President Trump slams Apple for refusing to unlock terrorist’s iPhone

iPhone passcode lock screen
iPhone passcode lock screen

A day after President Donald Trump’s attorney general accused Apple of not being helpful in an investigation of a terrorist attack in Florida, Trump said on Tuesday that the Cupertino California-based company has refused to unlock phones used by criminals:

We are helping Apple all of the time on TRADE and so many other issues, and yet they refuse to unlock phones used by killers, drug dealers, and other violent criminal elements. They will have to step up to the plate and help our great Country, NOW! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. — President Donald Trump

MacDailyNews Take: Once again, Founding Father Ben Franklin said it best:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

Why don’t these genius politicians next attempt to legislate in purple unicorns? They’re equally as plentiful as secure backdoors.MacDailyNews, October 3, 2018

This is not about this phone. This is about the future. And so I do see it as a precedent that should not be done in this country or in any country. This is about civil liberties and is about people’s abilities to protect themselves. If we take encryption away… the only people that would be affected are the good people, not the bad people. Apple doesn’t own encryption. Encryption is readily available in every country in the world, as a matter of fact, the U.S. government sponsors and funds encryption in many cases. And so, if we limit it in some way, the people that we’ll hurt are the good people, not the bad people; they will find it anyway. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, February 2016


  1. Like I said the other day Apple needs to drastically improve PR and explain the issue that not that it won’t but can’t unlock the phone. And that universal back doors make all devices vulnerable to criminal hackers.

    Remember how Apple PR let the fake China labour issue run out of control? The actual suicide rate of Foxconn was lower than China in general and lower than the rate among USA college students (approximate age of Foxconn workers). And the child labourers issue was based on fabrications of ‘eyewitness’ Mike Daisey who later admitted he made it all up.

    But due to Apple PR dismal performance Apple is still frequently labelled as a labour abuser years later. Latest during the Golden Globes where the host referred to ‘Apple sweatshops’.

    1. It’s been over 10 years since anyone has directly accused Apple of abusing children in sweatshops. There have been continuous improvements to the working conditions of people working for Foxconn and other Apple overseas partners. Nonetheless the idea that Apple is some kind human trafficking organization persists largely in progressive circles.

      I would bet money that the break up between Apple and Oprah is somehow related to the Ricky Gervais Golden Globe comments about Apple and sweat shops. Oprah was pretty tight with Jeffrey Epstein and having even more crap thrown on her name probably doesn’t make her comfortable. I am not fond of the lady, but people literally believe she’s part of a child sex trafficking ring, guilty by nothing more than association.

      Whenever there is a vacancy people line up for miles to work at Foxconn because one of those jobs can lift a family out of poverty. The idea that companies like Walmart and Apple have pulled more people out of poverty than any government is not something people want heard.

    2. It’s funny that you think anyone can control the message better than Trump. 🙂 I mean, “It’s not that we won’t, but we can’t” while absolutely true just sounds weaselly to the average ear, and there’s no amount of PR that will change that.

        1. No, that’s the solution in the age of Trump. Every dollar spent trying to win a PR battle against him is a dollar wasted. Do whatever ELSE you want to do, just don’t try to out-PR the President.

          1. You seem to have a limited concept of PR.

            It might not be a war with the president or anybody but simply educating the Public and Press (90% of whom seem to be ignorant of implications of backdoors etc).

            It could having private meetings with policy makers or holding tech conferences for the public where the issue of encryption, hackers etc discussed.

            Modern PR is not temporary or just reactive but a planned managed campaign.

            1. Oh yes! Having private meetings with policy makes would SURELY have prevented Ricky Gervais’ joke. I understand completely now. Holding tech conferences is indeed the number one way to avoid idiots repeating idiotic things!

              As long as “Apple (insert random nonsense here)” will lead to clicks, there’s not enough managed campaigns in the WORLD that will keep people from willingly making false statements.

  2. Trump is completely wrong on this issue. I don’t expect him to get it, because whoever is his tech specialist is likely totally misrepresenting reality to trump. Sad.

    1. So now Trump’s tech specialist is to blame? Trump has proclaimed that he is a team of one…that he doesn’t need anyone else. That he is a stable genius with a great memory. That he follows his gut.

