Steelers Ben Roethlisberger fined $5000 for wearing Apple Watch on sidelines of NFL game

Steelers "Big Ben" Roethlisberger wore his Apple Watch on sidelines of NFL game and got fined $5000
Steelers “Big Ben” Roethlisberger wore his Apple Watch on sidelines of NFL game and got fined $5000

Adam Schefter for ESPN:

Ben Roethlisberger’s first game back on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ sideline since undergoing elbow surgery was painful — in the wallet.

The NFL fined Roethlisberger $5,000 for a uniform violation because the star quarterback wore an Apple Watch when the Steelers hosted the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night, sources told ESPN.

Roethlisberger is said to be “livid” about the fine and is appealing it, according to sources. But NFL rules ban all electric devices that transmit messaging…

With Roethlisberger unable to use his right arm, his wife dressed him for the Monday night game and strapped the Apple Watch on his left wrist.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, please. Of course, Big Ben needs to be able to keep the time!

If there’s proof of him using his Apple Watch to message then fine him; no problem there. If not, the NFL should simply issue a reminder warning league-wide that you have to take off that Apple Watch that’s second nature to wear all the time when on the sidelines.


      1. Better than democrats who lied about Russians, lied about collusion, lied about Smollet, lied about the Covington kids, lied about the economy, lied about black unemployment rates, lied about, well, just about everything imaginable for the past three years. I’ve got pages of this, though, I’m simply tired of typing.

          1. Auramac; if you truly believe we are overpowering the Sun, the oceans and the solar system and we can change whatever momentum concerns you–in 10 yrs, nonetheless–I sincerely think you need more than rehab.

            Please look at the IPCC’s own data that notes, the actual CO2 reduction that would occur IF ALL countries would abide in reduction goals (meanwhile China’s building more coal plants, and most European countries haven’t even hit their 50% reduction goal), the effect would be miniscule.

            It’s also worth knowing that numerous principals in the IPCC, as well as AOC’s own partner in designing of the New Green Deal note, the real function driving the entire mission isn’t truly climate. No, it’s the leveling of the world’s resources. The wealth of certain countries is to be distributed to the poorer countries.

            Lastly, if you firmly believe we have 10 yrs remaining and you drive a car, use air transport, or any other form of fossil fueled engine (or transact with any business doing the same), wouldn’t you fit nicely within the definition of hypocrite? If not, nihilist might be fitting as you are propelling your own demise…seemingly with a carelessness that others will expire with you because of your own actions/inaction?

            10 years is right around the corner. Are you living like that’s true, or are you expecting govt to “do something?”

            1. Ronner, you are deluded. Your illogic is only exceeded by your ignorance. Your rationale is so puerile that it defies belief. You are a perfect example of reverse-Darwinism run amok. Your cognitive deficiencies are legion. Please get some education on the truth.

        1. They’ve gone insane.

          Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s master of propaganda.

          “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
          – Joseph Goebbels

          The left knows that their audience believes them. Especially people who give no other media outlets a try. These are people who read VOX online and turn CNN on in the background on TV. If you ask them, is Donald Trump guilty? They will emphatically say “Yes.” They won’t know what he is guilty of though, and will have no reference to the actions of Joe Biden.

          1. Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors consisting of:
            * Soliciting aid from a foreign entity in a federal campaign
            * Seeking to cover up that crime
            * threatening and tampering with witnesses
            * Improper utilization of federal property intended to store highly classified data
            * weakening the security of the United States by providing information to the Russian government that outed a critically important spy near Putin
            * approving payoffs to two women with which he had affairs in order to influence the 2016 election, which qualifies as an illegal campaign contribution
            * Trump has illegally diverted money appropriated by Congress for the DoD to building a border wall.
            * Trump has claimed an illegal extent of Executive powers that violates the Constitution, and he is at least temporarily exercising those powers in terms of asserting blanket immunity from prosecution, blanket executive privilege for all potential witnesses, refusal to respond to legal subpoenas, and so forth
            * Trump has blatantly violated the emoluments clause

            I could go on with the truth, but I think that those are sufficient.

            In addition, Trump and his family are guilty of massive tax fraud. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations has run out, thus protecting those deadbeat scumbags.

            On the legal, but highly repugnant side, Trump is also guilty of being an incredible megalomaniac with delusions of being Emperor of America. He will be voted out and most of his supporters will eventually figure out what a total turd he is. Until then, we have to out up with the Republican disaster of epic proportions and all of the damage that he is causing to the U.S. and our reputation in the world.

