The best mechanical keyboards for your Mac

Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac
Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac

Anthony Karcz for Forbes:

Mechanical keyboards have changed the way I type on my Mac… The problem is, there are practically no mechanical keyboard manufacturers out there that make mechanical keyboards with the Mac in mind. Sure, you can still plug a mechanical keyboard meant for a Windows machine into a Mac, but you’ll lose the Mac-specific keys and likely have relearn your keyboard shortcuts since the Windows key and Command key aren’t in the same places.

There is one like that on this list (just because I love it so much) [Das Keyboard 5Q], but the rest here have gone the extra step and given at least some consideration to the rest of the computing world.

Best for Gaming: Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Best Wireless: Keychron K1 Wireless (V3) and Keychron K2

Best Accessory Suite: Logitech G915

Best All Around: Das Keyboard 5Q: The Das Keyboard 5Q is one of the best mechanical keyboards I’ve ever had the pleasure to review… It’s also fully Mac compatible, which I greatly appreciate.

MacDailyNews Take: We use Magic Keyboards here because we’re just so used to the feel of Apple’s stable scissor mechanism. Plus, moving to our 16-inch MacBook Pros’ built in Magic Keyboards when we’re on the road is pretty much a seamless transfer. That said, we have tried Das Keyboard and it’s very, very nice. Which keyboard do you use?


  1. This is an area that needs much more attention for Macs. Apple keyboards look elegant but they leave way too much to be desired for real typists.

    It just so happens that I just bought two Das keyboards including the one shown. Personally, I like the Das Keyboard 4 (Professional Mac w/USB 3.0 hub) best. I got the “clicky” version; not “soft tactile.”

    It has great Cherry switches, a great feel, a perfect length cable (6.5′), USB 3.0 hub, volume knob (love that!) and it looks great.

  2. The info is appreciated, but why with such articles is Amazon the default site to which readers are directed?
    I assume there are additional places to purchase and gain info?

    1. …the default site to which readers are directed by nearly every website for nearly everything…

      Although I admit shopping too much at Amazon without even bothering to compare anymore, so there’s that…

    1. I have a new model M in the box. It’s been in my storeroom for like 25 years. I just pulled it out the other day and was thinking it would be perfect for my next desktop Mac.

      Sounds like a Gatling gun, but damn my fingers could fly on it….

  3. None of these have the numerical keypad layout of a Mac keyboard. I very much prefer the Mac layout over the typical Windows keyboard layout. For me it does make a difference in speed and ease of use.

  4. Back a few years after the iMac first came out, I purchased an ADB to USB adapter. (not sure if they are still available). Whenever I get in a clicky mood I just pull out one of my old ADB Mac keyboards. So, all the Mac keys are in the right place… no transition problems.

    After a while, desk space becomes a priority… and the mechanical keyboard is stored for my next clicky craving.

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