US Senate approves $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill

The US Senate passed an historic $2 trillion COVID-19 coronavirus relief bill Wednesday night, as it tries to stem the destruction the pandemic has wrought in America.

The Senate approved the gargantuan bill — the largest economic rescue package in U.S. history — unanimously, 96-0. The bill now heads to the House, which will push to pass it by voice vote Friday morning because most representatives are out of Washington.

U.S. moneyJacob Pramuk for CNBC:

“This is a proud moment for the United States Senate and for the country and we’re going to win this battle in the very near future,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told reporters after the vote.

The chamber approved the plan to combat the outbreak as the crisis started to thin its ranks. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., did not vote after testing positive for COVID-19, and neither did GOP Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee of Utah, both in isolation after contact with their colleague. Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the second-ranking Republican, also missed the vote after feeling ill.

MacDailyNews Take: After the House vote and President Trump signs the coronavirus relief bill, both expected to happen this week, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC today that people will start getting relief checks within three weeks.

A valid US Social Security number is required to receive a coronavirus relief check. Payments are expected to be $1,200 for individuals; $2,400 for those who are married and file income taxes jointly. There is an additional payment of $500 per child. Individuals who earn more than $75,000, $112,500 as the head of household, or $150,000 for those married and filing jointly are subject to payment reductions.cChecks will be reduced by $5 for every $100 exceeding those thresholds, completely phasing out at $99,000 in income for individuals, $146,500 for heads of households with one child, and $198,000 for joint filers with no children.


  1. A) You must return your check if you have ever said, “Trump is not my president.”
    B) You must return your check if you reject socialism.
    C) You may cash your check if you support Trump, but voted for Hillary.

    1. Trump is still a moron and you are still a gullible Trumptard without an ounce of objectivity. No worries your membership in the unquestioning and toadying Cult of Trump is in good standing,

        1. Last time I checked the “government” is not just Trump, much as his idiot supporters think. Without Dems also there there would be no stimulus bill. Except for the 1.5% most people could use some extra money but this too shall cause a hit long term on the economy, along with the hits Trump has already excised in future debt by delivering tax cuts for the rich.

          1. Fesarius: I am one of Trump’s “idiot spporters”. Or maybe you allow for a category of Trump genius supporters? I don’t consider myself a genius but I graduated in the top 2% of my medical class and my measured IQ in excess of 130 would probably disqualify me for the idiot classification. You are typical of leftists idealogs who dismiss those who have a worldview different from your own by categoring them as your intellectual inferiors. I am tempted to suggest that you are a useful idiot for those who wish to impose their Marxist ideology on the rest of the world. But I won’t.

            1. John,

              I’m sure Fesarius is only trying to help the rest of mankind by pointing out Republican and Conservative’s failings compared to his beliefs.

              I’m also sure he means this with the highest respect to other viewpoints that are of course similar to his and all sexes, races, religions and nationalities (except those dreaded two-fifth White American Christian men, double bad points if they’re Southern).

              I can also assure everyone that as a gesture of his goodwill he is willing to allow the government of his choosing to set up re-education camps for us pitifully blighted mislead souls….

            2. You’re what I would call then a “high IQ moron” if you’re a Trump supporter. Most of his supporters decidedly low IQ and easily beguiled with relatively little in the way of the ability to discern a charlatan from the real deal.

              BTW I am not a leftist, socialist, Marxist, communist or any of the idiot labels conservatives like to make as their crutch or for their simple-minded dismissals. I am somewhere in the middle and have always tried to maintain some objectivity over my politics and don’t get bamboozled or fooled as easily as you apparently have. Maybe it’s something you might consider trying for a change?

              Trump is easily. by any empirical standard the very WORST president we’ve ever had. All your have to do is open your eyes and ears instead of keeping your head in the sand. I shake my head in disbelief how Trump supporters cannot see – a dangerous trend. The list of bad & clumsy moves he’s made thus far staggering and an embarrassment to all Americans. Preferably we don’t have an egotistical, failed businessman, reality TV star sociopath as Commander-In-Chief.

              BTW I am not enamored of many Democrats either but the Republicans have proven themselves the more easily corruptible party, using religion, abortion and gun control to hold sway with the ignorant who know not what they do.

            3. @TowerTone – At the risk of invoking Godwin’s Law I am sure the German people had the same snarky misguided outlook as you supporting another dubious & troublesome world leader.

            4. TowerTone: Thank you for helping me to see that Fesarius post was really done with the best of intentions to help steer me to the correct way of thinking. I’m really among men most to be pitied. I’m white (sorry but I can’t help it), anglo-saxon, male, protestant Christian, and to top it off I’m a Southener! Born and raised in Louisiana. With all these strikes against me there is little hope for me.