      So let the blame for Trump’s idiocies fall on the source…Trump.

      Why do people let him get away with so much? He has a whiny victim’s mentality conflated with egomaniacal dementia. According to Trump, everything that does not favor him is unfair, very unfair, a hoax, a sham, a witch hunt, sad, very sad….and so forth. He has repeatedly proclaimed in pained tones that no one in the entire history of the world has had to suffer the horrible media scrutiny and Congressional investigations heaped upon poor Trump. Seriously?

      Every corrupt person that Trump has nominated to federal service has been a good man or woman up to the point that they get caught. After they get caught red handed, well…Trump hardly knew them. He would throw anyone under the bus to save himself. King Bonespur loudly proclaims his patriotism, but he would not serve his country when called upon to fulfill his duty. Then he dares to insult veterans like John McCain and families who lost loved ones to wars in the Middle East.

      Trump is a criminal, but has dodged the law with high-priced lawyers. He has suppressed witnesses with threats (via his fixers) and payoffs. He and his family have criminally evaded taxes on at least two occasions as shown by documentation, the only reason that he isn’t in jail right now is the statute of limitations. Trump’s casino “empire” would have gone bankrupt on at least two occasions without illegal cash infusions from his father.

      Trump has claimed on many occasions to have made his fortune starting with a $1M “loan” from his father that he paid back with interest. The fact is that Trump received around $400M from his father over the years and there is no indication that he paid him back.

      These are facts, mostly directly verifiable from videos of Trump, himself, speaking his lies and changing his stories on a frequent basis.

      If I sound frustrated, it is because the Trump of today is the same lying egomaniac that he was decades ago. He hasn’t changed. And, yet, tens of millions of people voted for him in 2016 and roughly 36% of Americans appear to back him no matter what he does. So I am frustrated, and I blame the people who voted for him as much as I blame Trump.

      Remember W. Bush? A year after he left office, you would have sworn that no one ever voted for him. Republicans appear to want to just forget he ever existed. The same will be true of Trump when his lies and criminal activities catch up with him.

      People who are less than around 55 or so may not know that Nixon almost got away with his Watergate coverup. Many Republicans backed Nixon right up until he was forced to released the Oval Office tapes. That is why Trump has refused to respond to any subpoenas at all and has claimed blanket immunity for basically anyone who knows anything. Trump knows that he is guilty and that obstruction and delay are his only hope.

      American got what it deserved when it elected Trump. Make American Great Again and toss the bum out.

      1. King Mel: your Dem talking points are a load of crap. You have numerous “details” that some would think lends credence to your allegations but no verifications except for your opinion, which is no more valid or important than mine. And I say you are wrong and the man has been smeared by government lackeys in an attempt to prevent the royal flush of long-term grifters, liars and con artists that comprise way too much of government at all levels. After the election, let the clean sweep begin.

        1. The documentation on the tax evasion is available, obtained from an estate about a year ago. If you cared about the truth, then you would check into it.

          The payoffs to the two women with which he had affairs are documented. I saw a signed check. And Trump lied about it on video. Those are all verifiable facts. Starting to get the picture?

          You can check into Trump’s bone spur evasion from military duty. His attacks on McCain and others are on video. Again, verifiable public records.

          If you follow Trump (and you clearly do), then you must be an idiot if you have failed to se the “good man/good woman” support from Trump soon followed by “I hardly knew him/her.” This has happened so often that I am waiting for Trump to claim that he hardly knew Guiliani.

          The illegal “bagman” cash contributions to Trump casinos are known. But you don’t actually care about the truth, do you?

          Have you noticed how many Trump appointees have left the government in disgrace? Did you ever stop to consider that a person who appoints highly corrupt people is responsible for their conduct?

          You call me a Democrat as if: (1) You actually know my affiliation and (2) It makes any difference whatsoever in terms of the validity of my statements. You are wrong on both counts. I am an Independent. If Obama was in the White House doing what Trump is doing, then I would call him out, too.

          You need to learn to sort fact from fiction. Your “opinions” are pretty much garbage, Citizen.

