its USA stores, it would mean USA is worse than what you describe China to be ?

        If what you fantasize is true Foxconn factories would not be up and running. Neither could Dell, Microsoft etc which I quoted above.

        And why would thousands of Chinese be flooding back to China now from Europe etc. Wouldn’t their relatives have told them to stay away? Or are those European etc airport airline stats also somehow fictitious China propaganda.

        The data simply doesn’t jive with your fantasies.

        Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea have even lower numbers even adjusting for population. Low numbers is not impossible.

        1. Yes, I going to use the open/ closed status of a particular Apple Store to gauge the virus situation in that area. That sounds like a good idea. Yep, if stores… APPLE Stores in China are open then everything must be rosy! Yep, we all believe that. The data shows that stores are open. Maybe Trump should move over and let Tim and Xi fix things in the US. Or maybe Kim Jong-un. According to the evidence and data, Kim is the most qualified to squelch this virus. To think otherwise is pure fantasy.

  2. Of the demand, Chewy says; “I think it will rebound quickly.” Well, from what I understand from reports, “I don’t.”

    The biggest consumer in the the f’g World, isn’t quite ready to return to vibrant consumin.’ We’re working out a little ill-health over here…trying to keep the beast out of the house. Meanwhile, we’re trying to get checks to people so they can do some other, more important things, like pay rent and eat.

  3. I am so familiar with communist lies after lies. Don’t believe one bit anything coming out of their mouths. Absolutely not.👎don’t believe what communist says, but look 👀 at what they do”.

    1. Criticizing “cultural” tendencies is hardly criticizing a/the “race.” Because of our out-of-balance multicultural paradigm, it’s quite American to conflate and confuse the two. There is such a thing as a messed up culture, while the people/race is fine.

      The leadership of China is totalitarian by definition. By definition totalitarians have a reputation of being loose with the truth…as the State must advance at all costs. In China’s case, they have a centralized govt that’s trying to incorporate capitalism. Can you imagine a capitalist business, or businessman saying, “things are tough…we’re looking at another 6-12 months before recovery?

      Ahh no…that dude would have another job in the far west of the country in the “townhouses” where a lot of the “insubordinate” live…meaning Uyghurs (insubordinate per the in-humane State’s dictates).

      The Chinese leadership want to return to domination, like during the Ming period…at all costs, whatever it takes…except if it requires 100% honesty.

      1. CNN and MSNBC (and several other left leaning news sites) scoffed at the Pillow Guy for switching his factories to mask production. Not just any masks. Not the flimsy ones you and I (can’t) get at the drugstore. These are N95 masks. 1,500,000 N95 masks in the first month!! CNN, MSNBC and the rest of them respond with snarky comments. Sure looks like the liberal press is hoping for disaster.


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