            5. Fesarius: Finally there is something we can agree upon. I too am concerned about that “dubious and troublesome” German world leader. Angela Merkel is cut from the same cloth you are made. Her recent diatribe about how “ hate speech” must be prohibited if Germans are to maintain their freedoms is classic leftist doubletalk.

            6. I’m all of the above, too John save being raised in Texas (albeit an hour from Shreveport)
              It’s a surefire pity we were brought up with only commons sense and no Liberal common knowledge…

              Hey Fesarius,
              I’m so glad you set me straight about how down the middle you are. Most Star Trek nerds I know are so far out there they need a transporter just to get back from Mom’s basement.

              When comparing Trump to other Republican Presidents I’m curious what viewpoints did they have that Trump seems unable to muster?
              I’m not interested in tweets, misquotes, jokes or media lies.
              What POLICIES has he enacted that makes him the worst ever?

              Because I’ll tell your ‘down the middle’ lying ass one thing, every Conservative I know and even most Republicans, many who personally can’t stand Trump are AMAZED at what he has accomplished. So it’ll take more than a claim from a hot-headed “I’m not really as lefty as they are, kidding I really am” person like you to convince me.

              Go ahead, I’ll give you the rest of the internet to answer….

            7. TowerTone: I grew up in the Shreveport-Bossier City area. When I was 11 years old my foster parent would load me and my two brothers up in his car and drive us to Waskom, TX, the closest barbershop on the Texas side of the border. Louisiana had a barbers’ union that set the price of haircuts. Texas didn’t. He could save 50 cents per head by taking us to Texas. I guess a buck fifty was worthwhile for him and the cost of gasoline was low enough back in 1957. On the way we passed the Louisiana Penal Farm. Sometimes we would see chain gangs on the side of the road. Left a real impression on me.

            8. John – “I’m really among men most to be pitied. I’m white (sorry but I can’t help it), anglo-saxon, male, protestant Christian, and to top it off I’m a Southener! Born and raised in Louisiana. With all these strikes against me there is little hope for me.”

              That’s a true pitiful statement for sure. You do have things and biases stacked up against you making impartiality impossible. Remember the separation of church and state while you’re at it.

              I would like to remind you “Mr. Christian” there is no pistol packing, immigrant hating “Republican Jesus” and in fact Jesus stood for more of the ideals present in more liberal thought. (Oh and the real Jesus was a brown skinned Jew from out of the country and not some blond surfer dude from Central Casting as fantasy depicted in the church today.). That’s how corrupt today’s Christianity it. And I was so raised that way myself.

              Helps every once in a while to get your head out of out of those foggy clouds of biased thought (or your derriere) and rise above your own prejudices and indoctrination. Try it, you might like it.

          2. Haha! When the government hands out cash, “the government isn’t just Trump.” When there are tax cuts for the rich (including ALL of the rich Dems in DC), it is Trumps fault. Did you just write that? Haha!

            1. Ad Hominem attacks are typical of Trumptards who have nether reason nor logic on their side. Misinformation and disingenuousness they do have in spades.

              Sure rich Dems benefitted from tax breaks obviously (and I have my issues with them too) but Republicans whole focus is on enriching the rich and bamboozling the ignorant poor and in your case they’re succeeded. Not only that but you THANK them for it (may I have another??) like the bonafide morons you are. Whoops, guess I’m being a little “ad hominem” myself, though it’s richly deserved.

              Trump’s economic accomplishments have mostly ridden on the rising tide Obama created (I did not vote for Obama) at the tail end of his term. And the economy isn’t doing so great now eh? You know if the situation were reversed they’d blame the Dems for it, so what’s good for the goose… I seem to recall a certain Third Reich that was also lifted out of the economic doldrums – but at a horrible price. In any case a few accomplishments don’t make up for the kind of nasty, ill-informed and ignorant President he is. Not by a long shot. We need better leaders for sure but Trump is certainly not it.

              You mean also other Trump accomplishments like how Trump has cheapened his office, instilled distrust in essential institutions of justice and democracy and replaced knowledge and professionalism with ignorance and amateurism?

              Or the way he has sullied the office of the presidency by using it to express his personal contempt for people he does not like or who do not support him?

              The way Trump has denied the existential challenge of climate change and has promulgated policies that weaken the nation’s role in fighting it and scuttle the nation’s ability to take economic leadership in low-emission and carbon-capturing technology?

              The way Trump scuttled and defunded the CDC two years ago and weakened tremendously our ability to fight the current pandemic?

              Trump has insulted and alienated the nation’s friends and allies, rendering the democratic world leaderless.

              As Thomas Jefferson wrote in another context: “To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world”. The lying is reserved for Trump supporters who senses and sense have failed them utterly. And they have plenty to lie about.

