Coronavirus effects on Apple to date

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus continues to spread through China, leaving many businesses and factories closed throughout affected areas, although some are beginning to ramp back up slowly. Here’s a rundown of the effects on Apple due to the coronavirus so far.

Coronavirus effects on Apple. 2019-nCoV coronavirusWesley Hilliard for AppleInsider:

As we roll into the third month of the outbreak, we appear to be just short of peak of its spread. The WHO has confirmed at least 45,171 cases with over 1,115 deaths, with a recent slowdown. Stores lay barren across popular locals in China, including the usually packed Apple Stores, due to the continued quarantine.

Workers have returned to some businesses in China. We’ll see how that impacts infection rates in the coming weeks.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook detailed, in response to a query from CNBC, that they were already seeking ways to work around the coronavirus. Alternative sources for parts had already been tapped to fill in where Chinese manufactures would certainly fall behind.

Apple supplied a wide-swinging guidance for the second fiscal quarter earnings. Apple is predicting between $63 billion to $67 billion to account for uncertainty around the outbreak, which is much wider than the company’s usual range in this quarter. Tim Cook was positive that if any impact was seen on the bottom line, that the guidance had more than covered it.

MacDailyNews Note: There’s much more about the effects on Apple due to the coronavirus in AppleInsider‘s full article here.

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