Apple Card now offers 3% cash back on Nike purchases via Apple Pay

Nike is latest in an increasing number of retailers to offer 3% cash back to Apple Card users.

Sarah Perez for TechCrunch:

Nike is the latest company to offer 3% cash back to Apple Card users, when they make an Apple Pay purchase using the card across Nike’s retail platforms, including its stores,, SNKRS, Nike Training Club, Nike Running Club and on the Nike app.

The addition is one of what’s still a small number of Apple Pay partners who are offering the top-tier cash back rate of 3% to cardholders — a group that also includes Uber/Uber Eats, Walgreens/Duane Reade, and T-Mobile stores.

Apple has been steadily expanding the number of retailers and apps that offer cash back to Apple Card users, giving Apple a larger foothold in online and mobile payments, as well as point-of-sale transactions. In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple Pay transaction volume was bigger than PayPal and was growing 4 times as fast.

Apple says more Apple Card partners will be added in the months ahead.

MacDailyNews Take: Smart companies will clamber aboard the Apple Pay train as their competitors get left behind.


  1. I support companies that support America, not Nike, which has gone out of its way to thumb its nose at its customers that care about the USA… You’ll never see a Nike Swoosh on anything around here..

    1. …. yet you have no problem buying extremely high margin Apple products made in China, nor the special exemptions that Tim Apple was gifted by the most corrupt admin ever — so Apple can keep thumbing the nose at US manufacturing for 95% of what Apple sells.

      Explain this to us please.

  2. Why didn’t Obama, the biggest reverse racism administration ever, wave its “magic wand” so that extremely high margin Apple products could ALL be made in USA and start bringing back manufacturing jobs…

    Explain please?!?

    Give you a hint… Probably because that would require work and it is easier to hear Obama say, “This is the new normal!”.

    1. Spicer : You conveniently forget that the former president was not a dictator as the current conman attempts to be.

      Obama ACTIVELY attempted to spur domestic reinvestment. Congress and industry resisted every step of the way, including Apple. In fact, McConnell declared from the moment Obama was elected that he would do everything possible to obstruct any proposal from the White House. McConnell blocked all kinds of common sense reforms that could have helped millions of Americans. But we don’t want to talk about issues here, do we?

      At a dinner in February 2011, Obama asked Steve Jobs point blank: “What would it take to make iPhones in the United States? Why can’t that work come home?”

      Steve Jobs’ infamous reply was: “Those jobs aren’t coming back.”

      That’s when Obama redoubled his attempts to increase benefits for US worker retraining and to increase achievement in schools STEM programs. All of them ran into McConnell’s stonewalling machine. Congress wouldn’t invest a dime on domestic matters, instead increasing the budget for the Pentagon. Nothing has changed today. Despite endless campaign rally promises, Trump hasn’t invested any effort in significant infrastructure improvements. He’s hired a religious zealot with no experience in education, not even in a parent-teacher organization, to mismanage the Dept. of Education. The minimum wage workers in the USA have no easy path to reeducation and learning complex high tech skills – the university route leads to insane debt, US corporations are busy shuttering old US factories, they refuse to train unskilled US workers on the job when they can get near-slaves in China for 1/10 the price. Shiny new corporate plants with exciting automation is being set up in China and Mexico, not in the USA. The trends haven’t changed for the better in the decades since “I am a Crook” Tricky Dick Nixon opened trade with China — but you choose to pin your disgust all on the prior president from the opposing party. Interesting logic, goeb wannabe. Makes you wonder how many US jobs could have been creating using the funds wasted in MarALago golf outings, not to mention Nunes’ previously undisclosed trips with the unconstitutional Amigos to visit Ukranian officials to seek political favors … not to improve domestic competitiveness. Apparently the current administration has no time to improve the lives of the working class. Too busy profiting from their offices.

      Perhaps instead of attempting to score political points online, you should ask your kids why they are more interested in video gaming in your basement than working in manufacturing in the USA. Fundamentally, US corporations simply don’t want to employ Americans anymore.

      1. Per your last statement….I think it’s more the fact that Americans don’t like physical work that might make them sweaty, dirty and tired at day’s end. It’s too hard. It’s too uncomfortable.

        They’d much pref sitting at a desk with a head cocked at a device.

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