            2. “Trump is easily. by any empirical standard the very WORST president“

              Using “empirical” in the context of a presidency challenges the rationality of the writer.

              And you’re objective, Fesarius?

            3. “Ad Hominem attacks are typical of Trumptards who have nether reason nor logic on their side.”

              Quote of the day!!
              Also opening line of your Ad Hominem attack on Trump. Nice move…!!!

              Hey, I know it is difficult to separate your emotions from reality (being a liberal, hard for you to tell the difference I bet…) but I asked for specifics on policy, you gave only one in that pile of dogma which was the elimination of a position made for Joe Biden during the flu epidemic so Obama would have a point man.

              The office served very little purpose as it was duplicated and useless, another step in getting a decision. They didn’t even restock mask for God’s sake. But it SOUNDS so good on the news when they talk about it, one more blank bullet that makes a loud noise when it goes off but does absolutely no damage. A grown up cap-gun. Maybe when you gan get some FACTS on your side you’ll be trusted with a (hot) air rifle…..and one BB, Deputy Barny Fesarius.

            4. Hey John,

              I bet that was a LONG drive down Hwy 80!! Your guardian also probably saved a little money on gas in addition to the ‘open shop’ barber if he filled up in Waskom.

              I’m a few years younger and grew up in the woods near Atlanta, TX where you had to go to Louisiana to buy beer.

              Yep, my grandfather used to throw us kids in the back of the pickup and head to the liquor store. Good times.

      1. I love when people say, I’m objective with these kinds of decisions (“have always tried to maintain some objectivity over my politics”).

        Condensed to pure and simple meaning, “My decisions are well thought through, not emotional, lack bias, are best for the broadest swath of society. As well, they are not like yours, which are none of these.”

        Then the writer goes onto say of R’s using, “ religion, abortion and gun control to hold sway with the ignorant who know not what they do.” Hmmm, I sense a little break with objectivity there, as none of these issues are “settled” objectively. I’d say, at this point, a truly objective thinker, would acknowledge their thoughts went off the objective rail. Do you?

        Do you consider the possibility that you are as emotionally/non-objectively involved with the matters at hand as any of the R’s you despise? Is is possible for you to take Trump out of the topics at hand and to volley with objective reasoning, Fesarious? When someone says, I’m objective and you’re not, they typically aren’t willing/able for such an exchange…but of course, I could be wrong.

        1. Oh brother. So according to you I can’t use any reasoning for my point of view without losing objectivity? Nice try but so NOT. A totally specious argument. Being objective still means one has formed opinions based on what one has observed impartially, at least in my case. I don’t approach anything with the same rationalization bias you obviously do. I prefer the facts. You should try it some time.

          1. “So according to you I can’t use any reasoning for my point of view without losing objectivity?”

            HA! Now that I am off the floor laughing, let’s party. What you pass for reasoning is Libtard politically correct Dogma talking points. You accuse others of ad hominem attacks definition:

            Ad hominem (Latin for “to the person”), short for argumentum ad hominem, typically refers to a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument…

            Then turn immediately turn around and do the same. Self-righteous hypocrite much?

        2. @René Zolt – Using the word “empirical” is EXACTLY why “Trump is easily – by any empirical standard- the very WORST president ever.” Do you know what the word even means? By evidence of any sane and intelligent person’s senses. Trump followers merely excuse it being the gullible blind fools they are rather than scrutinize it.

          So you must think Trump is the norm we should expect from a President? You are either too young to know the difference or too dumb/gullible. We are lost indeed if too many of you think Trump is acceptable on any level. (Many Dems aren’t either btw) You only show you’re own ignorance.

          Fact is the Republican and Democratic parties are a shadow of their former selves. The fact someone like Trump got elected shows how low we’ve sunk.

    1. It was your money to begin with. The government just decided to give it back to you.

      I’m curious though. If you gave every man, woman, and child in the USA $1 million dollars, that would amount to around $330 million, give or take a few million. Wouldn’t that tide over the economy for the next 6 months or so?

      No one would have to file unemployment, every one could keep buying stuff, paying rent/mortgage, ordering curbside restaurant service, paying their utility bills, etc. The poor millennials could even pay off their student loans, or create some new mind-blowing start-up or something.

      Seems like a much easier/cheaper solution than the $2 trillion we are giving away, mostly to business.

  2. @ Tower Tone Tongue-Tied – Please get back to your Deliverance style “Dueling Banjo’s” practice. Plainly intelligent writing and discourse not devolving quickly into moron-speak is not your strong suit but maybe music is. You make a splendid example of an inarticulate Trump supporter giving creedence to the low IQ stereotype of one.

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