President Trump says the U.S. has come to a ‘very substantial phase one deal’ with China

U.S. President Donald Trump said Friday that the U.S. has come to a “very substantial phase one deal” with China in the trade negotiations between the two economic superpowers. “Phase two will start almost immediately” after the first phase is signed, Trump said in the Oval Office alongside Chinese Vice Premier Liu He.

Kevin Breuninger for CNBC:

The first portion of the trade deal will be written over the next three weeks, Trump said. It will address intellectual property and financial services concerns, along with purchases of about $40 to $50 billion worth of agricultural products by China, Trump said.

It’s a “tremendous deal for the farmers,” Trump said.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also announced the Oval Office that the White House has scrapped a new round of tariffs on imports of Chinese goods, which were set to go into effect Oct. 15.

“We have a fundamental understanding of the key issues, but there is more work to do,” Mnuchin said, CNBC’s Eamon Javers reported.

Mnuchin even said that the U.S. will be evaluating whether to rescind its decision in August to designate China a “currency manipulator.”

There’s still “more work” to do, Mnuchin cautioned, but “we’ve made a lot of progress over the last two days.”

MacDailyNews Take: Certainly sounds like good news for Apple!

In the following video, U.S. President Trump explains the “phase one” trade deal with China:


      1. You mean facts like

        “The deal with North Korea is done, no more nukes” DJT

        “We had no meetings with Russians, I’ve had no business deals with russia. No Russians ” DJT
        (Mueller: trump campaign had over 200 meetings with Russia, and lied about them)

        “The mueller report completely exonerates me” DJT
        (mueller & 1000 GOP & DEM former prosecutors disagree)

        “It was a perfect phone call” DJT
        (Even Tucker Carlson says it was not a perfect call)

        Yeah Dems have problems with facts

        1. You mean facts like

          “The deal with North Korea is done, no more nukes” DJT
          They haven’t tested any nukes that I am aware?? They are threatening too here lately though.

          “We had no meetings with Russians, I’ve had no business deals with russia. No Russians ” DJT
          (Mueller: trump campaign had over 200 meetings with Russia, and lied about them)
          No Russia collusion, which is what the investigation was supposed to be over!

          “The mueller report completely exonerates me” DJT
          (mueller & 1000 GOP & DEM former prosecutors disagree)
          Was no Russian collusion and that was the outcome of the report!

          “It was a perfect phone call” DJT
          (Even Tucker Carlson says it was not a perfect call)
          I also disagree with the call for him mentioning Biden. But Trump didn’t pressure, etc like the left wanted you to believe. Schiff gave his spin on it and what Trump really meant and that was wrong as well!

          Yeah Dems have problems with facts
          The left is very dirty! By the looks of it, the Russia thing was setup and every day new details leak about this whistleblower and ties with Biden, etc. The left has been doing anything they can to delegitimize Trump by 2020 to try to impeach him. I have been saying this since he was elected and in the past few months they have finally started to say impeach! The DNC fixed the election for Hillary over Sanders! They paid a foreigner for dirt on Trump that turned out to be fake and the FBI knew it and still proceeded tricking the judge for a subpoena on Trump to spy! We heard recently that Clapper said that the orders came from Obama to spy on Trump! But that is ok when it is from the left! Hillary destroyed evidence after a subpoena, but that is ok! Biden actually did threaten Ukraine and bribed them, but again, that is ok! The left can call Trump supporters names and deplorable and we are going to impeach the MF, but that is ok! The media is so far left and divide America and bashing our President constantly, but that is ok! We have the so called “The Squad” that are racists against white people and especially white men, but that is ok! Anyone on the left can attack Trump with every name in the book and that is ok, but when he responds back that is not ok!

          There is a huge bias with the media and a huge hypocrisy from the left that is very dangerous and not healthy for our country! The left needs to get over that Trump won, the map was red! I don’t care what the popular vote was as the country was red going by counties and the electoral college did its job! They need to grow up and support their President and stop doing nothing and work together! All the left has done is delegitimize and now have nothing to run on and the only way they can win in 2020 is to get him impeached at all costs!

