Apple really wants to make ‘iPhone slofies’ a thing

iPhone slofies - Apple's iPhone 11 Pro's front-facing camera is capable of capturing iPhone slofies
Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro’s front-facing camera is capable of capturing iPhone slofies
Apple has released two new slofie (slow-motion selfie) ads to show off the feature available on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max as the company seems hellbent on making iPhone slofies a thing.

Sky News :

The iPhone 11 is the first Apple device to have a front-facing camera that can shoot slow-motion videos, recording 120 frames per second. The company’s marketing team is calling the videos “slofies” …Apple has applied to trademark the term in the US and its application is currently under examination.

Consumer reaction to the feature has been sceptical… [and] on fan sites – which are typically representative of the most committed Apple fans rather than general consumers – the reaction has generally been negative… Discussions on Reddit were disparaging, describing the advertising campaign as “infuriating.”

MacDailyNews Take: The only viewers who are “infuriated” over Apple’s ad for iPhone slofies are those who need to seek professional help and/or can’t shoot selfies in epic slo-mo because they don’t have an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

To date, here are all of Apple’s ads featuring iPhone slofies:


  1. A slofie is not something that just anyone will be able to do – it takes some skill and thought. Even some of the people in the ads are struggling with the details. But that can make a trend – I can do it and you can’t.

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