Free file manager ‘Documents 7’ for iPad and iPhone puts Apple’s Files app to shame

Documents 7 file manager for iPhone and iPad
Documents 7 file manager for iPhone and iPad

The free Documents 7 app is billed as the best file manager for iPhone and iPad. It is designed for reading EPUB books, viewing Word and Excel documents, opening zip files, PDFs, images, downloading music files, and watching movies on your iPhone and iPad.

J.R. Bookwalter, Macworld:

It took Apple nearly a decade to bring proper file management to the iPhone and iPad with the arrival of the Files app in iOS 11. Over the same period of time, an enterprising third-party developer based in Odessa, Ukraine was busy refining its own file manager app, which outshines Apple’s in almost every conceivable way…

The mobile equivalent of macOS Finder, this jack-of-all-trades allows iPhone and iPad owners to browse, view, and manage files with ease, all from an intuitive user interface that puts Apple’s own Files to shame…

For those underwhelmed by the built-in Files app, do yourself a favor and install Documents 7, the free file manager worthy of being installed on every iOS device.

MacDailyNews Note: Here’s the intro video:


  1. Lipstick on a pig, without precise cursor control expect a cluster f. Steve Jobs was right about needing sandpaper to file your fingers down for small tablets, little did he know that it would apply to all of Apple’s iOS products in 2020. Text selection, drag and drop, selecting anything period, is an exercise in frustration on every device. It was bearable until iOS13 dropped the unusability hammer.

  2. I’ve spent about 5 hours watching this video and then reading all of the 1100+ comments as well as looking at the negative reviews on Amazon. Better just forget this thing. Better to use iCloud storage for safety and speed compared with this thing. Also, a few commenters indicated that Sandisk and Seagate make some large capacity stick drives that are WiFi connectable to your devices. Could be another way to do it.

    The iPad Pro has USB-c connector but software won’t yet allow transfer of most files except photos and a few others. Maybe next IOS update will enable more. Some commenters also stated that DropBox accomplishes the same as this gadget.

  3. I apologize ! My comment above somehow ended up here for a completely different article. It was intended to describe my efforts to decide if the RAD device that enables transfer of iPad files to a SSD that generated its own WiFi signal for importing and backing up the files. Supposedly files could be edited and SD cards could be read on the device, etc., etc. Again, sorry about this mixup. I’ll try to put my comments into the correct article.

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