Apple iPhone demand will soar in 2020 with launch of 5G – analyst

Before 2020 is even here, have you already begun to get excited for Apple’s “iPhone 5G?” If so you’re not alone.

Tonya Garcia for MarketWatch:

Demand for the Apple Inc. iPhone is poised to skyrocket thanks to new 5G devices, according to Wedbush analysts, who raised their price target to $350 from $325 and maintained their outperform stock rating in a Monday note.

We believe iPhone 11 is just the front end of this current ‘supercycle’ for Cupertino with a slate of 5G smartphones set to be unveiled in September that will open up the floodgates on iPhone upgrades across the board that the Street continues to underestimate. — Wedbush analysts

Analysts say five versions of the iPhone will launch in 2020 and “supplier checks indicate a double digit increase for expectations for overall units (10%+ year-over-year).” Wedbush thinks 200 million units will be the “starting point” with 350 million iPhones within range for an upgrade.

MacDailyNews Take: Just as iPhone this year is all about the camera, next year will be all about 5G. Get ready for the Mother of All iPhone Super Cycles!


  1. More of the “everyone” is waiting for 5G premise disproven by success of iPhone 11. There is no “floodgate” that is currently closed, waiting to be opened by 5G. It’s always open. Most customers were not specifically waiting for 5G. Most probably don’t understand the specific benefits of 5G, compared to 4G LTE. Many will even say, “What’s 5G? So show me how the camera is better in iPhone 12?” (Or some other more visible feature.)

    Yes, there will likely be an increase in sales. But it will be for the collective enhancement of iPhone features, not just because it has 5G. Same as every year… 5G is just one of the improvements in iPhone 12.

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