        2. P.S. Citizen, my educated and well-informed opinions are far more worthy and valid than your led-by-the-nose, hyperpartisan dreck. You are clearly incapable of independent and logical reasoning based on fact and evidence.

          Fox News loves you.

      2. “He has repeatedly proclaimed in pained tones that no one in the entire history of the world has had to suffer the horrible media scrutiny and Congressional investigations heaped upon poor Trump. Seriously?”

        YES, “seriously!”

        No president in the history of the United States has had to endure 24/7 negative coverage by over 90% of the media the day he descended the golden escalator in Trump tower to announce his candidacy. Get a GRIP!

        You want to talk “criminal” what is your take on Bill and Hillary, hmmm?

        Thank you President Trump for the remarkable turnaround of the economy and policies that benefit ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. Outstanding job!… 🇺🇸🦅👍🏻

        1. Bill Clinton was investigated by the Republican’s Special Counsel Ken Starr for FIVE YEARS, GoeB. He started out with Whitewater and found nothing. NO INDICTMENTS. Five years later he finally corners Bill on lying about getting oral sex in the Oval Office. The President and other people testified. The White House provided documents.

          And how many times have the Republicans investigated Bhengazi? And the Hillary Clinton’s email server? In the end, NO INDICTMENTS.

          That is not to say that Bill or Hillary are perfectly clean. But let’s compare this with Trump.

          Trump gets investigated and immediately begins waging a media and twitter campaign against everyone who dares to say anything unflattering. He claims BLANKET IMMUNITY for himself and his staff from Congressional subpoenas. His lawyers are even claiming that Trump is immune from investigation! Around a dozen people are indicted who are associated with this supposed “hoax” and “sham” and “witch hunt.” A few people in close contact with Trump are either already in jail or waiting to be sentenced for their actions. And Trump is directly implicated in several serious crimes.

          How can you possibly defend Trump?

          As for the economy, it was already growing when Trump took office. He bought a bump in the economy using borrowed money from that ill-advised tax cut for the wealthy and corporations. The deficit has already more than doubled in two years to well over $1T in what you describe as a remarkable turnaround. You are an incredibly misguided person.

          1. READER ALERT: Very long tedious response, but I PROMISE you more objective facts, than partisan opinion. 👍🏻

            OK let’s talk comparisons, KingMel. In defense of your Democrat heroes noticed your selective memory HABIT, like most of your ilk around here, roughly less than half of the total equation. I’ll point out the other half, not so rosy.

            Agreed, Bill Clinton was investigated for years, because of dozens of alleged crimes going back to his Arkansas Governor days. Let’s begin:

            Whitewater was a FAILED land deal when Governor Clinton was involved with a rich campaign contributor shady business dealings to enrich themselves at the expense of the public. I won’t get into the Rose Law firm records Hillary worked for at the same time that were lost, and magically appeared on a table in Bill’s White House years later. Where was the media accountability they HURL so righteously at Republicans 24/7? Easy, it does not exist.

            SIDETRACK ALERT: Is that not the definition of classic swamp politicians? Former President Obama recently bought a $15 million mansion. Except for the highest salary in his lifetime as president for eight years, Obama was a 501c community organizer in Chicago and senator. So, how does someone with roughly a $400,000 income for eight years, total $3.2 million, qualify for a loan that size when you are for the most part, unemployed? Admit I don’t know the financial details of the art of the deal and could be wrong, but it raises questions.

            Also, Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and many other Democrat politicians spending a lifetime in politics earning political salaries much less, how do they become multi-millionaires on salaries less than $175,000?

            Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with paid politicians not working for ALL the people, donors and their voters always come FIRST. They ONLY have a problem with the Republican rich. At the very least, I can RESPECT Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump for building successful businesses.

            Back to Bill. Not going to play the semantic games KIngMel that “nothing found” TRANSLATES to “not guilty.” The ACCURATE term is “nothing proven,” happens on a daily basis in courts everywhere. Arguably what is going on with President Trump’s impeachment right now.

            “Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States (1993–2001), has been publicly accused of sexual misconduct by four women: Juanita Broaddrick accused Clinton of raping her in 1978; Leslie Millwee accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1980; Paula Jones accused Clinton of exposing himself to her in 1991 as well as sexually harassing her; and Kathleen Willey accused Clinton of groping her without her consent in 1993.”

