Apple held talks to add James Bond, live sports to streaming service

Apple TV+ is not limited to Apple devices
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars

Apple execs met MGM Holdings Inc. (James Bond franchise-owner) and the Pac-12 collegiate athletic conference earlier this year for content Apple TV+ service, the Wall Street Journal reported today.


The conversations with MGM and the Pac-12 were preliminary and have yet to reach an advanced stage, the WSJ reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

A deal with the Pac-12 would be Apple’s foray into live sports.

MacDailyNews Take: James Bond? Cool. Live sports on Apple TV+? What a genius idea (that we had over five and a half years ago): Perhaps Cook should consider bidding for and winning NFL Sunday Ticket away from Direct TV, buying rights to Premiere League and La Liga games, etc. and making them Apple TV exclusives. Go directly to the sports leagues with boatloads of cash. — MacDailyNews, May 6, 2014


    1. Not sure that it would have the negative effect Disney has had. Bond has become a lot more PC and less sexist over years and assuming portrayed killing isn’t too anathema to Apple (and why be interested in Bond if you were) don’t think they would negatively effect anything and very possibly actually improve upon it as a showcase for their technical skills. Oh well we can only speculate.

    2. Totally agree. BOTH liberal companies will totally mess with the classics we love all in the holy name of political correctness. The networks don’t even show classic well done Bugs Bunny cartoons anymore. Same difference…

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