Some iPhone users complain of call and battery problems with iOS 13.1.2

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet:

I’ve received numerous complaints from iPhone owners who told me that iOS 13.1.2 is causing calls to drop within a minute or so of being placed. Social media, along with Apple’s own support forum, seems to suggest that this issue is quite widespread. I’ve also tested this and encountered the problem.

There’s no official fix, although some are claiming that carrying out a network reset — Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings — may help. It did seem to help in my case.

Another issue that has raised its ugly and disruptive head is a battery drain issue, and there are even sporadic reports of overheating.

MacDailyNews Take: We expect iOS 13.2 will correct pressing issues like these.


  1. I had this problem and here is the fix that worked for me

    I turned WiFi calling back ON

    I’ve had WiFi calling turned ON for as long as it’s been available, BUT with the recent iOS update and my switch to a new phone, the setting got turned OFF, either by the update, or by the fact that I switched phones To a new 11 Pro.

    This caused my phone to go back to the relatively poor cellular signal it had always gotten at my home, along with the old dropped calls.

    Turning WiFi calling back ON seems to have completely eliminated my problem.

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