            MORE from Wikipedia, here:


            Bill Clinton settled his sexual harassment lawsuit for $850,00 with Paula Jones on Nov. 14, 1998. The settlement DIRECTLY led to the House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings. On December 19, 1998, Clinton became the second American president to be impeached.

            KingMel: “Five years later he finally corners Bill on lying about getting oral sex in the Oval Office.”

            Yeah, unfortunately it takes a LONG time to nail a professional red faced LIAR that can look the world in the eye wagging his finger on TV. Sad, the media turned totally liberal and Democrat partisan on his watch, introducing the poison of political correctness and Democrat amnesia.

            SIDETRACK ALERT #2: Nothing changed in the media since Clinton, except they got much WORSE and don’t hide it anymore. Examples: Ignoring the double Biden story in Ukraine, Hillary in Russia, Hillary e-mail government e-mail abuse, Holder in “Fast and Furious,” Comey in FISA ABUSE, Hillary with DNC partner rigging the 2016 election with delegates throwing Bernie under the bus. SHEESH, I could write a volume on Democrat Media neglect and the dishonest rigging of the Democrat Party by the Clintons. 👎🏻

            Back to Bill: The charges stemmed from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Clinton and from Clinton’s testimony denying under oath that he had engaged in a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Bill Clinton was FINED, and DISBARRED over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Ken Starr last week on Fox News said his investigation revealed 11 felonies brought to the Clinton impeachment court. How many against Trump?

            KingMel: “And how many times have the Republicans investigated Bhengazi?”

            More than enough times to basically understand you can’t prosecute politicians for incompetence. Secretary of State Hillary and the rest of the Barrack team sat stone faced in the White House situation room as the attack on the U.S. embassy played out. The embassy called for military help REPEATEDLY and the immediate response, was NO response. Great work, team. The U.S. ambassador and others were killed while politicians sat there on their hands discussing excuses to spread on five Sunday morning news programs, to cover their incompetence. Republicans as usual rightly expressed outrage, so did Hillary before Congress who defiantly said, “what does it matter.” Yeah, right. Matters not to the Democrats and the complicit media that does not accurately report the truth. But it does matter to the families of those killed and Republicans to this day.

            KingMel: “And the Hillary Clinton’s email server? In the end, NO INDICTMENTS.”

            Well, the investigation is ongoing and the last Fox News report speculated it will be released in April or May. Since you watch CNN, you would never know that. We shall see, but I suspect the same — not prosecuting for incompetence, the Hillary EXCUSE first put forth by infamous James Comey press conference before the 2016 election. In October Comey reopened the investigation for a day or two. What a joke, my guess he did that to absolve his guilt and cover his arse.

            KingMel: “That is not to say that Bill or Hillary are perfectly clean.”

            OK, so please DETAIL how the Clintons are not “perfectly clean.”

            CRICKETS : : : : :

            You won’t, too painful to be HONEST regarding your party. Case in point, you immediately threw out, “BUT let’s compare this with Trump.” Clear as day you are only interested in talking down the other team. Specifically, you only want justice for Republicans, while covering up and ignoring the DIRTY DEEDS of your team. You can’t even say it with a straight face, so obvious.

            KingMel: “Trump gets investigated and immediately begins waging a media and twitter campaign against everyone who dares to say anything unflattering.”

            Your drama aside, I support speaking out about rouge bureau agents, Peter and lover Lisa, spying on the Trump campaign when the entire charade was started by a Hillary/DNC FAKE FISA request, designed by Democrats and approved by the last administration at the highest levels to take down Trump. Do you NOT have a problem with that? Being falsely accused, would you not defend yourself??? Reckoning is coming if we want to maintain the “rule of law.”

            KingMel: “His lawyers are even claiming Around a dozen people are indicted who are associated with this supposed “hoax” and “sham” and “witch hunt.”

            Guilt by association, got it. If the same standards were applied to Democrats in the Obama White House — dozens would be indicted and in jail. Hypocrite DOUBLE STANDARD GRANDE!

            KingMel: “And Trump is directly implicated in several serious crimes. How can you possibly defend Trump?”

