Apple’s star-studded ‘The Morning Show’ joins #MeToo conversation

Alicia Powell for Reuters:

Apple Inc is jumping into the streaming video wars with a series that explores accusations of sexual misconduct at a fictional morning television news show, a story that tackles issues brought to life over the past two years of the #MeToo movement.

“The Morning Show” starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell is one of eight original shows that will be available starting Nov. 1 through Apple TV+, a new subscription video service.

Aniston, in her first TV role since rising to fame on “Friends,” plays Alex Levy, a veteran journalist who learns her male co-anchor (Carell) has been fired amid accusations of sexual harassment…

“The Morning Show” also explores issues of ageism and ethics in the news business.

MacDailyNews Take: Anything that gets people talking about Apple TV+ shows is a Good Thing™.

As per ethics in the new business, please support legitimate journalists and cast the others by the wayside.

Here is some excellent advice for distinguishing fake news from real news from Tom Boll, adjunct professor, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University:

Does the author tell us how they know what they are telling us? Who are the people they’ve talked to? Do they identify them and give their credentials and are these people — sources — qualified to speak about the topic? And do these sources support their statements with facts? Does the story provide multiple perspectives or just one viewpoint? Is the information presented impartially or is it slanted? Are reputable news organizations reporting this also? Remember, always get your information from more than one news outlet.


  1. I love how Hollywood tries to tackle these issues, and denigrate everybody else when they are the worst offenders and it is just another day for them. That industry sucks donkey balls.

  2. This is not good. I watch TV for entertainment not for a political/cultural lecture. On the other hand, this is Tim Cook’s Apple which seems to more interested in politics than products.

  3. Nearly everything Hollywood does these days is some sort of political or cultural, and much of it is just wrong.. Course they have few or any morals, they’ve lost the difference between right and wrong, because they ridicule everything that might have some semblance of morality, but yet get on the high horse with perceived wrongs based on poetical correctness. They would probably find out if they actually tried if the left the SJW on the cutting room floor, more people might actually watch.

    1. Again, if you don’t fancy the program, don’t watch it. There are hundreds of streaming channels and each one has a different target audience. You aren’t in Apple TV+’s target audience. Most of them aren’t in the target audience for Green Acres reruns or the 700 Club. There is more than enough room for both.

      1. Rather telling people go away and watch something else, which is pretty dismissive (especially with your Green Acres / 700 Club conflation), why not suggest that the show be given a shot? I”m sure the show will be more than a #metoo lesson bludgeoning.

        1. The problem is that there are thousands of programs available on broadcast, cable, and streaming. Nobody, not even the most dedicated sleep-deprived couch potato, can give a shot to more than a fraction of them. I wasn’t being dismissive of Green Acres fans. I was pointing out that there are multiple retro channels that satisfy their tastes, just as fans of religious programming (not necessarily the same folks) have a variety of Catholic, Protestant, and Other channels servicing their tastes. Apple TV+ is not aimed at either of those constituencies, and there is no reason that it need be.

          If someone is convinced that #MeToo is liberal politics and not about universal human rights, they are not going to enjoy a show that paints a Matt Lauer look-alike as a bad guy, even if that issue isn’t heavily emphasized/bludgeoned. There is no point in telling them to hike their blood pressure by giving the show a shot. They would hate it and bad mouth it to others who might actually enjoy it. Apple is better off if such viewers just stay away.

          Similarly, a program about Emily Dickinson that is remotely accurate cannot avoid the facts that she was a spectacular nonconformist and attracted to other women. Someone who is opposed to such things should not give the show a shot, unless they are open to having their minds stretched. It will just make them angry and generate bad publicity that might drive away potential viewer who would enjoy a show about one of America’s greatest poets.

          My major point is that those who dislike the premise of a program should simply avoid it. They should not be denigrating it to those who might enjoy it. There are more than enough channels to go around. I wish we lived in a world where more people were willing to explore other points of view, but the state of American politics suggests that we do not.

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