Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro triggering trypophobic fear of holes

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the most powerful and advanced smartphones ever, feature a triple-camera cluster
The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the most powerful and advanced smartphones ever, feature a triple-camera cluster

The Beeb:

People with a fear of small holes have claimed the design of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro is triggering their phobia… And hundreds of smartphone users now claim the new design has triggered their “trypophobia”, an aversion to the sight of clusters of small holes.

Vision scientist Dr Geoff Cole, at the University of Essex, was part of the first full scientific study of trypophobia, working with his colleague, Prof Arnold Wilkins. “We have all got it, it’s just a matter of degree,” Dr Cole told BBC News earlier this year. The response to seeing small holes can be very extreme, their study suggests. “It can be quite disabling,” Prof Wilkins added.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, for Jobs’ sake! Imagine these poor souls having to watch this on their iPhone 11 Pros:


  1. Oh please!. Then what is the Mac Pro going to do to those users? Those are the weirdest-looking holes-in-holes I’ve ever seen. People like that are likely very rare, indeed. Anyway, too bad for them.

  2. Are these people also terrified of cheese graters? Do they break out in hives at colanders? Do their throats swell up at the sight of a screen door? Cold sweats when they catch sight of the kitchen sink drain or a shower head?

    Some of these folks apparently get wigged out at the thought of crumpets in their house. No, I’m not making this up.

        1. How about going back to your Klavern where you and the other bigots can poke fun at whoever you like. Mocking people with disabilities is simply unacceptable among Americans who graduated from junior high. In some contexts, it is illegal even in the US. In most other developed countries, it would be criminal hate speech.

          1. Projecting again and falsely passing knee jerk judgement. News to me asking questions trying to understand is insensitive and mocking. Only in the liberal court of opinion where you even ask a question you are instantly considered racist and condescending. Take it elsewhere, pal. The American people are sick of FALSE accusations from libtards…

            1. I see the error of my ways. Asking a question that appears to paint people with a rare, but real, psychological disability as weirdos unworthy of human respect isn’t at all the same thing as just coming out and saying it. So you wouldn’t be offended if I just asked a question about your mother’s sexual behavior, would you?

              I’m guessing that you would see it as highly offensive, just like most Americans were revolted when He Who Shall Not Be Named mocked a disabled reporter. Because the condition is rare, there isn’t anything Apple can reasonably do about the possibility that their cameras might trigger trypophobia, just as folks with Hello Kitty merchandise can’t help triggering ailurophobia. That doesn’t justify poking fun at people with those disabilities.

              Honestly, the kind of person who would mock the disabled would probably use racial slurs like “Pocahontas” and invite the Taliban to celebrate the week of 9/11 at Camp David. Some people just lack normal human empathy.

            2. You never admit when you are wrong. You spin it into some tedious alternative deflection. The true modus operandi of smug elitist know it all liberals. Yes, go virtue signal somewhere else and take your Republican Party cheap shop putdowns with you…

  3. Actually, I’ll bet Jony Ive is happy he has left Apple, and doesn’t have to deal with the fallout from the design of the iPhone 11. I think that Jobs would be rolling over in his grave looking at what the camera lens design has morphed in to — he’d probably have bounced the first mockup off the wall in disgust. Bad design, all the way around in my estimation.



    Glad they got rid of the headphone jack next to the lightening port and speaker holes, these people must’ve been catatonic.

  5. Imagine the potential of this. Trump’s wall can have small holes which will prevent migrants from approaching. The savings alone from recycling all the material removed will be phenomenal. The wall in fact may pay for itself.

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