Concerns 5G could lower sperm counts and sterilize young men

According to a new report, scientists and academics are among those concerned about 5G electromagnetic radiation having a harmful effect that could lower sperm count.

Sophie Bateman for The Daily Star:

5G lower sperm countA letter presented to Downing Street last week urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to open an inquiry into “establishing the true impact of wireless communication systems on the health of the UK population”.

“We are extremely concerned by the vulnerability of our young and very young people to the harmful effects of pulsed RF radiation,” read the letter which was handed over along with two petitions, one of which was signed by 268 physicians and scientists. “Study upon study is showing that this non-ionising radiation is causing oxidative DNA damage in cellular systems and this may be particularly harmful to the reproductive system of young boys, adolescents and young men.”

Sperm counts among British men have fallen by 29% in the last decade. Multiple international studies have found a link between increased mobile phone use and a drop in both the quantity and quality of sperm.

MacDailyNews Take: There is certainly cause for concern that 5G electromagnetic radiation could lower sperm count. In 2014, the Central European Journal of Urology published “The influence of direct mobile phone radiation on sperm quality” which stated:

It is impossible to imagine a modern socially–active man who does not use mobile devices and/or computers with Wi–Fi function. The effect of mobile phone radiation on male fertility is the subject of recent interest and investigations. The aim of this study was to investigate the direct in vitro influence of mobile phone radiation on sperm DNA fragmentation and motility parameters in healthy subjects with normozoospermia…

The number of spermatozoa with progressive movement in the group, influenced by electromagnetic radiation, is statistically lower than the number of spermatozoa with progressive movement in the group under no effect of the mobile phone. The number of non–progressive movement spermatozoa was significantly higher in the group, which was influenced by cell phone radiation. The DNA fragmentation was also significantly higher in this group.

A correlation exists between mobile phone radiation exposure, DNA–fragmentation level and decreased sperm motility.


  1. Long–term semen exposure in the area of mobile phone RF–EMR leads to a significant decrease in the number of sperm with progressive movement and an increase in those with non–progressive movement.

  2. Prolonged direct mobile phone exposure may bring about sperm DNA fragmentation

  3. For men readying themselves for fatherhood, especially when registered fertility problems exist, it would be better to avoid holding a mobile phone in a trouser pocket for long periods of time.


    1. Are you suggesting that the reporting is incorrect, that the letter was not in fact “delivered to Downing Street” as the article says? Or are you claiming that the letter was not really “signed by 268 physicians and scientists?” Or maybe the the article misrepresents the quote from the letter? “Study upon study is showing that this non-ionising radiation is causing oxidative DNA damage in cellular systems and this may be particularly harmful to the reproductive system of young boys, adolescents and young men.”

      As for the findings in the study sited by MDN, if these researchers were interested in disseminating (no pun intended) fake news, they would work for Fox News, not the Central European Journal of Urology.

      My guess is that you are just following the lead of the American president in decrying as “fake news” anything that doesn’t fit your preexisting prejudices?

      Here, you’ll probably think this account of Hitler’s work, just over one hundred years ago, in pioneering “fake news” is fake news too: Enjoy.

      1. It’s believable. Sort of.

        Epidemiological studies justify exploration into whether there is indeed an association between cause and effect. Context matters too. Remember that spermatozoon viability decreases with increased temperature and 2.4 GHz is… guess what…. microwaves.

        But context matters too. That pesky 1/r-squared law, shielding, etc, also come into play.

        But MDN, being a Trump proponent, clearly is more expert than scores of urologists. They’ve seen the pee tape!

  1. This article is over 6 years old. It was garbage when it was new and it still is today. The ambient radiation that we all are drowned in every second of every day is 6 to 10 times greater than the radiation from these devices. This radiation comes from the sun, our electromagnetic envelop that protects our planet from far worse, the universe in general, the magnetosphere of our planet, not to mention the flood of EM radiation streaming from radio and television signals, all our electromechanical devices, our other electronic devices. We are constantly bathed in a sea of radiation. This is nothing compared to the massive dose we all receive every day since we were born.

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