Dell laptops to add ability to transfer photos and videos, mirror iPhone content on Windows

This spring Dell Mobile Connect will expand its wireless transfer and app mirroring capabilities to iPhone users.

Those suffering with Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware, and G Series PCs who have iPhones will be able to directly access their favorite iOS mobile apps and will be able to take advantage of drag-and-drop file transfer and content mirroring straight from their crappy Dell PC.

However, file transfer on iOS is limited to photos and videos. App mirroring and this limited file transfer on iOS is coming “spring 2020,” according to puny Dell.

MacDailyNews Take: Get a Mac.


  1. No doubt, it’ll be kludgy 🙃 Never thought about it too much, but I don’t have a great need to transfer files directly between Mac and iPhone (or iPad). I take iCloud for granted for things I might otherwise need to transfer directly and store locally on device. About the only time I used AirDrop is with a large video, and I’m too impatient to wait for it to sync to iCloud. I guess that’s why Android devices need extra storage via Micro SD cards, because there’s greater need to store files locally on the device. I also never considered app mirroring to be something I wanted when using Mac with iPhone/iPad 🙂

  2. …………..Those suffering with Dell XPS, Inspiron…etc…………”

    “Suffering” by not having basic components glued or soldered? Or by not having to deal with butterfly keyboards, etc… I recently purchased my 1st windows computer since the mid 1990’s—- a Dell All In One. I can remove the rear panel in a few minutes: try that with an iMac. The Dell is user friendly for repairs & upgrades….. like Macs used to be.

    I still prefer Macs but I have doubts about some Macs being worth twice the cost of a similar configured Dell..

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