New Pioneer receiver offers Wireless CarPlay and 10.1-inch floating display

Pioneer's DMH-WT8600NEX Wireless CarPlay Multimedia Receiver with 10.1" HD capacitive touch floating display
Pioneer’s DMH-WT8600NEX Wireless CarPlay Multimedia Receiver with 10.1″ HD capacitive touch floating display

The DMH-WT8600NEX features Apple CarPlay, the smarter, safer and more fun way to use your iPhone in the car. Apple CarPlay gives iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way to make calls, use Maps, listen to music, and verbally send and listen to messages with just a word or a touch.

Zac Hall for 9to5Mac:

Pioneer was first to bring Apple CarPlay to aftermarket receivers over five years ago. The electronics company is shipping a major upgrade to its NEX in-dash receivers in 2020. Newly announced Pioneer receivers will best most of the standard CarPlay receivers included in new cars today.

Pioneer has one model in particular that I’m anticipating the most: DMH-WT8600NEX. This is their new state-of-the-art 10.1-inch floating receiver with Wireless CarPlay.

The large panel is optimized for presenting tappable targets while driving too. The 720p HD resolution means content is larger, not more dense, including how Apple CarPlay is presented.

Best of all is Wireless CarPlay support. This eliminates the need to connect a Lightning cable to the iPhone each time you want to take a short trip with CarPlay.

MacDailyNews Note: Pioneer’s DMH-WT8600NEX floating display configuration allows a large display to be installed using a universal 1-DIN chassis. The floating screen offers horizontal, vertical and tilt adjustability to ensure the best fit and usability in the vehicle’s dash. Compatibility with Apple CarPlay supports connecting to an iPhone using either a wireless connection or a wired USB connection. More info here.

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