          1. The key here was “I don’t care what the popular vote was.” How do we respond to people who think it is perfectly fine to pursue policies that are opposed by a majority of the American people? I agree that the election was held in accordance with the Constitution, but the Founders never envisioned a partisan Executive at war with its own population. That works in a dictatorship, but it is obviously unsustainable in a republic.

            1. To justify stabbing our Kurdish allies in the back and setting up regional chaos that can only strengthen the Islamic State and al-Queda, the President wrote about his American critics,

              “Those that mistakenly got us into the Middle East Wars are still pushing to fight. They have no idea what a bad decision they have made.” — Donald J. Trump

            2. Get a grip, most Americans support a booming economy and 50 year low unemployment. Obama never came close. Certainly libtards like yourself don’t see it and never will. Your resistance to our great president is pitiful. We don’t need your approval and you and your ilk are irrelevant…

    1. Right…yeah….whatever…it still does not alter the fact that your ‘beacon of greatness’ Trump and his coterie low rent grifters are headed to jail if they don’t engage with the legalities of impeachment. The kakistocracy is imploding just as anyone with more than a double-digit IQ knew it would. The wrecking ball experiment in morality-free transactional governance is all but over.
      My guess is treasonous Trump will take the cowards way out and resign, just like Nixon. He will leave you high on the hill of failed dreams and craven lies, having learned nothing, forever a victim of mendacious political manipulation and sociopathic hate.
      Your choice, so you can lump it.

            1. You want to talk Moscow, let’s do it.

              FACT: Moscow Obama told Putin he could do more for him after the election.

              FACT: Moscow Hillary’s Foundation made millions off of Russian oligarchs and she led a lucrative uranium deal with one of them.

              FACT: Moscow Bill made half a million dollars for a speech paid for by Russian connections.

              “you don’t like the lable of being soft on crime?” No problem with it at all. It ACCURATELY describes today’s Democratic Party, see following facts:

              FACT: Soft on crime Dems do not support border enforcement keeping out human traffickers drug traffickers, murderers, MS13 gang members, rapists, et al. Radical Dems support open borders.

              FACT: Soft on crime Dem mayors support sanctuary cities harboring murderers, rapists, all types of illegal criminals allowing them to walk freely among law abiding citizens.

              FACT: Soft on crime Dem mayors order their police forces, latest Chicago, not to cooperate with ICE officials when criminal illegals, felons and MS13 gang members are apprehended.

              FACT: Soft on crime Dems allow homeless to illegally sleep on city streets in front of lucrative private businesses and citizens homes harassing pedestrians, defecating on sidewalks and openly injecting illegal drugs littering street with dangerous needles.

              FACT: Soft on crime Dems do not support the death penalty permanently removing murderers never to kill again and keep us safe.

              FACT: Many, many more I am resisting posting because the point has been made.

              “Then stop supporting and trying to cover up one of the biggest criminals ever to sit in the White House!
              Even Fox news disagrees with you.”

              Don’t tell me what to do. The “biggest criminals” ever to sit in the WH, drum roll please… the Clinton Crime family. Bill was the second president impeached and convicted in court for lying, paid close to a million dollar fine and was DISBARRED.

              “Even Fox news disagrees with you.” Is that right? I don’t see it. Make your case generalized opinions are NOT facts.

              BOTTOM LINE: Mueller investigation exonerated the president of any Russian wrongdoing and only partisan dimwits keep bringing up this nonsense and refuse to move on.

              Did you hear the news this evening? Nancy Pelosi announced no vote on articles of impeachment. A much more appropriate avatar for you is Just The Fact-less…

            2. A few of your FACTS are half-truths. The rest are complete fabrications.

              As for your BOTTOM LINE, your take on the Mueller Report directly contradicts what it actually says, and an announcement that the House is not going to have a vote (as The President demands) to retroactively authorize the investigation that is already underway says nothing about how the House might vote on articles of impeachment once that investigation is complete. The President does not get to determine how the investigation will be conducted, because the Constitution grants the House the “sole right of impeachment,” meaning there is no right for the Executive or Judicial Branches (or even the Senate) to interfere.