          2. Ask me. He is guilty of asking at least three foreign governments (Russia, Ukraine, and China; probably Australia, the UK, and Italy; possibly others) to intervene in domestic US politics by providing him with dirt on his leading political opponents in 2016 and again this year. That is a profound violation of American values, at a minimum. Using one’s official position for personal gain is essentially the definition of corruption.

            That would justify his removal from office even if there were no evidence of a quid pro quo… which there is. The President of Ukraine asked about the missiles he needs to defend his country and our President immediately replied, “You can do us a favor though.” Our President, on live TV, described how badly he believes China needs a trade deal and then asked for dirt on the Bidens barely a minute later. We can actually read the transcript and watch the tape of a public official offering to trade an exercise of his official duties for a personal benefit.

            These were not isolated instances. The history of the past three years is full of instances where the Trump Administration has taken actions that directly benefit the Trump Organization. Millions of dollars in government funds have been funneled into Mr. Trump’s pockets in connection with his golf resorts. Countless Americans and foreigners have stayed in Trump hotels to curry favor with their owner. He is a walking, talking illustration of why the Founders put two Emolument Clauses into the Constitution.

            Speaking of the Constitution, this is a man who wants to suppress dissenting speech and press activity, expand the expressly limited definition of treason in the Constitution, prevent the Legislative Branch from exercising its constitutional oversight responsibilities, have certain Members of Congress expelled from the country, and (in an echo of the Ukraine call) prevailed upon a foreign government to cancel a congressional visit by his political opponents.

            I think we can agree that Hunter Biden is a weasel who has profited from his family connections. So were various disreputable relatives (brothers mostly) of LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush 42, Clinton, Bush 44, and Mr. Trump himself. We did not blame the sins of Billy Carter or Neil Bush on their presidential relatives. They were adults and therefore independent of family control. (Full disclosure: when I was a very young lawyer I briefly represented Sam Houston Johnson, who made Hunter Biden look like a Boy Scout).

            However, that is a complete red herring. Even if Joe Biden himself really were as corrupt as hell, that would not excuse the pervasive corruption of the Trump presidency. We hanged the Nazi ringleaders, even when they asked, “What about Stalin?” We should not be distracted by “What about Biden?”

            Personally, I do not favor impeachment. My gutless fellow Republicans in the Senate are never going to vote to excise this newest cancer on the presidency. The boobacracy will read the acquittal as exoneration, just as they misread the Mueller Report, which may make it more difficult, rather than less, to elect Anybody But Trump in 2020. Still, the grounds are there.

            1. I dare anyone, especially Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, to watch this. It’s scathing. And, for a change, you’ll understand what’s really happening:

            2. Actually, Sarah, I know what is happening. Paul is dead and Elvis lives! The evidence for those conspiracy theories is about as strong as that Ukraine is out to get us.

            3. Just reading all comments. I am a Dutchman of 74 years old and an Apple fan since before the Mac came out. Still wondering why the US had chosen Trump. I feel for you. Every single day there is embarrassment. He could even be re-elected….!

          3. Dying Earth: I’m glad you had an opportunity to practice ad hominem attacking.

            Now that’s complete, please take a moment to say something of substance, or provide a concrete retort.

            Lastly, do you subscribe to the 10 yr window of earth’s remaining hope? If so, I’m curious about your thoughts on the combustion engine use? I would think w/ just 10 yrs remaining, your using 100% renewables and you’ve selected only those completely created w/o fossil fuels?

            1. I can’t wait to drive right past the “point of no return” in my 8 MPG Hummer, just so I can see global warming fools’ heads explode.

          4. They’ve gone insane. Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s master of propaganda.

            “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
            – Joseph Goebbels

            The extreme right knows that their audience believes them. Especially people who give no other media outlets a try. These are people who read Breitbart online and turn FOX on in the background on TV. If you ask them, is Donald Trump guilty? They will emphatically say “No.” They won’t know what he is guilty of though, nor the actual crimes committed by his accomplices. They will have no reference to the actions of Joe Biden, or George Papadopoulos, or Paul Manafort, or Joseph Mifsud, or Konstantin Kilimnik, or Rick Gates, or Michael Flynn, or Michael Cohen, or Roger Stone, or Yevgeniy Prigozhin, or Richard Pinedo, or Alex van der Zwaan, or Big Mike Pompeo.

