Apple TV+ nears order for climate change series from Scott Z. Burns

Apple is closing in on a series order for Extrapolations, a new climate change anthology from Scott Z. Burns, the writer, director and producer known for An Inconvenient Truth and The Report, Variety reports today.

Apple climate change series: Apple BoD member Al Gore
Apple BoD member Al Gore
Elaine Low for Variety:

The scripted series is being produced by Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res, which also produces Apple TV+’ high-profile The Morning Show and has partnered with the streamer on the forthcoming Pachinko and a Brie Larson CIA drama.

Burns is attached to exec produce Extrapolations, which will tell “intimate stories of how the upcoming changes to our planet will affect love, faith, work and family on a personal and human scale.” The stories will be interwoven through the season and follow the “worldwide battle for our mutual survival spanning the 21st century.”

MacDailyNews Note: The Burns-produced An Inconvenient Truth, of course, starred Apple Inc. Board member Al Gore and featured copious use of Apple’s Keynote presentation software, so there’s certainly much symbiosis there.


    1. It’s your choice to believe oil-industry crackpots and professional FUD slingers instead of scientists. The data doesn’t lie. Here’s just one compelling chart from NASA.

      How come the selfish ones bitching most about the inconvenience of changing their polluting lifestyles are the least educated? The “studies” they point to never have a tiny fraction of the data and analysis in any NASA report. Kent proves this again for all to see. Long on biased rhetoric, short on facts as always.

  1. Wonder if there’ll be an episode of a fictional story that is about more than a thousand billionaires flying via private jets for a climate change and economic confab in some Swiss city where the message from these rich people is the we have to do with less, WAY less…


  2. Come and visit Australia and we’ll show what climate change is all about. And increasingly we’re not calling it climate change any more we’re naming it a climate crisis. At the moment the temperature is 41C and I live on the coast!

    I’ve done this before but if anyone disagrees with my brief comment I’ll post all the records that have been broken in the last three years as well as the predictions from climatologists as early 2005 which I might add were proven to be correct.

    1. Your situation in Australia is the direct result of environmentalists enacting laws prohibiting the removal of combustible materials from forests and meadows as has been routinely done by intelligent generations for hundreds of years. The earth and humans cannot survive truly committed environmentalists. But that is their plan. Bottom line, they hate civilization. I guess that includes you.

      1. How, pray tell, did restrictions on controlled burns during a record drought cause 1. The drought itself, or 2. The record high temperatures?

        Hint: they didn’t, any more than environmentalists caused the unusual flooding and severe weather outbreaks that have punctuated the drought or the string of unusually severe tropical cyclones in recent years (and not just in Australia). I would suggest that the people who hate civilization are the ones who are creating the climate crisis.

        As I have suggested earlier, why don’t all you folks who deny that the climate is changing go stand in the ocean for ten minutes with your nose just above the 1920 sea level. Or you could try hunting for species that have shifted their range poleward by a hundred miles within living memory. Any moderately observant person who isn’t living in a basement can see the obvious changes in nature.

      2. keep your head in the sand, Kent… even the “intelligent generations for hundreds of years” in Australia, as well as the indigenous communities of THOUSANDS are clear this is a climate crisis, the ground temps do not reflect the “laws prohibiting the removal of combustible materials” that you speak of, only the grave danger of the symptoms of climate change that lead to fire in general. I hope you live in an area that is immune, but i doubt it… your hell will come if you live long enough, if not, look to your children’s children’s

        1. The only “crisis” is putting leftists in charge of anything. The people who said the ice age would kill us. And acid rain would destroy us. And oil would run out. And now they/you say that only you have the ability to know precisely what to do to stop the temperature from rising (not falling) and only you can set the global temperature accurately to avoid all hurricanes and tornadoes and fires. You don’t even know how many sexes there are. You don’t know enough to stop using all electrical and gas powered devices if the world is going to end because of these things. You are a moron. And you and your ilk cause the fires in Australia, the fires in California, the lack of dams and thus water in California to fight the fires, the spread of malaria in Africa by outlawing DDT, the spread of AIDS by encouraging the behaviors that cause it.