            3. Gumby; Con-tard. Snowflake. Turdbag Trump will be impeached and removed from office. He is a disgrace to humanity. He should be deported to RUSSIA since he is more DICKTATOR than American. Hope he gets skull fkd by a Kurd.

            4. Gee what a surprise USER does not agree.

              “A few of your FACTS are half-truths.”

              A few of my facts are indeed, “half-truths.” Not in the negative sense you deploy all the time to change the narrative. Quite the contrary, no deception intended. Designed not to waste reader’s time on tedious lengthy takes, a concerted effort of synoptic takes without tedious pages of the FULL story.

              Obviously, you are vaccinated against facts particularly when it comes to the many economic records set under the Trump administration.

              Tell us exactly and specifically where I am wrong and identify “complete fabrications.” I stand by my post while you HIDE behind broad brush USER opinion as usual.

              “As for your BOTTOM LINE, your take on the Mueller Report directly contradicts what it actually says”

              I never said the Mueller Report mentioned exoneration or anything else specifically. Hello? Do you know how to read? To most reasonable people, not the liberal media, Democrats, and partisan liberals like yourself EXCLUDED, the majority opinion of the common sense citizenry in the USA have long ago realized that NO CRIMES were found, NO CRIMES were charged, NO CRIMES were recommended for prosecution and most important — NO CRIMES were prosecuted. The Russian HOAX is over for honest people over a year ago.

              “an announcement that the House is not going to have a vote (as The President demands) to retroactively authorize the investigation that is already underway says nothing about how the House might vote on articles of impeachment once that investigation is complete.”

              You are correct regarding the Pelosi announcement the situation may change in the future if your crystal ball is working properly, but we are talking present. I agree with the president, have the vote and Congressional Democrats “sh*t or get off the pot” as my grandfather from the old country used to say.

              Regarding the so called “investigation’ what is left to investigate? Mueller spent two years and $35 million to come up with NOTHING. Schiff is onto the NEXT partisan witch hunt on a misinterpreted phone call and he is a proven liar. The president released the transcript and all is there to read. NO THERE, THERE. More wasteful overly inflated self righteous indignation from the Democrat Party.

              It is deeply troubling that one person testifying in the SECRET Democrat star chamber can do so without representation from the opposition and presidential lawyers to overthrow 60 million votes and negate the presidential election. Obviously, Schiff has much to hide.

              The closed door debacle should concern civil libertarians everywhere this has NEVER BEEN DONE in an impeachment inquiry. This is a rigged process with no transparency and accountability to both sides. Thank you hyper partisan Democrats for a modern day media lynching…

            1. Two facts
              1. Trump WILL get impeached.
              2. The senate will ingnore his crimes and protect him.
              Take your fingers out of your ears. That’s not wishful thinking, that’s fact.
              In other words, Republicans are soft on crime.

            2. Not a fact, until it happens wishful thinking!

              Republicans soft on crime? What did AOC say in the past week? Close all the prisons and let the criminals go free. You have it BACKWARDS.

              You have NO FACTS, just another garden variety opinionated liberal blowhard…

            3. I’m sorry Moscow GoeB, you don’t like the lable of being soft on crime?
              Then stop supporting and trying to cover up one of the biggest criminals ever to sit in the White House!
              Even Fox news disagrees with you.
              The question is not if he is a criminal, but why you are supporting him. Are you that gullible? Or you just don’t care about selling out your country?

    2. Can you please explain why you are so taken with the con man? Your obsessive pandering to the cult of personality doesn’t make sense.

