Oppo knocks off Apple Watch with lookalike, soundalike ‘Oppo Watch’

Chinese gadget peddler Oppo has shown off its so-called “smart” watch, the “Oppo Watch.” Well, at least it looks smart. That’s because it’s nearly identical to Apple’s iconic Apple Watch. And, not only does it look like an Apple Watch, when you say “Oppo Watch” aloud, it sounds like “Apple Watch,” too!

Oppo Watch

Ed Hardy for Cult of Mac:

The first teaser images of the Oppo Watch show its designers clearly used the Apple Watch as their inspiration.

The major difference is that the Chinese company replaced the rotating crown on the right side of Apple’s wearable with a simple button.

Pricing for Oppo’s wrist computer is not yet known. Still, it’s likely to undercut the cost of its US rival.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple should immediately sue Oppo for trade dress infringement like they sued eMachines over the eOne back in 2000 and won.


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