Ford joins 3M and GE in ventilator, respirator production

Ford on Tuesday jumped into the emergency push by major U.S. manufacturers to produce thousands of ventilators and respirators needed to help treat those most desperately affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus under a partnership code-named “Project Apollo.”


Ford ventilatorsBy joining forces with General Electric’s healthcare unit and 3M Co, Ford is taking heed of U.S. President Donald Trump’s call for U.S. automakers to work across sectors in producing equipment needed for the pandemic.

Ford said its partnerships were code-named “Project Apollo” after the Apollo 13 launch in 1970 when a lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank failed two days into the mission, forcing the astronauts to improvise a fix.

Ford and GE Healthcare will expand the production of GE’s ventilator design to support patients with respiratory failure or difficulty breathing caused by the pathogen. In addition, they are developing a simplified design that Ford could begin making at one of its plants.

Separately, Ford will work with 3M to increase manufacturing capacity of its air-purifying respirators by up to a factor of 10 to meet a surge in demand for first responders and healthcare workers, while also similarly developing a simplified design that Ford could build at one of its Michigan plants.

Under the simplified design, Ford is looking at using fans from its Ford F-150 pickup’s cooled seats to make parts of the respirators.

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  1. Imagine if this had happened under a Bernie Sanders presidency operating Medicaid-for-all. 40% fewer doctors would be available to treat the patients, while 30% of the existing hospitals would have closed because they lost so much money, not to mention drop in the number of nurses and other medical staff that used to be employed in the medical care field.

    And those “hated” drug companies, “evil corporations” would have closed up shop, along with all of the private research laboratories where cures are discovered. How many million Americans would probably die under Medicaid-for-All from just this virus, much less the other health problems people suffer with daily? But, of course, Bernie would still have access to the best of everything.

    1. Just who said there would be 40% fewer doctors under Medicare-for-all? And, more importantly, what support did they offer for their argument?
      I would like to point out that a great many doctors accept Medicare patients, today. And the one I see was recently promoted in the hospital she works for, the one my wife sees was promoted a while back in a different hospital.
      Also, why would 30% of hospitals close from loss of money? If everyone is insured, there ought to be more paying patients, yes? This is logical only if you are a nut-job liar inventing your facts to suit your case. Is THAT what you are? Or are you just quoting the Liar-In-Chief? THAT would merely show you to be a gullible naif. Is THAT what you are?
      Come on. Provide some sort of support for your illogical arguments. PLEASE!

  2. Look at the virus numbers, it’s all talk right now from everyone at the top (in government and business) it will take weeks before the true outcome/effect is known. But what is known the dumbhead at the WH cut the budget of the CDC and EPA and doesn’t like clean air or science.

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