          You are poison.

          1. And you Sir are clearly plain stupid if you think the planetary rapists are the ones who want to save it. Like Trumpian politics, identify a problem caused by greed, then blame it on the ‘liberals who battle against greed and the illegal activities of the party you worship. It’s clear also that you have no facts, no science, no need of the truth.
            What an ungrateful wretch.

      3. Let’s look at the argument about a lack of back burning (and arson) and these are nothing more than furphies put forward by climate change denialists.

        In New South Wales alone where the worst of the fires have been (and most of the deaths and property losses have taken place you might want to focus on the following.

        For the decade up to 2018-19 there has been a 2.3 times increase in hazard reduction within national parkland and 1.9 times outside these parklands. If you dig around as I did you’ll find the information at:

        In the 10 years to June 30, 2019, 668,191 hectares of NSW national parkland was burned in NSW. And that was hazard reception burns. In the ten years prior to that it was 279,039 hectares so hazard reduction burns increased twofold.

        As for arson this accounted for less than 10 percent of the fires. Most of the fires were caused by dry lightning strikes and if you look at the deluge (sorry for the sick pun then it is a drought and temperature increases that are the real causes of this climate crisis

        In 2017 these are some of the records that were set:
        1. In the Northern Territory they experienced the highest maximum average temperatures on record. They also experienced the highest mean maximum temperatures on record.
        2. In the state of Queensland they had the highest winter maximum average temperatures on record. Brisbane had the hottest summer on record.
        3. Moree in northern NSW had 54 straight days of over 35 C.
        4. Sydney New South wales capital had the hottest summer on record.
        5. Melbourne the capital of Victoria had 15 days straight of +30 C in Spring. Normally they experience temp’s in the high teens for that time of year.
        6. In South Australia five locations broke Autumn (Fall) temperature records.
        7. In Western Australia they experienced their highest Winter maximum average temps on on record.
        OK that was 2017. In 2018 the following took place:
        As a snapshot 260 records were broken and none of them were for cool or cold temps. We also had our second driest June on record and the highest winter average maximum on record.
        1. In the Northern Territory they had the highest maximum temperature on record.
        2. Queensland had the highest average maximum July temperature on record.
        3. Sydney had the highest July day on record. This year we broke that record!
        4. Canberra the Australian capital had the driest June on record.
        5. Victoria had the driest June on record.
        6. South Australia had the third warmest July on record.
        7. In Western Australia they experienced the highest maximum temperatures for July.
        The most up-to-date stat’s I have for 2019 are as follows:
        Australia’s hottest start to any year extended to a sixth month for day-time temperatures even as conditions moderated in June, while rainfall continued to be very much below average for large parts of the country.
        Average maximum temperatures for the first half of 2019 were 1.78 degrees above the 1961-90 baseline used by the Bureau of Meteorology. That pipped the previous record set in 2005 and that data goes back more than a century.
        The unusual heat was widespread, with states such as Victoria posting its warmest January-June for both mean and maximum temperatures.
        In NSW, mean temperatures – which track day- and night-time readings – were 2.14 degrees above the 1961-90 yardstick, beating the previous record set a year earlier by more than 0.3 degrees. Minimum temperatures set a record too, while maximum temperatures were second-warmest.
        In the capitals, Sydney’s start to the year was also the hottest in records dating back to 1858. The average day-time reading so far came in at 25.0 C degrees, eclipsing the 24.8 C average set in 2016.
        Melbourne’s readings are a little harder to assess because of site changes. Still, the adjusted data indicates the Victorian capital’s temperatures are “very close to a record” for all of the mean, maximum and minimum gauges.
        Its now the end of October and Summer is around the corner and it’s projected that more records will be set. The country is experiencing the worst recorded drought ever. In many place they are experiencing their eighth consecutive years of drought.
        So in sum if you want to focus on one of the “canaries in the coal mine” then just look at Australia. And as for the argument of peak oil it’s a no-brainer. When a superior technology comes along then the inferior is replaced as it becomes materially and economically redundant and that’s what will happen to oil, gas and coal. Sure there will be a small part to be played oil and gas but they will play a much smaller role in the world economy. Just ask the Saudi Arabians how much they are investing in hydrogen fuel technology and they’re not running out oil any time soon.

