Future Apple Memoji could be created automatically from users’ photos

An iPhone or iPad may automatically generate Memoji for users by analyzing a photograph of the user’s face to determine the closest combination of facial features to produce a digital avatar with a similar likeness, without the user needing to build their own Memoji.

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

Apple’s Animoji and Memoji features have proven popular… even so, the feature does rely on users going through a process to create their Memoji, which can take a few minutes to accomplish, though to get a perfect likeness it can take quite a while longer. Some users, such as the visually impaired, simply cannot use the feature as intended, and either have to rely on another person to capture their likeness accurately, or resign themselves to using an Animoji.

In a patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, Apple ‘s “Technique for creating avatar from image data” suggests this need not be the case, as one could be produced from a photograph.

MacDailyNews Take: Finally, we’ve been wanting this from the start as, despite our best efforts, some of our Memoji end up only vaguely reminiscent of the person they’re supposed to represent*.

*as a cartoon 10-year old.


  1. In other news, computing power, software, and AI will logically advance to allow future emoji to look exactly like the person they represent. Or anyone else or any other image they want them to look like. And you’ll be able to animate them any way you want. They thought we couldn’t handle the truth, wait until there isn’t any. Is my tinfoil hat crooked?

    1. They’re already doing this with human deepfakes video tech, so emoji’s shouldn’t be any more difficult. I find the tech somewhat scary as I would be unable to know what’s real and what isn’t especially if it’s presented on a local news channel.

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