New ‘checkm8’ iOS exploit could lead to permanent jailbreak for iPhone 4s to iPhone X

Michael Potuck for 9to5Mac:

Today, a security researcher has released what is claimed to be a “permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit” for iPhone 4s all the way up to iPhone X that could lead to a permanent jailbreak.

Twitter user, axi0mX shared their iPhone exploit today called “checkm8.” While they call it an “epic jailbreak” it’s important to note it’s an exploit that could lead to a jailbreak with further work. However, if that potential is realized, checkm8 could be a big deal…

axi0mX notes that this exploit can’t be performed remotely but has to be done over USB.

MacDailyNews Take: The impetus to jailbreak nowadays is so greatly diminished that the activity is relegated to extremely niche status. Beyond the fact that it’s limited in requiring a hard USB connection, someday, not too far off, iPhone X will become an “old” iPhone. The majority of people will be using newer iPhones (XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, etc.) that aren’t exploitable via “checkm8.”

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  1. I did a “jailbreak” on my old original iPhone. I bought it used. It only runs up to iOS (or ”iPhone OS” at the time) version 3.1.3, and we were beyond that point by then. I mostly did things like add a 5th app icon to the Dock, give Home screen wallpaper, and other cosmetic tweaks. The process is quirky and not user-friendly. Maybe geek-friendly… 🤓

    People who still use an older now-unsupported model, like iPhone 4S (with iOS 9), just to be frugal or different may (?) want to jailbreak it. No one else will care 🙄

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