Coronavirus outbreak could boost Apple’s iPhone 12 sales

The coronavirus outbreak is expected to negatively impact Apple when the company reports Q220 earnings, but the virus could boost Apple’s iPhone 12 sales.

Apple's iPhone 12 sales may increase as iPhone 11 demand is impacted by coronavirus
iPhone 11 advances the most popular smartphone in the world with meaningful innovations that touch areas customers see and use every day.
Daniel Howley for Yahoo Finance:

Analysts and investors aren’t responding with despair over lost sales, which could total between $4 billion and $7 billion across its product lines in the second quarter. Instead, they’re focusing on the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPhone this fall, which is expected to be the first iPhone with 5G capabilities.

According to D.A. Davidson Analyst Tom Forte, tighter iPhone 11 supplies should add to the already high expectations for iPhone 12 sales.

“So the way that I’ve been thinking about it for Apple is they have a new product cycle usually each fall,” Forte told Yahoo Finance’s On The Move. “So I think at some point we’re going to talk about lost sales for the iPhone 11, but potentially better sales for the iPhone 12. So an argument there is that it’s not lost sales.”

MacDailyNews Take: While Apple may miss out on sales of the iPhone 11 as supply fails to meet strong demand, iPhone users aren’t going anywhere. iPhone users are iPhone users; they’re highly satisfied and, therefore loyal. They’re not going to downgrade to Android crap. Instead, they’ll simply wait a bit to buy Apple’s 5G-capable “iPhone 12.”

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