Ashton Kutcher: Don’t follow Steve Jobs’ fruitarian diet

Luke Dormehl for Cult of Mac:

During the latest episode of the brilliant hot sauce-based interview show Hot Ones, Ashton Kutcher opened up on the topic of Steve Jobs. Kutcher played Jobs in the 2013 biopic, which landed with a thud at the box office.

Kutcher told the story of how he was hospitalized before filming, after trying to follow Jobs’ fruitarian diet… It seems that Kutcher tried to get into a fruitarian diet, thinking it would give him an ‘in’ to playing Steve Jobs. “I was studying his eating habits and his behaviors and was told that he had drunk a lot of carrot juice,” he said.

Ultimately, Kutcher was told that he was suffering a pancreas issue due to all the carrots he had eaten. The issue cleared up, but Kutcher said that it taught him that Jobs’ food guidance wasn’t necessarily worth following.

MacDailyNews Take: According to Healthline, foods that are high in sugars can make your pancreas work harder to convert your food into energy.

According to MyFoodData, carrots can be comprised of up to 4.7% sugar!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I think Steve Jobs eating habits contributed to his early demise. His hubris is thinking he knew better as it turned into his lethal folly. He would have been better off with a normal diet and we might still have him around. Sad.

    1. Certainly his belief that he could manage his cancer diagnosis via his diet, counter to the advice of his doctors who wanted to attack his cancer aggressively, cost him valuable time. However, Steve Jobs never ate anything that was as damaging to his body as the actual probable cause of his cancer: the time he spent at Hewlett-Packard in his early 20’s soldering frequency counters, breathing toxic chemicals in the process that are now understood to be powerful carcinogens connected to the onset of pancreatic cancer.

  2. Ease off with the “hubris” comment about Jobs trying something different. The “normal” American diet has produced a nation of blimps who can’t even walk properly. Nutritional “science” bounces around like a four-year-old on a trampoline. And the whole cancer sector has not improved their results appreciably in decades.

    The types of pancreatic cancer have poor survival rate. The type Steve had can SOMETIMES be cured by quick surgery. Not usually. Not often. And, as more progressive oncologists say, there is the whole quality of life issue — better to have a few years of good life than twice as long where you are sick as a dog most of the time from radiation and chemo.

    Elsewhere, an integrated approach is used – with chemo and radiation being complemented by toxicity and stress reducing procedures and – horrors – herbs.

    1. The “normal” American diet was founded on poor science developed by Ancel Keys which resulted in the well-known food pyramid that emphasises the intake of carbohydrates. Many nutritionists now understand that excess carbs result in adult-onset diabetes (type 2) plus various other health problems.

      Keys undertook a 26-nation study and he set out to prove that high-fat diets were basically unhealthy. Only 6 of the 26 countries conformed, so he published a 6-country evaluation which “proved” his aims, disregarding 20 countries.

      Sadly, the rest is history – a national (American) obesity epidemic.

  3. That healthline article is absurd. It was clearly not written by a physician. There are some correct facts in it, but it completely lacks perspective on how the body works and how illness develops. The only thing in the pancreas that’s really in danger of being “overworked” are the beta cells in the islet of langerhans which are responsible for producing insulin. For the vast majority, particularly for those in the US, there are only two things that need to be understood:
    -don’t let your diet contain >%50 carbs
    -stop fucking snacking (on carbs) all the time

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