Apple debuts official trailer for ‘Little America,’ coming to Apple TV+ on January 17th

Apple TV’s YouTube channel:

Inspired by the true stories featured in Epic Magazine, “Little America” goes beyond the headlines to bring to life the funny, romantic, heartfelt and surprising stories of immigrants in America. The first season consists of eight half-hour episodes, each with its own unique story from different parts of the world.

Eight stories. One dream. Watch Little America on January 17 on the Apple TV app with an Apple TV+ subscription:

MacDailyNews Note: The song featured in the trailer is: “New Brighton” — by Nakhane feat. ANOHNI


    1. If you don’t think immigrants can be real Americans, perhaps you should return to wherever your ancestors came from. Ours is a nation of immigrants, and that has historically been one of its greatest strengths. It sounds like this show will be a celebration of America, and I can’t understand how anybody could object to that.

  1. I am not sure why Apple seems to want create shows that are more for less SJW stories. Some shows may supposedly be nominated for awards, But some awards are tokens, bought and paid for. If all Apple does is SJW, instead of real entertainment, Apple TV+ will have a short shelf life.. Somewhere along the line, the shows actually have to generate some income, and I don’t see many shows on Apple TV+ that will have a long life..

    1. There are a lot of varied economic reasons for producing different varieties of shows and audiences vary widely. Show and scripts are often tested for audience “like ability” and there are always deals being made behind closed doors.
      In this case I feel your dislike of the shows says more about you than anything else.

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