U.S. grants import tariff exclusions for Chinese face masks, medical gear due to coronavirus

In recent days, the U.S. Trade Representative’s office U.S. import tariff exclusions for dozens of medical products imported from China, including face masks, hand sanitizing wipes and examination gloves, agency filings showed on Friday.

U.S. import tariff exclusions for COVID-19 coronavirusReuters:

Many of the exclusion requests for medical products appear to have been expedited amid the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak, with approvals granted just over one month past a Jan. 31 application deadline.

Requests to exclude other products from President Donald Trump’s Section 301 tariffs on Chinese goods have taken months. Apple Inc’s requests for exclusions on products from AirPod headphones to the HomePod smart speaker filed on Oct. 31 are still pending.

Medline International Inc has already received exclusions on 30 products ranging from surgical gowns to face masks and medicine cups, most of which the company applied for at the end of January. A number of the exclusions were granted on Thursday, USTR documents showed.

MacDailyNews Note: Of course with the COVID-19 outbreak, medical gear is worthy of being expedited over consumer electronics for U.S. import tariff exclusions.


    1. LOl You are an idiot. As practically everything Apple makes is assembled there did you throw your phone etc away ? Or do you use Samsung phones? Oops many Samsung components are also made in China …

      So are much of the clothes including European brands. So are you walking around BUTT NAKED?

        1. Dudes APPLE’S MADE STUFF IN CHINA FOR LIKE 30 YEARS (near perfectly) and their production delayed ONCE in those 30 years for a month or so by a natural disaster and Cooks stupid?

          And they write “China stuff bad” while typing on their ASSEMBLED in CHINA iPhone, iPad or Mac!


          1. The problem is with primary english speaking (American) sellout companies thinking that everything has to be made in cheaper parts of the world for resale in the first world, needing a first world wage to buy it (the product), making stuff in China is fine as long as Apple stuff is made in America and Europe too.

            1. I choose my words carefully

              I put ‘assembled’ in caps. They are assembled in China as that is their strength , they have the eco system to ramp up and change production for continually evolving products in the tens or millions of units.
              (Note that iPhone units change by millions over different months. Foxconn can only do that as they have half million workers and make stuff for dozens of different companies, otherwise thousands of workers would be retrenched in the slow iPhone months — as would happen in an Apple owned USA factory)

              The products as Cook has stated is ‘made’ everywhere from parts like gorilla glass from US, components from Japan, Korea, E.U, chips designed in California, Texas and Israel etc. They are assembled in China.

              Foxconn is a Taiwanese (not China) company with factories around the world. They make about $5 a phone.

              Most of Apple profits go to USA or USA shareholders.

              Cook has said over and over it’s not labour costs as there are plenty of places cheaper than China, it’s the eco system.

              note also that two thirds of Apple’s profits come from overseas
              About 20% of total sales is in China which is about the same as the whole of Europe (France, UK, Germany, Italy etc COMBINED).

              People saying Apple should stop selling in China is like saying throwing away profit equal to the whole of Europe

  1. When a company Apple has 300 billion dollars after profit is taken, to give to Wall Street in the form of stock buybacks the money is or was there to be in three different geographical areas making devices. The money was also there for the so-called rainy day.

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