Why Microsoft Surface sales aren’t growing after seven years of trying

The new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio offer take-anywhere power and versatility.
Apple’s iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio offer take-anywhere power and versatility.

In Microsoft’s most-recently-reported quarter, Surface sales fell 4 percent year over year.

Daniel Eran Dilger for AppleInsider:

Surface sales reported in Microsoft’s third calendar quarter reached $1.06 billion, a 4 percent decrease over the year-ago quarter. But since 2014, Microsoft’s Surface Q3 sales have always rolled in within 10% above or below $1 billion.

That stagnancy reflects a conspicuous lack of progress… If Microsoft were reaching business users, or creating a real foundation of buyers, its sales shouldn’t be falling back down to 2014 levels in between its Christmas bumps…

Critics who despised Apple as being nothing more than an overpriced PC maker have now pivoted to a narrative that suggests Surface is a hotbed of innovation that is introducing new products and inventing new categories when it really isn’t doing any of those things. It’s just selling small numbers of expensive PCs.

MacDailyNews Take: iPad roadkill.


  1. Windows in any form also has the unfortunate problem of inducing a gag reflex at the thought of having to use it. A conflict pro users continue to have deciding between a Mac Pro and a PC Workstation.

  2. I see a few Surfaces at work. Once you commit to using Windows, the Surface is just another hardware option.

    I do believe that the iPad Pro ought to offer a similar type of crossover capability between tablets and laptops as the Surface. I don’t know how many people would use that capability, but it would help with the iOS/macOS convergence, I think.

    1. A convergence that I, for one, don’t want to go any further. Let’s not have more like the crippled baby Pages. Wow… if anything like that happened with the OS!!!

      Mobile website often have a simplified layout compared to the desktop view. Often, there is less information. A form may have simplified content. Similarly, why can’t the iPad and its apps have a “simplified view” of the information. E.g. iPad Pages could take care of SOME of the functions without having to cripple the desktop Pages to bring it down to the level of the iPad version.

      And – of course – there is the file system. My tiny business has many hundreds of thousands of files. Doing a search is simply not accetable.

    1. re Dose of whining

      Your putrid negativity is tiresome. OBVIOUSLY, huge numbers of people find the iPad awesome. If you prefer the Surface — great! Go buy one and be happy… and, if you think of them at all, be happy for those who are enjoying their iPads.

      1. Sean, Mike is absolutely correct. The iPad with keyboard has the same awful form as a Surface. Unlike iPad’s forced beginners apps however, the Surface can run the entire Windows app library.

        You knew that, but you still wanted to scream at the sky anyway.

        iOS will always be second class, by design. Enjoy your curated subscription- first thin client tablet.

        1. So-called “Realist”… The iPad is fantastic for what it was designed for. It is being used in many industries in ways that the Surface cannot touch. Meantime, the Surface tries to be both and doesn’t do a top job at either. You know this. Everybody knows this. Note the heading of this article.

          If you think running Windows is something wonderful, go get one and have a good time. I still think hanging out here over the years to incessantly whine about how terrible various Apple products and Apple are is some kind of mental disorder.

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