        Now the interim figures for 2019 from Australia’s Bureau of meteorology are the following:

        Australia’s annual mean temperature was 1.52 degrees Celsius above the 1961-90
        average of 21.8C — well above the previous hottest year (2013) at 1.33C.
        Also, the daytime temperature record was smashed, with the
        average maximum temperature of 30.69C coming in 2.09C above
        the 1961-90 average.The previous record, set in 2013, was 30.19C.
        Overnight temperatures didn’t surpass the record, but they were still
        the sixth hottest on record and well above average at 0.95C over the
        15.1C 1961-90 average.

        Meanwhile the drought has dragged on. The national average
        rainfall total for the year was 277.63 millimetres, well below the
        previous record of 314.46mm in 1902 during the federation drought.

        The national average rainfall total for the year was 277.63
        millimetres, well below the previous record of 314.46mm in 1902
        during the federation drought.
        The 1961-90 period is an internationally used standard as a period of
        good weather records used for data comparisons.

        These values are calculated based upon gridded data from across
        Australia. The country is broken up into a 0.05-degree grid by
        longitude and latitude, which is roughly 5km by 5km, with each grid
        assigned a maximum temperature based on the weather stations
        around it.

        The average of all of the grids for every day of the year is then
        output. Using the same gridded dataset, Australia broke the record for its hottest day on
        record two days in a row last month, with the nation’s average maximum temperature
        smashing the previous record (40.3C) to reach 40.7C and then 41.9C a day later.

        Now these temperatures were despite there being NO El Nino event which normally bring these about these conditions.

        However late last year, an unusual sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event also added to the hot dry conditions by shifting the westerly winds, which usually lurk over the Southern Ocean, up onto the continent.

        This event was also associated with a strong positive phase of the Southern Annular Mode (SAM), again encouraging hot dry conditions.

        And this is all on top of the anthropogenic global warming trend; BOM records show Australia has warmed by just over a degree since 1910, with most of the warming occurring since 1950.

        The monsoon is finally kicking in but the drought and heat will persist for the southern part of Australia.

        Now some people might not like this information but these are official statistics from the NSW government and from the Bureau of Meteorology.

        One final point, the BOM is currently crunching statistics and they are theorising that this is a continuation of the millennium drought and if that’s the case then the drought has been going for a whopping 19 years. I’ll get back to you on that one when they’ve finished their number crunching.

          1. TxUser – note, we downvote fundamentalist religious extremism that is crammed down the throats of everyone with force instead of facts. There is no science to global warming. The entire thing discounts the existence of the sun in the global temperature. It is only believed by people to stupid to actually use reason and facts. That is why we downvote your nasty bullying that is the opposite of science.

            1. The hypothesis of global warming is that the amount of radiation being received from the sun slightly exceeds the amount of radiation that is being radiated by earth back into space, mainly because of a blanket of greenhouse gasses. As it happens, we have measurements of total solar irradiation since 1978 and it is not increasing.


              We also have a much longer series of measurements of global average temperature and it has been rising since 1800 at roughly the same rate as the increase in greenhouse gasses and the rate at which we are burning fossil fuels. That supports the hypothesis.

              What is your alternative hypothesis and where is the evidence supporting it?

            2. I posted facts. You posted insults. Why should anyone believe your tortured little story, O Persecuted One? The people of Australia are the most recent ones to have lost lives, homes, businesses, agricultural land, entire forests of natural resources … and you are the one who we should feel sorry for?

              Take the facts I posted above and shove them down your own throat, you self absorbed nitwit. You never seem to have any facts to defend your greed-driven positions on any matter.

            3. TxUser said:

              “We also have a much longer series of measurements of global average temperature and it has been rising since 1800 at roughly the same rate as the increase in greenhouse gasses and the rate at which we are burning fossil fuels. That supports the hypothesis.”

              And I can show you CO2 and temperature data that goes back 500 million years and there is absolutely ZERO correlation between temp and CO2.