      Economically, his isolationist policies are a disaster, with US economic output hurt just as bad as the rest of the world: While it’s nice to peg unemployment stats, the reality is that Trump is nonstop begging the Fed for rate cuts and stimulus, which isn’t going to bring prosperity to anyone especially those on fixed incomes. America still imports more than it exports, its economic growth has stalled, wage growth is pathetic, corporate domestic reinvestment is pitiful, and the debt rages out of control worse than at any time before in history. Bigly. Much reform is needed. Instead Trump gave traitor multinational corporations a reward, which corporate executives promptly used to pump up short term stock prices and executive bonuses. Farmers, reeling from the poorly planned tariffs, are now on higher levels of social aid than autoworkers were a decade ago. Fact. Taxpayers had to eat both costs. Why then is Trump not called out as a socialist? To top it all off, the GOP apologists have no response when asked how this administration doles out tariff exemptions. Most honest people would identify this as an obvious case of crony capitalism. The right wingers turn their eyes away and claim that “the swamp” is only infested by donkeys.

      Socially, Trump has added much angst but zero reforms. He clearly doesn’t have any intention of working on behalf of all constituents. His base is narrow and bitter, and it takes constant effort to keep them worked up into a paranoid lather. Even the evangelical voters are leaving Trump, as they see what a hypocrite he is.

      Diplomatically, relations with other nations are at a very poor state. Trump isn’t an apologist, he’s a chicken hawk who talks tough then turns and runs. North Korea and Iran have resumed nuclear developments, they have no incentive not to do so. Turkey is grabbing territory in a hot war, causing another humanitarian crisis and releasing ISIS terrorists onto the street. Trump panders to dictators while turning his back on trustworthy allies.

      Constitutionally, it is clear that this administration is no servant of the people. You can’t point to any step improvement over past governmental performance. No corruption has been convicted by this administration (except its own inner circle). It’s not okay to have personal lawyers flying around acting as an agent of the US government. The “most transparent” administration is constantly hiding public data as well as docs necessary for constitutional oversight. Boil it all down and the only defenses this administration offers is that it alternatively claims “nothing happened” (incompetence) and then, when shown that Con Don’s intent was indeed corrupt, it claims “executive privilege”, which is basically claiming that no law should apply to con man Trump. Trump has constantly fired administration officials who didn’t pledge personal obedience or prevent him from committing crimes. It has taken 3 years, but he has now removed everyone from his administration who would attempt to dissuade him from acting like a despot and break the constitution. Outside of the Fox and even more right wing kool aid, all constitutional experts believe that impeachable offenses have been and continue to be made. It is not okay to use executive powers to ask or pay foreign agents for political favors to ensure one’s re-election. It’s not okay to obstruct legal investigations, and it’s not okay to hold meetings with Russian agents in Trump Tower. “But Clinton” and “But Biden” are not defenses. If the Clintons and the Bidens committed crimes, then William Barr is the one and only man who should be leading an investigation to convict them Barr isn’t doing that, however. Barr is busy trying to save his own neck from the sinking Trump ship.

      Presidentially, Trump is a constant embarrassment. The White House schedule is public and it clearly shows the laziest person in modern history to occupy the office. His day seldom starts before 10am. Luncheons with his never-ending campaign and pep rally organizers are normal — staffers like Kellyanne don’t offer anything else. Except for begrudging briefings,Trump doesn’t talk to Congress (either party), the Pentagon, or his department chiefs, most of whom are “acting” without Senate confirmation and therefore unempowered to reform anything. The lion’s share of Trumps time is spent watching TV, tweeting about what he just watched, and golfing at his personal resorts where he brings an outsized entourage every weekend to pad his personal income that he refuses to disclose to the public who hired the schmuck.

      America deserves better. Trump hasn’t made anything greater than it ever was. Trump is just a wannabe dictator stroking his own ego playing chief executive as a reality TV show. He’s modern Nero: tyrannical, extravagant, compulsive and corrupt, except perhaps less competent than the man who (some historians believe ordered arson in the city of Rome in order to expand his palace). Trump thinks the same way. He can enrich himself and his oligarch friends if he can control tariffs and selective exemptions.

