Adobe teases new features coming to Photoshop for iPad

Pam Clark for Adobe:

We’ve built Photoshop on the iPad with a new user experience completely redesigned for the tablet and the era of touch and mobility. At 1.0, we started with Photoshop’s top workflows, compositing, masking and retouching because these are core to almost any Photoshop-based project…

Our goal is to give you a seamless experience, so you can create anywhere you have Photoshop, on the desktop or on the iPad… Today, we’re excited to share how we think about the future, and give you a glimpse into what’s to come and how your input is reflected in our planning process.

Coming to Photoshop on the iPad in 2019:
• Select Subject
• Cloud documents

Coming in the first half of 2020:
• Refine Edge
• Curves and Adjustment Layer Options
• Brush sensitivity and Rotate Canvas
• Lightroom Integration

MacDailyNews Take: Adobe invites Photoshop for iPad users to give feedback on what you would like to see in the future:

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote earlier this month:

The missing features will come to Photoshop in time. Too bad a single purchase option likely won’t.

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  1. Adobe can’t even get the desktop version of Photoshop right. Just look up all the reports of issues with Catalina and even though Adobe will have had access to the beta the same anount of time if not longer than all the other Apple developers out there, their response to the very latest Creative Cloud apps not working properly is ‘use the app with the version of Mac OS listed as compatible’ so in other words, people are stuck on Mojave until Adobe can be bothered sorting itself out.

    It’s a shame Apple doesn’t want the professional graphics workspace as they’re in a perfect position to close those crooks down.

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