Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro is ridiculous: I shot this photo while sitting at a burger joint

Faruk Korkmaz for iPhonedo:

MacDailyNews Take: And that review pretty much says it all in under 5 minutes. The photo, shot and edited at a burger joint, in full resolution via Flickr here.


  1. So, “ridiculous” is millennial speak for “good”? The destruction of the language is terrible.

    “You are shit” is an insult, but “You are the shit” is a compliment?

    How can “Dumb ass” and “Smart ass” both be insults?

    1. Faruk Korkmaz is 50 years old (born 1969), so she’s a Gen-X. Millennials (Gen-Y) were born roughly between 1981 to mid-90s or early-00s, with 1996 being a commonly accepted end-date.

      “Destruction of language” as you call it was well underway long before millennials came onto the scene. I bet the Brits have some choice words for American butchering of proper English.

      As for dumb-ass and smart-ass? Both insults hurled from the average joe to mock those they think aren’t as smart as they are, and to demean those who are are wittier and smarter than them.

      1. Yes you are spot on with that assessment. I think the Victorians were obsessed with what they saw as damage to the English language even damming certain usages that were common to Shakespeare. It’s a tough one I get angry at both misuse as I see it and anal complaints about it, I guess we all have our own subjective evaluation.

  2. I hate when links are posted, just to find out you have to be logged in to see them. For those of us that do not us social media, this is lame. But whatever, great pic I guess.

  3. The argument will be that any high-end flagship smartphone can do what the iPhone 11 can do as long as you know how to plug in the right numbers when editing. At least one thing that’s good is most people won’t have to lug along a DSLR camera everywhere they go providing they even own one. Thank heavens most consumers aren’t that critical about the photos they take.

          1. I’ve seen some other videos from this guy and he’s actually pretty funny. His style can be sort of off-putting if you’re not into his brand of humor but the content is generally interesting. I think he just plays up the Russky thing a bit

      1. Still wrong. That’s still a misuse of the phrase. In your example they were dead and then they weren’t dead; different states. Nothing relative about it. But your comment was relatively lame.

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