iOS 13.2 killing background apps so aggressively, it effectively doesn’t multitask any more

There are multiple complaints of iOS 13.2 killing background apps “so aggressively that iOS effectively doesn’t offer multitasking anymore.”

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

Overcast developer Marco Arment made the complaint on Twitter, with many others echoing his experience.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber says the same happens to him.

This bug where apps are getting killed soon after they’re backgrounded is driving me nuts. Start a YouTube video in Safari, switch to another app, go back to Safari — and the video loads from scratch and starts from the beginning.

MacDailyNews Take: Macro Arment took the words out of our mouths:

I’m sure Apple has good excuses about why their software quality is so shitty again.

I hear the same thing over and over from people inside: they aren’t given enough time to fix bugs.

Your software quality is broken, Apple. Deeply, systemically broken. Get your shit together.


  1. Speaking of bugs, am I the only one that can’t consistently and predictably place a cursor in a specific place to edit text? I’ve ready about the new “design,” but it’s still a battle for me. You?

    1. Tap and hold the spacebar- the entire keyboard region turns into a giant trackpad with which you can move the cursor by moving your finger over the keyboard area. It’s actually incredibly useful- just too bad no one knows about it!

      1. Ahh, and so it does. How can Apple be so daft as to continue to release these changes that without explanation drive users mad?!?! Even without knowing this, and thank you, 13.2 has improved text selection and typing text for me. In 13.1 it was almost impossible.

  2. My iPhone still only launches Carplay about 10% of the times it’s connected. When it connects it’s great. When it doesn’t no amount of unplugging/replugging, swapping cables or ports make any difference.

    F’ing Ballmer’s revenge!

  3. Ah yes, more false beliefs from Apple ( all companies are prone to it, but its religion for many)
    1: Change is always good….(except when its not)
    2; More “features” are always better…(except when they conflict with each other or are so confusing that they are not functional.

    I may go back to 12, nothing works better with 13…..or its difficult to tell

  4. The iOS and iPadOS releases just weren’t ready to go live and Apple probably caved to marketing or accounting department pressure to release. Even the updated are rolling out too fast. Granted most basic functionality is working, but things beyond the basics and in my case audio apps are breaking. Apple is falling victim to its own hype and believing it can do no wrong.

    Apple you have the time and definitely the money to expand your QA team and expand your test matrices beyond just the basic functionality.

  5. There’s a lot I don’t like about the new upgrades. For one thing, dark Mode is irrelevant t to me- not interested. Both iPhone and iPad run les smoothly than before, although no single major issue, deal-breaker. I assume that Android is and always will we worse. But all these updates and we’ve Still got problems? Let’s take a “Change” break and just Fix things.

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