            Easy, serious crimes do not EXIST. The thinnest, rush to judgement, political impeachment of ALL TIME, it’s a cruel joke. Impeached on second hand interpretation and opinion. In reality, impeachment is a political exercise, not a criminal one which EXPLAINS how President Clinton who committed actual crimes was fined and later acquitted.

            KingMel: “As for the economy, it was already growing when Trump took office.”

            Yes, to your vague generalization and the economy has also been growing since Reagan, JFK, and the Great Depression. You selectively did not say at what rate over a short period of time, HUGE difference.

            KingMel: “He bought a bump in the economy using borrowed money from that ill-advised tax cut for the wealthy and corporations.”

            Everyone got a tax cut, one way or another — NOTHING was BOUGHT. Guess you never heard the famous JFK speech in the 1960s saying to get the economy going we need to pass tax cuts.

            KingMel: “The deficit has already more than doubled in two years to well over $1T in what you describe as a remarkable turnaround.”

            Are you talking yearly deficits or adding to the national debt since 1969 the last year the federal budget was balanced? When Obama was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2009, the debt was $10.626 trillion. When he left office on Jan. 20, 2017, it was $19.947 trillion. Funny, you don’t have a problem with that. Again, DOUBLE STANDARD hypocrisy.

            KingMel: “You are an incredibly misguided person.”

            Look in the mirror… 🙄

            1. Like every other MDN user, I stopped reading your long exercise in Whataboutism after the first sentence.

              You still have not grasped that ad hominem arguments have no probative value. Both Clintons and both Obamas could be proven ax murderers and it would not make Mr. Trump either more or less guilty of an impeachable offense, or make his economic achievements any better or worse. He has to stand or fall on his own two feet.

              As I seem to have heard somewhere, ‘Nuff said.

            2. TXUSER: “Like every other MDN user, I stopped reading your long exercise in Whataboutism after the first sentence.”

              You missed an awesome read and full of facts. Because you did not read, good to scare you, no “Whataboutism” exists in the first sentence or my post. That is a word to give you lazy cover story, nothing more…

            3. From your post above that began the lengthy digression about the Clintons:

              “You want to talk “criminal” what is your take on Bill and Hillary, hmmm?”

              If you do not recognize that as Whataboutism, you don’t know what the term means.

              Again, Bill Clinton has been out of office for 19 years and Hillary for 7. What may have happened back then does not affect how history will judge what President Donald J. Trump has done more recently. The two subjects are unrelated.

  3. I had hopes on this, but alas, it doesn’t matter who it is and it doesn’t matter which level of government. They always talk big on privacy when it comes to protecting our shopping habits from Facebook and the like, but when it comes to the really important shit, PROTECTING US FROM THEM, it’s always a different story. This has been explained to the world ad nausea, and still, STILL they want a back door into technology.

    You’d also think that someone like Trump, who like him or not, has experienced what it is like to have the United States Government, with no other probable cause than a significant number of its most entrenched members just don’t like him, come after private information and literally use it to piece together fantasies that neither be proven or disproven and then use those fantasies to accuse you of their matters of opinion.

    When I wanted nothing to do with my family, I’ve experienced what it was like to have them using my father’s girlfriend dig up my phone records because she worked for my carrier. It’s a very frustrating feeling when you know it is happening and you can’t prove it.

    1. From God’s lips to Thelonious’ keyboard; he has it right. The biggest smear campaign in USA history has been going on for 4 years now, and most dolts have fallen for the gov’t grifters and liars’ relentless Goebels-like every day repetition of lies, hoping as did Hitler’s propaganda miniister, that they eventually become truths in the public mind.

  4. President Trump – clean up the crooks in the FBI and DOJ who frame innocent people and lie to FISA courts so they can illegally spy on tens of thousands of innocent Americans. Do that Trump. And quit telling Apple how to run their business. Do you leave master keys laying around for rooms at Trump Hotels around the world so the FBI or Russian mobster or child predators can enter at will? Shut up!

  5. “We are helping Apple all of the time on TRADE”. LOL. Apple had such a terrible time doing trade with China before DT took office. They are on the ropes there (sound of eyes rolling).

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