Apple supplier Hynix tells 800 workers to stay home over coronavirus fears

South Korean chipmaker and Apple supplier SK Hynix said on Thursday that 800 of its workers had quarantined themselves as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but its production in the city of Icheon has not been affected.

Hynix coronavirus. Image: virus under microscopeReuters:

The move came after one trainee had close contact with a virus patient in the southeastern city of Daegu, the epicenter of an outbreak in South Korea.

SK Hynix, the world’s No.2 memory chipmaker which counts Apple Inc and Huawei among its customers, said another trainee also had symptoms of pneumonia. The two trainees tested negative for the virus, but will undergo a second test…

The 800 include 280 trainees, who have not yet started working on production lines, and accounts for a fraction of its workforce of 18,000 people in Incheon.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, nobody at Hynix has the coronavirus, but, if one or some do, this move will squelch any possible spread.


  1. The stock market and MDN are vastly underestimating the effects of this virus. There will be a big market correction soon when everyone wakes up to the spreading impact upon multiple parts suppliers in many other countries. I sold my Apple shares at $326 and I’m eagerly looking forward to re-buying at a much lower price.

  2. It’s Incheon, not Icheon. If Hynix workers got their Itchy-on, they’d probably have to pray to within an inch – won of their lives that they’ve just got a rash and not the Novel CoronaVirus CoVid-19, also known as CitizenX-19.

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      on topic point of discussion: does anyone know how many different qualified RAM makers Apple uses

    2. Hey Anonymous Troll: you know you’re sick in the head when you’re attempting to insult a person who isn’t even in the room.

      Seek professional help. Come back only when you’ve grown up.

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