Apple’s stock price is on a tear, can it hit $250 after earnings?

Aditya Raghunath for Market Realist:

Apple shares have been on an absolute tear this year. After falling more than 30% in the last quarter of 2018, Apple has come back to life in 2019. The stock has risen 50% year-to-date and closed trading at $236.41 last week.

The stock has reclaimed its trillion-dollar valuation and reached an all-time high of $238.13 this month. Now, investors will watch the company’s earnings and its forecast for fiscal 2020.

Raymond James analyst Chris Caso [this morning] increased Apple’s target price from $250 to $280. He reiterated an “outperform” rating on the stock. The analyst is bullish on the company. He expects a 5G enabled iPhone and a low-cost SE model to drive sales.

Apple stock is trading 1% higher in early-market trading today. Analysts have an average target price estimate of $230.2 for the stock, which is lower than the current trading price. However, we can expect several analysts to revise the target price depending on the company’s 2020 forecast.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple this morning hit a new all-time intraday high of $240.00 and is trading close to that figure currently. $10 to go! It might hit $250 before earnings!

Apple’s conference call to discuss fourth fiscal quarter results is scheduled for Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET. As usual, we will have live notes during the call, so join us on the 30th to comment along with the group!


  1. But… but… but how is this possible? No one is buying iPhones because they lack innovation. No USB-C, no bidirectional charging, no 5G, no headphone jack (oh, wait… almost no flagship smartphones have a headphone jack), still has that big, ugly display notch and it doesn’t even fold. Apple is doomed, so why should the stock price show any gains after earnings?


    I think many investors are fuming because plenty of analysts gave Apple such low price targets. I also think it’s really weird that analysts are so stupid and yet they can keep their jobs. That’s why I believe they’re trying to mislead investors on purpose. That is so sick.

    If Apple’s share price is even $245 after earnings, I’ll consider myself lucky. Apple has done rather well this year and I’m grateful the stock recovered after late last year’s collapse. Apple seems to be trying to be aggressive with sales and it looks as though it is paying off. Amazon and Walmart are giving good discounts on Apple products and that has to help boost sales. Best of luck to fellow shareholders.

  2. Exhibit #1: TDS in effect and manifested in Danox. You and your rah-rah partners have to ignore he’s been pres for the entire 50% climb. He was also prez during AAPL ’18 drop. And people hit the stars entirely because of the furor, or fever…jettisoning logic. How divided, how sad, how simply tribal, w/o logic.

    1. Trump Deity Syndrome? That’s you, my friend. Debt-fueled largess is not success.

      In a well run republic, companies like Apple would be able to conduct business responsible to the people through a system of objective and fair laws without running teams of lawyers to D.C. to beg for special exemptions to arbitrary trade barriers popped up and dropped every few weeks based on the Chosen One’s need for media distraction. AAPL could plummet tomorrow if Trump felt he needed more leverage for his trade war.

      The very idea that only Trump represents America shows how effective Russian trolls are at convincing the stupid and gullible to back a corrupt oligarch for chief executive, no matter how ineffective and ignorant the con man is…

      If you credit Trump for all economic successes that hardworking Americans eek out in spite of his anti-consumer taxes, then please explain why none of his trickle-down economic predictions for economic growth have actually occurred. There was no step change in economic growth when Trump moved in, merely a blip smaller than the 2014 midterm mini-boom, when the GOP corporate gift for special donors to The Party was passed in Dec 2017. Corporations bought back their own stock to buoy the market for the short term, with Tim Apple leading the way. Timmy pocketed a few hundred million for his oh-so-hard efforts.

      The US remains on the same slow growth it’s been on for the last decade, with Main Street struggling as much as at any point during the prior few decades. Wage growth is as soft as ever while debts are soaring. Actual GDP figures show global growth slowing rapidly over 2019, with 3rd quarter earnings soft at company after company. Let me guess, it’s the fault of someone from the other party? How about demanding that your party work together to pass reforms to reduce debts, invest in infrastructure, modernize antiquated regulation, and put away corrupt individuals? Haven’t seen either party accomplish squat on those fronts, while your favorite carnival barker appears to do nothing but act as a puppet for Putin. Kurdistan oil fields are now wide open for the Ashad/Russian alliance to take. Way to go, genius. You saved every American 0.0000000000001% on their taxes next year by not having to pay those troops for overseas duty. Oh, wait, they just moved to Iraq? Well, send them more KFC because you can see very well that Trump trusts nobody but himself, Kushner the Meeting Boy, and Colonel Sanders to handle all his foreign policy decisions.

      1. Who exactly are you talking to, Mike? “Ahhh” challenged Danox’s out-of-left-field criticism of Trump…how/why does that translate automatically to deifying the person (Trump)? If so, I think you might have the same glasses on, as it appears you’re coming to a conclusion prejudiciously, as I see no logic-string in the majority of what you wrote. The hatred is very apparent and appears it’s possessing/controlling.

      2. Another lengthy ass emission from Mikey. Give it up. The lies and slander directed at our current properly elected president has been unprecedented and your sicko attitude is part of the overall problem. Biden and Clintons are fighting tooth and nail to avoid being exposed as huge grifters for decades as part of the deep state shadow government.

        Why are you dopes unable to understand that the objective of the tariffs is to eliminate ALL tariffs that other trading partners have in place against USA products. A level trading table is the goal. Get it now??

    2. I suspect that the crash is coming sooner rather than later. Review the history of Republican tax-cut-and-spend tactics under Reagan and W. Bush. Look at the outcomes six years or so down the road – sharply higher federal deficits, major economic upheaval.

      Now consider the ill-considered tax cut under Trump with an economy that had been slowly growing and recovering from the last Republican economic disaster with falling deficits. Unemployment rates were already near historical lows and trending better. Interest rates were also near historical lows from the Bush Administration, leaving little or no room for fiscal stimulus.

      After the Trump tax cut the deficit has roughly doubled to $1T in just two years! The promised middle class jobs have not materialized. There has been a bit of growth in wages, but they have been mostly offset by inflation, so little real growth in buying power. And Trump’s tariff war with China has not yet been resolved, at the cost of many tens of $B to the U.S. economy. Rather than China buying our agricultural products, the U.S. taypayer has been funding farmer bailouts from higher prices due to the tariffs. We paid those tariffs, not China.

      Time will tell how this turns out. I hope that Trump voters/supporters are prepared to consume a huge quantity of crow when the time comes.

  3. I’ve purchased AAPL for less than $6/share (2002) and years following, so, yes I’m investing and long (too long, but pleased) AAPL.

    Maybe “he will” crash the stock, but it’s up significantly since ’16. I’ve sold some every yr…lower share count now, but AAPL $$ total is actually significantly higher. Do I say, go Trump/only Trump? No. Same was true in ’13 after steep decline following record high in Sept ’12…I didn’t say “F” Obama.

    Rah-rah’ing a stock rise when your teammate is at the helm is as ignorant as booing when things go south when the other team is at the helm.

    You’re free to disdain him, but when you make such a direct link to the up/down of the market, you bring relevance to the TDS moniker. That should be embarrassing.

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