              In addition, the ice core data of temp and CO2 are often used by the left to show how nicely CO2 controls temperature and bad weather. Yet what the left doesn’t mention is that the temperature in those graphs changes BEFORE the CO2 changes.

      1. It is your party that loves the Soviet system and Cuba. Bernie Sanders is the jackass who honeymooned in Moscow. Hillary and Obama are very amenable to communist theory and practice. And the Democrat Party platform is essentially a carbon copy of the ten points of the Communist Manifesto. The DNC, Karl Marx ultimate dream team.

        Abolition of private property and the application of all rent to public purpose.
        A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
        Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
        Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
        Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
        Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the State.
        Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
        Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
        Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.
        Free education for all children in government schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc.

  3. Chalk up one more on the “Don’t care to watch that” list for Apple TV+. The Morning Show is the only one that has me hooked.

    As for the man caused GCC exaggeration-alarmism… someday future generations will judge what a political tool it all was. Hopefully by then Al Gore will be voted off the Apple board. (We vote against him every time.) He’s like a burrowed in tick that is impossible to get rid of.

    Oh, and I will give you that the Australia fires were man caused… by over 180 people. A couple dozen willfully, the rest carelessly. And, as stated above, caused by those who made laws against clearing of combustibles. “Oy mate, let’s protect big piles of tinder lying about and hope lightening doesn’t strike”. Same crap goes on in the USA… cough..California.. cough

    1. Read my above post that quotes statistics from both the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the New South Government departments. When I talk about a climate crisis I really not interested with ideologues I just look at the data that is released from such government departments…nothing more and nothing less. It’s a matter of researching the available data and it’s pretty simple to do, if you’re prepared to do it.

      1. Your post above is garbage. If it is hotter because the sun is hotter then that is all the more reason to do controlled burns to clear out combustibles, which are how the fires spread. But the idiot environmentalists want massive burns so that is why they put the idiot laws in place. California and Australia are getting what they legislated.

    1. For a person who claims to think, it’s sad that you would be taken in by the lies and BS on Marc Morano’s website. climatedepot .com is a for-profit clearing house enabled by the misappropriation of taxpayer funds that Senator James Inhofe’s current and former staff used to launch their money-making venture. It is entirely comprised of deniers who profit by manufacturing, compiling, and selling FUD. When the misuse of Senate staff funds became too big to ignore, they set up a nonprofit front in 1985, given the Orwellian name “Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow”. Its public tax filings show that it was funded directly by entities such as ExxonMobil as well as billionaire Richard Mellon Sciafe. You see, much like FUD dispensers Beck, Limbaugh, hannity, et al, Morano also has no science degree and clearly prefers to profit by entrenched industry at every turn rather than to use objective unbiased scientific method backed by transparent mathematic analysis and test data.

      Morano doesn’t have the ability to run scientific studies, and of course his ilk wouldn’t, because science is expensive, slow, and hard. Media generation, however, is fast, cheap, easy, and profitable. Thus he’s employed by entities such as the Heartland Institute, Limbaugh Fox News, and other professional liars as a MEDIA PRODUCER, not as a technical expert. The depth of Morano’s analysis is displayed for all to see by regular statements like this one: when addressing Climate Scientists, he told Scientific American magazine in 2010, “I seriously believe we should kick them while they’re down. They deserve to be publicly flogged.” For Heartland billboard ads, he compared the work of scientists to the work of Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber). Morano uses deep analytical powers such as in “the fall of 2009, more Americans believed in haunted houses than manmade global warming” as a reason why mankind’s trillions of tons of carbon spewed into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution started couldn’t possibly be a factor in changing global climate patterns. It is plainly obvious that this con man doesn’t use science to spread his convictions. His business is to attack those who do real science.

      climatedepot, in short, is yet one more media front for industries who profit by privatizing coal and oil and high-pollution profits and socializing all the externalities. The website of course will occasionally cite real science in the attempt to look legitimate, but the overwhelming portion of articles are nothing but opinion and attack pieces designed to undermine legitimate climate science published elsewhere.

      I urge you to PLEASE think before consuming the disinformation from asshats like Morano.

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