Apple now accepting donations to aid Australian bushfire relief

Apple is launching a donation campaign in partnership with the Red Cross to help with efforts in Australia to fight widespread, devastating bushfires.

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

Customers can make Red Cross donations simply through the iTunes and App Store [and Apple Music via the Music app], using their associated payment method. Apple does not collect any commission or processing fees, 100% of donations go to the charity.

The in-app charity screen makes it easy for Apple users to donate $5-$200 to the Red Cross charity.

In the US, funds go to the American Red Cross which is providing relief efforts in response to the Australian bushfire tragedy. In Australia, the donations go to the Australian Red Cross. It’s not clear if Apple will also be rolling out the donation system in other regions.

In December, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted that the company would be making a donation to the relief efforts:

MacDailyNews Take: Now Apple product users can pitch in to help out, too! Hopefully, Apple will turn this on in all of the countries and regions it serves worldwide. Bravo once again, Apple!


  1. I will donate immediately once Australia eliminates the federal laws they have enacted prohibiting land owners from clearing brush, dead trees and thinning forests to reduce combustible materials. The policies were all implemented within the last 10-15 years and were the exact opposite of centuries of effective land and forest management that had been practiced to use controlled burn fires and prudent forest management to prevent massive fires in a very dry country.

    It does not make sense to donate until the policies that caused this disaster are reversed. To do so is like giving alcohol to a drunk to prevent his wild benders.

    It is of course a massive tragedy, created by incredibly destructive policies. Interestingly, the results mirror what happened in California after the same insane ideas were legislated. The result there was the bankruptcy of the largest electric utility which has guaranteed profits in the biggest state in the nation. Not good for the source of power for all those Tesla’s.

    1. Completely false. The heads of the fire services in the affected states have gone on record to refute this misinformation and have categorically stated that so called “green tape” has not interfered with their reduction activities.
      Rather, it is the ever diminishing windows of opportunity to do so due to the ever worsening drought, increased average temperatures and elongated fire seasons that have reduced their ability to conduct fire prevention in high risk areas.
      Please stop spreading lies and refer to the actual experts conducting these operations.

      1. What you say is completely false and is refuted by land management experts and huge numbers of Australian ranchers and farmers who know exactly what they used to do and exactly what the government now forbids them from doing. What is different now that causes the fires – idiot leftist green land and forest management and arson committed by zealous extremist green eco whackos. But hey,if you want to turn Australia and the kangaroos into toast and jerky then it’s all on you.

        1. Sure, Kent, because voluntary land owner brush removal would prevent the disaster. NOT. You have no clue as usual.

          Brushfires are common in most of Australia. There is not a huge multi-year buildup of dead wood prompting the record fires this year. What has changed is the length and intensity of the drought season. I.e., climate change. If you imagine that landowners would choose to preemptively denude their landscapes in anticipation that the dry season would be longer and hotter every year, you are delusional. In the early stages of the industrial era as machines displaced horses, clear cutting and extensive grassland burning was attempted in the American midwest in order to convert the plains to farmland. When the first hot summer occurred, the Dust Bowl Days were begun. It took many years and significant planting of wind breaks and cover crops to recover from that man-made desert disaster. Millennia earlier, the Sahara forest was denuded by early man’s insatiable demand for wood as heating fuel, and that man-made desert has never recovered. It has expanded. Greedy palm oil plantation owners and beef ranchers intentionally choose to make the same stupid mistake in the Amazon today. Kent doesn’t care as long as his McDonald’s greaseburger is cheap.

          Unsustainable habitat and climate destruction is happening everywhere, but the effects are highly varied. Record cold can occur in one area, record rain elsewhere. Hence uniform consensus and sense of urgency to rethink emissions controls is under constant scrutiny from the usual deniers who refuse to think of others. But the data CLEARLY proves that the total atmospheric energy of the planet is on an unprecedented increase. CO2 levels have never accelerated as rapidly in history than they have in the industrial era. Forestation has almost never been less meagre as today as a buffer to the ever-increasing global carbon emissions. The facts are plain, and the future looks bleak unless mankind changes his ways.

          Kent is grasping at straws to deflect from the obvious reality that complex issues like unrestrained (PROPERLY REGULATED) land abuse / desertification is one of the ramifications of having over a century of industry and their brainwashed dependent consumers ignoring their air pollution and resultant climate effects. No amount of data or evidence including human death or property destruction would convince him that his American supersized consumerism contributes to the issue in any way.

          In short:
          – Kent and the lovers of the Orange Liar: “ME ME ME ME ME. Fuck all others. MAGA Me first. Don’t make me change, whoever suffers should suck it up. Wall me inside an insulated enclave so I don’t have to see anyone else. And cut my taxes NOW.”
          – Everyone else: “Ouch, that data is not on a good trend. When disasters happen elsewhere, and trends show unsustainable issues, then it’s only a matter of time before everyone will be adversely affected. If we work together we can fix this. If we all take action, the worse effects can be avoided for the benefit of future generations. I’m willing to invest in new technology to make the entire world a better place for all.”

          See the fundamental philosophical difference?

        2. Kent thinks if only the 250 million people evacuating their homes had just chopped down all the trees, then life would be great and 10.3 million hectares (25.5 million acres) of denuded land would be fire-free.

          Reality indicates otherwise:

          Fire fighters (which are taxpayer funded, Kent) have been on the losing end of this disaster regardless of your imagined foolproof brush cleanup policy. In addition to the public costs for emergency services and firefighting, the Insurance Council of Australia has estimated fire property damage to total more than A$900 million to date, with more to come. 400 megatonnes of carbon dioxide and other pollutants have been released. Your proposal of voluntary brush clearing shows how naive you are to what climate change means, and why serious science increasingly shows that kerbing carbon emissions is a very good investment against future disaster costs, which you conveniently discount along with the oil industry subsidies and military expenditures everyone donates to keep the burning of fossil fuels the one primary source of transportation and home heating. As long as you die off before the worst shit hits the fan, you’re smug and uncaring. Future generations problem, right Kent?

          1. You jackasses think that government mandates to preserve combustible material in dry meadows and forests where lightning strikes are common and the climate is desert like is a good idea. And you also think it is a good idea for the government to prevent private landowners from managing their own property to prevent large fires, through things like controlled burns, which have been done effectively for centuries.

            But then, you are fucking morons whose ideas lead to massive fires in California and the entire continent of Australia. Well, since California is run totally by Democrats you can all burn in your utopia. And, good riddance.

            Guess which has more influence on fires – stacking dry dead cordwood everywhere along with parches fields and limbs and zero logging to thin the forest or people driving cars? You imbeciles, who are unable to distinguish a man from a woman, have zero credibility in the area of land and forest management. You are imbeciles.

  2. What about donations for Puerto Rico’s earthquake relief fund? I suppose if Apple gives to one, they should give to all.

    I hadn’t even heard about the Australian bushfires. I’m rather ignorant of Australia, so it’s understandable. I know they have large cities on the coasts, but whenever I’ve seen Australia in movies, it mainly looks like a big, dry desert or outback as they call it. I don’t mean to be insensitive about their troubles.

    1. I took a look at a map and I see there are a lot of green areas in Australia, so I was certainly wrong about it being basically a big desert. My apologies.

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