Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is flooding the hardware gaps between Apple, Microsoft, and Google

Dieter Bohn for The Verge:

[Amazon] held an event just last week where 80 — that’s eight zero — products were announced, 15 of which were new hardware products from Amazon or one of its subsidiaries. It also wasn’t live streamed online. What is Amazon saying here?

With Apple, you think of the iPhone as the central product and everything else exists in relation to it. Before it was the iPhone, it was the Mac (or perhaps the iPod). After the iPhone it will be something else — or at least Apple’s investors certainly hope it will be something else.

With Amazon, I think the intended effect of that wave of products is that you think of Amazon itself as the central thing instead of a specific product like the Echo speaker. Amazon wants you to like Amazon, not the specific products it makes.

MacDailyNews Take: Exactly. Almost always, Apple targets the top of the market anyway. Apple does not compete for market share as evidence by the premium-priced Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, HomePod, etc.

Amazon is trying to get Alexa everywhere and they’re doing a fairly good job of it, except in the homes and offices of those of us who value privacy (a growing – however slowly – segment of the market that Apple already owns).


  1. A lot of Amazon or its subsidiaries products are crapware. Buyer beware.. yes I shop there but very careful about what I buy… the rest is just more unrecyclable junk for our Landfills.

  2. Jeff Bezos is very aggressive and competitive and doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether those devices are great or not, but they’re priced to sell to everyone and Amazon is selling plenty of products. Amazon is always being praised by Wall Street when it comes to home device market share and investors simply love the company. Almost no one cares about what goes into landfills, least of all Wall Street. The only thing that matters to big investors is a company selling lots of products and making lots of money.

    I don’t want listening devices all over my house so I won’t be buying any smart/intelligent speakers while I imagine many houses and apartments have Echo devices in many rooms. Those people have no concerns about privacy. They just want to have Alexa everywhere to do their bidding. Amazon is winning the hearts and minds of consumers and that’s what really matters to shareholders. Analysts wish Apple were more like Amazon with dozens of products and dominating in many areas of market share percentage. Wall Street never praises Apple as it praises Amazon and one look at both of their P/Es will prove that much. No one has ever said Amazon is doomed. That’s reserved for Apple alone.

  3. Amazon runs slave distribution centers where one’s movements are timed by Bezios’ rep. just like the Roman empire ran ships whose rower strokes were timed by the emperor’s rep.

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