Qualcomm’s 5G phone forecast all but guarantees ‘iPhone 5G’ in 2020

Qualcomm said on Wednesday it expected some 200 million 5G smartphones to be sold in 2020, including flagship devices launching next fall, which investors took as a hint that Apple would offer 5G in the company’s next-gen iPhones.

Munsif Vengattil and Stephen Nellis for Reuters:

Apple, a Qualcomm client, has not said when it will launch 5G. But Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer Akash Palkhiwala said on an investor call there would be “two inflection points” for 5G chips next year.

One would be in the spring, when firms like Samsung and several Chinese handset makers tend to introduce new phones. “The second inflection point will be in the fall time frame, when another set of flagship devices will adopt 5G,” Palkhiwala said.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, we wonder who that could be?

“iPhone 5G” will make the iPhone 6 super cycle seem like a Big Wheel.

(But “iPhone 5G” will be a drawn-out super cycle occurring over a couple years, not a massive surge.)


  1. You know, having a 5G chip in the iPhone is one thing. Having a 5G network is quite an other. Apple will sell plenty of 5G iPhones in China. They have a wide-spread 5G network. Where will you use it in North America?

  2. I wonder if they studied why hundreds of bees were dropped dead below 5G towers. You can find video of it online. I wonder what the affects will be with this band. I am all-for new growing technology; I just don’t think we should sacrifice our health for speed.

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