Xiaomi gears up to peddle Apple Watch knockoff

Xiaomi's Apple Watch knockoff
Xiaomi’s Apple Watch knockoff

Rachel England for Engadget:

As Xiaomi gears up to launch its 108-megapixel phone at its November 5th event, the company has also unveiled details of its upcoming smartwatch — and it looks awfully familiar. The device — which will probably be called the Mi Watch — bears a striking resemblance to the Apple Watch.

WiFi, GPS and NFC, plus an eSIM…[are] packaged neatly into a shell that’s very similar to the Apple Watch — complete with digital crown on the side — albeit a slightly thicker, less-rounded version.

MacDailyNews Take: Shameless, shameful, and oh-so-predictable. Par for the Xiaomi course. It’s not surprising as Xiaomi’s most original idea was copied from Samsung: Knock off Apple products and services as closely as possible and fleece the ignorant sheep of the world.


  1. “Hey, that looks as good as an AppleWatch and it’s probably a lot cheaper” is what most consumers will say when they see the knockoff. /s

    Most people in the world aren’t all that fussy when it comes to buying products. Totally proven by Android OS’s absolutely enormous consumer market share percentage. Sell it cheap enough and they will flock to your doors.

  2. I love all “smart” products and welcome them into my house…esp those from China. Their track record is above the board and have shown no previous malfeasance. Even though driven greatly by the state, they produce independent of the state’s influence. They do copy a bit.

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