Analysts: Big Tech can avoid a real crackdown because of U.S. Congress’s chaotic efforts

Victor Reklaitis for MarketWatch:

While Congress has Big Tech in its crosshairs, that doesn’t mean any of the bills targeting Silicon Valley actually will become law soon, according to analysts at Capital Alpha Partners.

Twenty bills aimed at technology companies have been introduced in the Republican-controlled Senate alone this year… It’s all too much, the analysts suggested with this prediction:

To us, these bills demonstrate our “chaos theory” of Big Tech: The existence of so many disparate critiques complicates making progress on any one issue. — Capital Alpha Partners analysts Robert Kaminski and Christopher Eyestone

To be sure, Silicon Valley’s titans face increased scrutiny not just from the divided Congress, but also from the Trump administration’s Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, which launched antitrust investigations earlier this year. But Capital Alpha’s analysts also have played down the risk those probes pose to the tech sector in the near-to-medium term, saying last month: “We don’t believe the government knows what they’re looking for, what the problem is, nor what the solution would be.”

MacDailyNews Take: They certainly don’t know what they’re looking for with Apple as the company does not have a monopoly in any market in which it participates.

The real problems where too much power is concentrated and the potential for abuse of their market power is greatest is clearly Google and Facebook, not Apple.


  1. Say it isn’t so. How can a Congress that’s blindly, furiously pursuing absolutely nothing but a “fill in the blanks” Impeachment Manifesto for nearly 3 years possibly be distracted from doing their jobs?

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