Tim Cook on innovation, creating U.S. jobs, Apple’s greatest contribution to humankind, and more

Keiichi Murayama and Francesca Regalado, Nikkei Asian Review:

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday defended the company’s record of creating jobs in the U.S., rejecting criticism that the company outsources too much to China, a sticking point that President Donald Trump has constantly picked on.

“We’ve created well over 2 million jobs in the U.S.,” said Cook.

Cook was speaking exclusively with Nikkei in Tokyo… Cook said a core Apple belief was that education would solve economic inequalities created by technology and automation… He added: “The ethos and the DNA of the company have never been stronger on the innovation front. The product line has never been stronger.” Nikkei reported in October that Apple asked suppliers to increase production of iPhone 11 by 8 million units, after better-than-expected global demand for the new smartphone range.

But Cook wants to cement his legacy at Apple in offering health care services via tools such as the Apple Watch. “If you ask me what Apple’s greatest contribution to humankind was, it will be in the health care area,” he said…

MacDailyNews Take: Cook also touted Apple’s commitment to privacy that sets the company apart – far apart – from the likes of Google and Facebook.


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