Beware: Legit-looking iPhone Lightning cables that hack you will be mass produced and sold

Joseph Cox for Vice:

Soon it may be easier to get your hands on a cable that looks just like a legitimate Apple lightning cable, but which actually lets you remotely take over a computer. The security researcher behind the recently developed tool announced over the weekend that the cable has been successfully made in a factory.

“I’ve completely torn the cable apart to make sure there aren’t any production stoppers. Gotta make sure it’s up to par!,” the security researcher MG told Motherboard in an online chat.

After demoing the cable for Motherboard at the Def Con hacking conference this summer, MG said “It’s like being able to sit at the keyboard and mouse of the victim but without actually being there.”

At the time, MG was selling the handmade cables at the conference for $200 each. Now that production process has been streamlined.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, use only cables that Apple has certified and that come with Apple’s MFi badge. Accepting a “free” cable may mean pwning yourself!


  1. This guy “MG” is not a “security researcher”. He’s a blackhat hacker, plain and simple. His whole purpose in life seems to be making money off of people who want to hack into other people’s computers.

    If there is anyway to legally track him down and legally shut him down permanently, Apple should do so ASAP. Apple should, if legally possible, shut down distribution of this cable.

    1. One hopes so and if the chips inside the cable are being hacked then I assume some characteristics like checksum on a disk may be different.

      Gives Apple yet another reason to tell people not to buy third party cables.

  2. Again, use only cables that Apple has certified and that come with Apple’s MFi badge.

    And where exactly do you find that, other than the original box? All my 3rd party cables are MFi, but no way to tell since the packaging is long gone.

    Heck I have an Apple lightning cable that came with the Magic Mouse 2, and there’s nothing to indicate it’s genuine. The average person on the street has no chance.

  3. Criminals and the National Security Police Spy State love these guys. The NSA has a tech dept. tasked with intercepting any electronic device, implanting a spy chip, and closing the original packaging undetectably.

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