iOS 13.2 beta 2 delivers new emoji characters

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Apple today seeded the second beta of an upcoming iOS 13.2 update, and the beta adds new emoji characters that are part of the Unicode 12 emoji release.

Apple previewed its new emoji earlier this year, and now the new options are set to roll out when iOS 13.2 becomes available. Unicode 12 adds 59 new emoji characters, 75 when gender variations are counted, and 230 when gender variations and skin tones are counted…

It’s not entirely clear yet when iOS 13.2 will come out because we’re only at the second beta, but it could see a late October or early November release.

MacDailyNews Take: Here are some of the new emoji:

Apple Emoji

See more of the new emoji in Juli’s full article.


  1. Just a thought, Apple should concentrate on fixing bugs, and making things work better, rather than every release having new emojis, or memojis, or other crap like that.

    1. Bzzt, no points. Yes they should try to get things right. And they do try. Their results are imperfect but have always been better than their strongest competition, as reflected in their Customer Satisfaction Scores. (Although Samsung has been catching up lately, to my surprise.)

      Anyway, if Apple were to achieve 100% bug-free software but fail to delight users with new features and polish, they would be doomed. Likewise if they were to ship a zillion new features but they were all broken. Can it be any more obvious that you need both?

  2. My iPad Pro is frozen on the installation screen. Black background white Apple logo and frozen status bar. When I press power it says “iPad will restart when the installation is complete”. Been this way for 24 hours. Anything I can do?

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