  1. This is an incomplete deal of course since most of what was demanded is going without resolution. Hence the “Phase 1 designation”… basically Trump caved. The Soybean deal HAD to be made since his support in the midwest was fading badly and China had already shown that they would buy the soybeans elsewhere.It’s true they needed to make a deal but this was a cheesy way to make it happen. This and his cavalier pulling of the 50 troops from Northern Syria (against the advice of nearly everyone including his entire Joint Chiefs of Staff).. .which is now leading to a massive humanitarian crisis (yeah.. he’s gonna “Sanction” Turkey.. when? After 5000 civilians are massacred? After the 10,000 Isis fighters head out from the prison camps and wreak havoc? Good move.

        1. Actually I ma here un the garden of trump #cult45’ist mocing them. I guess you missed the sarcasm.
          ‘MDN.’ “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” #cult45 central. You see they are awfully quiet about the abortion occupying the white house.

  2. ………..”the two economic superpowers”…………

    Made possible by american corporate GREED!!!!

    Infrastructure wise, China is like traveling to the 22nd century.

    But hey, the U.S. can still blow up the world a million times more than anyone else.

  3. Reserving judgment and comment until I see the details of an actual deal, signed by both countries. Until then, this is vaportreaty.

    How many times has Trump been close to a major agreement with North Korea, etc.? Feel any safer?

    Time will tell. Until then, watch what happens and take what is said with a grain of salt.

  4. Between the words “President” and “days,” what words, phrases, punctuations and paragraphs weren’t lies? The only things that are surprising are bits and pieces of truth. Who believes any of the rest?

  5. Thank you President Donald J. Trump for your bold decisive leadership taking head on trade negotiations with China that presidents going back to Clinton IGNORED! MAGA in 2020…👍🏻🇺🇸

    1. A bold decisive leader would have signed a major trade deal in less than 3 years.

      Trump spends more time holding pep rallies than achieving anything he promised on his never ending campaign trail.

      Yes, he will be impeached or he will resign. The right wingers can’t deflect away from the increasing number of Trump insiders that have been convicted. But when you talk to a right winger, they cannot name anyone indicted or identified in the Mueller report, all the right wingers can do is repeat the mindless attacks on the Clintons. They are living in the past instead of looking at the corrupt swamp Trump brought in. Convict all of them from any party if you can. The brainless right can’t even do that. They owned the legislature and executive for two years and apparently draining swamps wasn’t important then either. The GOP hitched their brand to a con man. Foreign governments including China aren’t so stupid. They aren’t going to sign anything until Trump is gone.

      1. “A bold decisive leader would have signed a major trade deal in less than 3 years.”

        Says who, you? Like I said presidents going back to Clinton IGNORED trade imbalances for eight years apiece three presidents were in office. President Trump did it in three years, REMARKABLE.

        You’re entitled to your opinions on “right wingers” and the presidents accomplishments.

        I don’t agree with them…

        1. You are entitled to your opinions. You are not entitled to your own facts. You can’t make the US have fewer gun deaths than other countries because you don’t believe we kill more people with guns every year than in ANY other country. In my opinion DJT is less intelligent than an orangutan. I can’t say for sure that #45’s IQ is in fact 45 but that is my opinion. Fact Trump committed impeachable offenses and, and admitted to the CRIME. Opinion :Trump should be impeached. You may disagree with my opinion, but you can NOT dispute the facts that he broke the law with regard to Ukraine. His stabbing the Kurds in the back is a fact. Saying this is like 2 kids in a schoolyard is FACTually FALSE. Conservatives are soulless, opinion. Conservatives are dicks, still opinion. Most Conservatives are White Men….FACT

    2. Thank you Trump for showing everyone that glassy eyed Trump Republicans are soft on crime, lacking of integrity, gullible, corrupt, money laundering, anti-American, Russian assets who are willing to sell out their country at the drop of a hat.
      Let’s add cold blooded ethnic cleansers to that list.

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