This app turns your iPhone into an iPod classic with click wheel and Cover Flow


Thanks to Elvin Hu, there’s now an iPhone app which simulates the look and feel of the iPod classic music player complete with the click wheel interface and Cover Flow album view.

The app is still being worked on and there was no no word at post time when it might appear on App Store. It may actually never make it to the store due to copyright issues, Hu acknowledged.

MacDailyNews Take: Its a great idea. Hopefully, Apple and Hu can work out someway for it to be released for any iPhone or iPod touch user can give it a whirl.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. OR… Keep an old iPod in working order. I have iPod 3rd gen, iPod 4th gen, and iPod mini. Each has 64GB flash drive (compact flash or SD card) on an adapter, replacing fragile/slow stock hard drives (4GB to 20GB). 3rd and 4th gen were “broken” when I got them, now better than new.

    Those early monochrome screen iPods had really great sound, because they JUST played audio. That’s it, no video, photos, apps, camera, etc. And NOT too thin or tiny. 3rd gen really sounds amazing. I rotate them as my (sometimes) carry-around music player. Even have the funky “in-line” clip-on remote control that connects between iPod and headphones plug, which just happens to work with only these 3 iPods models.

    Haven’t upgraded my newest Mac to Catalina yet. Curious to see how they’ll work without iTunes. I have older Macs I can use for syncing, so not really concerned, just curious… 😏

  2. Never understood the millenials obsession with old tech. Really, who would want to go back to 8 track and cassettes and rotary phones. I understand the nostalgia, but the tech is pretty terrible. Those who had to live with it understand that.

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