            Let me give you a hint, Thelonius. If you have never heard of these people and what they have done, or you think that these felons don’t have one common element among them — the hyper-corrupt Trump political machine — then your news sources aren’t actually reporting you all the news. It goes without saying that when your media choices are feeding you simple narratives, shielding these names from open debate, and tossing out distraction pieces about the other color team, then you are being hoodwinked.

            Go ahead and indict all the dumbocrats that you hate so much. EVERYONE with a shred of honor agrees that all corruption should be rooted out. But you don’t do that, do you, bud? You are just too biased to call out your own team. Ask yourself why that is. We know you are smarter than First Whatever and Goeb the yappy lapdog. For the good of your beloved country, for once please think about what’s right, instead of what further empowers your choice of the two corrupt parties.

            By all objective measures, the swamp has just as many people from either party in it until recently — in 2016 a whole new level of corruption rolled into town, and the right wing establishment kowtowed to the entertaining self-proclaimed genius while doing nothing about his obvious lies and corruption that have only gotten worse as time goes on. Executive privilege has its limits, and those limits have finally been broken.

        2. You just scratched the surface and could not agree more. The only thing the Democrats have done in three years is DEFLECT, DEMONIZE and DESTROY. They used to care about civil liberties, the Constitution and rule of law when JFK was president. Now the lawless deep state party of HATE will stop at nothing to bring down our president and marginalize anyone that does not subscribe to their radical agenda that turns off the silent majority…

          1. Ironic that you lionize Kennedy, the deepest of “deep state” corruption, philandering, and incoherent liberalism wrapped up in a fake wrapper. He was martyred so you think he was a good president. Never mind the absolutely disastrous Vietnam and Bay of Pigs disasters, as well as pushing for increased Welfare programs and the Civil Rights Act later signed into law by Johnson (both of which you hate, right Goeb?). Perhaps Goeb the isolationist is a secret supporter of the Peace Corps?

            Then you are stupid enough to ignore Trump’s incessant deflection, demonization, and destruction.

            The dumbocrats, though mostly clueless, are in fact the only party today carrying out their Constitutional duty and following the rule of law. If you read the Constitution, you would understand. The GOP, now overtaken by power-hungry Trumpists, have been floating the most anti-American rhetoric imaginable. Suggestions of Trump staying in power beyond two terms, a Trump dynasty, claims that the executive is above the law, claims that the most obvious documents that purportedly could prove Trump’s innocence cannot be shared because … well, just because Trump says so…. the BS is never ending.

            Trump claims he doesn’t have to follow the rules, because “executive privilege”. Trump, already cited 10 times for obstruction of justice, continues the same behavior in ignoring legal subpoenas (clearly something to hide there!). Moscow Mitch pretends to follow Senate rules that he already gerrymandered to his advantage, but in reality is a self-enriching troll. He and his immigrant wife somehow has become a multimillionaire by passing the fewest bills of any recent Senate. He has sat on so many bills that no legislation can even be brought to debate, let alone passed for the benefit of the people. The Supreme Court, once above politics with Scalia and Ginsburg famously having a meaningful friendship outside the courtroom, is now a hotbed of political intrigue with the most nasty comments coming from the extreme right about how best to “remove” the select few that were not nominated by a person of their party. That’s blatant corruption of Constitutional law, if one party controls the court, which Moscow Mitch McConnell “the grim reaper” has publicly stated is his goal. But being a partisan, Goeb doesn’t see anything inconsistent with the Constitution there. Goeb and his extreme right patsies would love nothing more than for the USA to be just like China, a one-party state. This isn’t the GOP that I grew up supporting. The party has corrupted itself allowing a brainless reality TV idiot to entertain the base while the “deep state” republicans line their pockets with lobbyist money. The tax bill for billionaires is the one and only legislative bill of substance passed in over a decade, and it is a financial disaster at least as bad as the bipartisan bank bailouts of 2008-2009.

            Just wait, Trump will be publicly asking Xi for a favor: “You changed your constitution to enable you to be a lifetime chairman and president. Can you show me how to do that? I will grant a few more tariff exemptions in return. No quids or pros or quos there, right? Only I can save America! My farmer socialism isn’t really socialism, it’s just deficit spending that my party chooses to show that we need rural votes. KAGAMAGA!!!”

            Almost every person working at Apple is counting the days until they can remove the disastrous Trump blowhard from office. That is the truth. Nuff said, right Goeb?

