Proposed bill would bring emoji license plates to Vermont

If a new piece of proposed legislation introduced last week in the Vermont House of Representatives becomes law, emoji license plates will come to the U.S. for the first time. Queensland, Australia was the first place in the world to get emojified license plates last year.

Sample Vermont emoji license plate
Sample Vermont emoji license plate

Igor Bonifacic for Engadget:

The bill, introduced by Democrat Rebecca White, would allow drivers to add one of six emoji to their license plates. The pictographs would be in addition to whatever combination of letters and numbers the state’s Commissioner of Motor Vehicles assigns to a car or a driver picks for themselves. So you won’t have to worry about saying something like “thinking face, smiling face with heart-eyes and face with tears of joy” the next time you need to report a Vermont driver to police.

Notably, Vermont hasn’t said how much it would charge for the plates, nor which six emoji drivers will be able to pick from.

MacDailyNews Take: 🏎️😀🚨🚓👮‍♂️😧


  1. This is precisely what I have criticized Apple for over the past few years. Thanks for the innovation in emoji, Apple. For those of us in the audience that aren’t 12, what have you got? They couldn’t pay me to live in Vermont. Making an absurdly expensive computer for Hollywood (who not ironically, Apple now has numerous financially critical contracts with) is not the same thing as listening to your users. At this point, rather than Steve Job’s dictum that the Mac was for the rest of us, modern Apple seems to pretty much be for rich millennials or rich people with connections in the entertainment indusrty. Thanks for pretty much nothing, nothing, Cupertino and Tim Cook.

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