            1. Dear Mike,
              As always, unable to be succinct. Writes a book no one will bother to read. Thinks he’s our teacher and we’re all so dumb that we need his input. Gimme a break.

            2. Citizen without an X:

              As always, displaying his closed mind. Unwilling or unable to read more fully developed ideas beyond what Twitter offers. Thinks that he knows everything and that additional data from others is not useful, because he already has closed his mind to any additional data that doesn’t align with the conditioning he has chosen for himself. Give us all a break and don’t expose your elected ignorance.

            3. Mike,

              Obviously you are too STUPID to realize I and others like Citizen (“not x”) long ago gave up reading your tedious one sided rants containing volumes of fiction and full of snide mocking insults. How intellectual of you. Not!

              You are the most hateful, blind one sided partisan I have ever read. Totally FULL OF YOURSELF and actually think your one sided opinions are facts, how truly confused you are. Pile on guilt by association ad nauseam, cherry picked half truths, false facts, discredited sources, fake charts, discredited sources, I could go on.

              Please keep it up. We need juvenile totally classless crazed flamethrowers like you to temper and make the right stronger. Trump 2020 in a landslide thanks to people like you!

              Gee, let me guess. Mike right now rushing and tripping over himself to fire up that keyboard to have the last word, always. Have at it, it’s your medicine for an insecure bully to feel good and claim a sense of false victory.

              Don’t expect me to read it and I could not care less says it ALL…

        3. No one can compare to Trump in terms of lying. If there one things that he can do, it is lie. He appears to lie compulsively, because he even lies about unimportant things.

          If you truly think that Democrats are the kings of lies and the the Republican Party is innocent and speaks only the truth, then you are deluded and this country is doomed.

          1. “No one can compare to Trump in terms of lying. If there one things that he can do, it is lie. He appears to lie compulsively, because he even lies about unimportant things.”

            President Trump is not even in the same league as the greatest lying political figure of ALL TIME.

            You either forgot or still in denial of the BIG LIE in 1998 on national television. President Clinton looking straight into the camera, red faced and waging his finger said:

            “I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie. Not a single time. Never.”

            His wife is the second worst political liar having no knowledge of classified emails on her personal server, no knowledge of the Rose Law firm records relating to the personal Whitewater scandal. One day they magically appeared on a table in the White House, unreal. Lastly, no knowledge of her wandering sexual predator husband’s affairs with dozens of women.

            The president is not always truthful and I cringe at times, but the bulk of his so called lies are more cheerleading positive exaggeration and the Democrat/Media bait as he constantly plays them like a fiddle. That said, we want honesty from public officials.

            Yes, I will say it again, the Democrats and the media, can’t tell them apart these days, are undeniably the greatest liars either directly, Adam Schiff, or by HALF-TRUTH OMISSION.

            Classic case by OMISSION. The MAGA wearing high school students at the Lincoln Memorial that harassed a Native American reported for a full news cycle. As more amateur video footage was aired on Fox News and played on the Internet clearly showed the media reports were irresponsible and wrong. Reality was the other way around the students were targeted and harassed by the Native American and Antifa mob nearby. The students are now suing for millions of dollars. Godspeed for judicial justice.

            I know you don’t see it judging by your partisan posts, you are not stupid, but the lying from your team is much greater than my team. Not even close.

            You are indeed, the “deluded” one…

    1. 1) Politics has nothing to do with this post.
      2) You made an error. It would be Democratic politician, not Democrat politician.
      3) Ben Roethlisberger is a friend of Donald Trump. They have golfed together.

      1. Excepting for the fact there’s nothing democratic about a party exposed for denying their supporters a fair chance to name a candidate of their choosing (hello, DNC? Bernie?), the party of “SIT DOWN, SHUT UP AND OBEY!” lost the title “Democratic” long ago.

  1. NFL rules are clear. Sorry but either you follow the rules or you pay the penalty. Doesn’t matter how Big Ben used the device, he’s not allowed to have it on the sideline of a game. Good rule by the way. You know very well that if not for simple clear rules, devices like this can ruin what is supposed to be a straightforward match.

    Tmac: every stupid little thing is political to you, isn’t it?

    1. Straight forward match? How straight forward is it really if the official broadcast always has a rules and laws expert to interpret the referees calls and decisions to the viewers and commentators?

  2. He has the perfect excuse. He was wearing it on his left wrist and he couldn’t use his right arm. Couldn’t make any calls or send texts and couldn’t take it off. 😁

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